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1.A man of few words: My uncle is a man of few words, he doesn´t talk too much, but when he talks he´s really acertive. 

2.At the end of the day: At the end of the day I will have finished all my homework.

3.Avoid something or somebody like the plague: My best friend is really angry with me, she's avoiding me like if I were a plague!!

4.Be flooded with: I´m flooded with a lot of work to do.

5.Breath a word: You must not breath a word about this situation, or I won't talk to you anymore.

6.By word of mouth: I learned that topic by word of mouth, I didn´t write anything.

7.Eat your words: If you don´t have nothing nice to say is better to eat you words.

8.From the word go: I knew from the word go that you were a very nice person.

9. Get a word in sideways: Marianita talked very excited and fast that I could´t get a word in sideways.

10.Had the face to: I had the face to live totally alone last week.

11.**In want off: She wants off the plane, she´s really excited to get home as soon as possible.

12.Lost for words: When Natalia told Hugo she was in love with him, he was completely lost for words.

13.Not mince words: Gaby doesn´t mince any words, she is really clear and direct about everything she says.

14.More fool me: How could I lend money to the most irresponsible person I have ever known?! he´s never going to pay me, more fool me!

15.** Of no consequence (I didn´t find the meaning)

16.Say the word: If you ever need something or someone you just have only to say the word, I can help you.

17.Stand a chance: Do you think I stand a chance for winning the championship?

18.Take it or leave it: It is your only opportunity, take it or leave it...

19.The coast is clear: You can go ahead! the coast is clear.

20.Have the last word in something: I hate that my mother always has the last word in my  clothing decisions, I hate that, she treat me like I were a little girl.

21.When all is said and done: We can´t move mom´s furniture when all is said and done.

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40 years in the future

Posted on May 2, 2018 at 12:50pm 0 Comments

I am in my house preparing my breakfast for work, my husband is already prepared for work, he is just waiting for me because we work together in our familiar business, our company business is named C&S and we are in the fashion industry, we sale all kind of fashion stuff, like shoes, clothes, accessories, and more. We love working together, we are a dream team, my son and daughter work with us, and we have our roles for work. …



Posted on April 23, 2018 at 12:28pm 0 Comments

Hi friends! I am really excited to tell what has happened to me this past week, I had such a great week, was totally unbelievable! I went to Paris with my cousin after having taken a course about global business which by the way was amazing, there are so many things I have learned!...

to be continued.


Posted on April 6, 2018 at 12:38pm 0 Comments


Posted on March 23, 2018 at 1:23pm 0 Comments

While Pepito was sitting in his English class, the teacher Claudia said: “Group, I need your attention! Today we are going to talk about some tenses. For example: If I say “I am beautiful” what tense is it in? And Pepito answered: “Well it is obviously a past tense” and then the whole class started to laugh for around five minutes.

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