MuDJoB wishes you and yours a happy and safe holiday season. If you find yourself with a few spare moments (yeah, who's got any of those hanging around?), why not go back and revisit a favorite by one of the many fine authors listed below? Remember, It's a Wonderful Life, and inspiration comes in all forms.

Brian Michael Barbeito
Osho Rajneesh: Some feet of clay...
Cath Barton
Not a Good Start to the Weekend
Brittany Beltram
Emotional Geography
Michael D. Brown
Salvatore Buttaci
Hazy, Hot, and Humid
Adam Byatt
The Sins of the Father
Chocolate Biscuits
Comic Superhero
Tears of Regret
Death Knows No Mercy
Checking Out
Fade to Black
Bolton Carley
Crazy Is As Crazy Does
Jeanette Cheezum
Little Black Dress
What if...?
Underground Hope
Blake Cooper
Turning a Corner
Elliott Cox
I Lean on Jim
Teresa Cortez
The Green Dress
Sandra Davies
Theme for a Summer Place
Paul de Denus
The Amber Sea
Murderer's Road
Rod Drake
The Murder Game
Laz Farrell
A July Morning
Bill Floyd
Performance Art
Horror Novels and Real Terror
Joe Gensle
Peace Under the Olive Branch
j guevara
Mike Handley
Time to Go
Jamie Hogan
Hope Finds Travis
The Rumor of Oregon
Grey Johnson
Staying True to Her
Requiring a Swift and Precise Adjustment
Bill Lapham
You Have Your Drones...
The Churn
Any Second
The God Tree
Peter McNiff
Anger Management
The Dogs of San Francisco
Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge
Jenny Picciotto
Digging Up the Past
Brad Rose
Clown Art
Gita Smith
Tale of a Salamander
The Late Show at the Argo
Michael J. Solender
Never to Call Your Name
Stephen Stribbell
A Halo of Flies
Harris Tobias
Grandma Bixby's Teeth
A Taste for Music
J.O. Vaughn
Mike Whitney
Looking Ahead at the Past...

Additionally, Caitlin and Mathias is languishing in book form over on Blurb. You can freely check out the first few episodes, and a comment would be better than an Xmas greeting (just this season). I know, I know, I never let up.

Sincerely wishing you all the happiest of holidays.


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