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some things you´ll never forget.

forgiveness means pardoning an offender, sometimes when you forgive you also forget, you forget about what he or she did to you, afterwards, you forgive that person, but sometimes there are situations when you can´t forget what that person said to you or  made you feel like, maybe you forgive them but you don´t forgot about that time, that can cause bigger issues because that can be like a butterfly effect, maybe you thought it wasn´t big deal but for the other person that can have major…


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Aftershocks of the full moon

(Coraline) i was lying down on the garden watching the full moon with the black cat, 

when suddenly i heard a noise, i was scared, so i woke up and i decided to found out where that noise was coming from, i was thinking, probably i wasn´t alone it could be Wybie, so i heard a motocycle, and i say it´s Wybe, so we both stay watching the full moon, 

coraline- lets go and see the wonders of Mr. Bobinsky

wybie- i love the mice show, they are amazing

coraline_ yes i…


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Sleeping where I fall

Sleeping where I fall.

When I was younger I used to sleep wherever I could fall, for example
Once I fell asleep in the churh, i know is rare but I didn't care, it was simply for me to do that, why should I wait for a bed to sleep if I can do it anywhere, in addition my mom allowed me to do that

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Aftershocks of the full moon

A poor kid wondered about the dark side of the moon, he was so amazed by the moon that he managed to study what he loved to see, and studied it deeply and discovered that it was in fact made of cheese!!

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I've never really wonder about the aftershocks of the full moon, but they're so weird, like why would you get an aftershock because of the moon? The moon is something so beautiful to appreciate and i think that the person that doesn't like it is one poor soul lacking love to nature.
In my case i always manage to find a way to capture the essence of the beauty of the sky, in every state of the day, because all of those changes are so amazing.

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The night is my favorite part of the day, you don´t get a shinny annoying light in your face and it gets colder than the day. I think the night is the perfect time for thinking about how your day went and how can you change for being better than yesterday. Most nights I stay at home watching series, listening to music or creating my own on my ukulele. Another thing I like about nights is that the parties are better at that time. Another thinkg about night is that are mysterious, you can make…


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Daily post 09.08.17

I've never seen his face..., I hear him talking to me everytime I close my eyes but I never get to see him. It's always the same dream: I am at the mall and suddenly I find a secret door that leads me through some dark hallways until I reach a stowage; when I walk in, all the stock starts burning and I can't scape, there is fire everywhere, but when I think I'm finally going to die, he walks in and whispers 'you are safe now', but after that, I close my eyes and everything becomes blurry.

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Daily Post

This Jewish broker told me to buy his stocks but they actually failed,  so I prepared a meeting to discuss this problem, and when I was waiting for him to show up he called and told me that he couldn't make it because there was too much traffic due a fire accident near his house and asked me to reschedule the meeting ,but the thing is that he hasn't called me back since that day and I've never seen his face in real life so I don't know if I can fully trust him.

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I didn't know him until the day of the accident... he was trying to buy a backpack online but the one that the wanted was out of stock, he was so angry that he started hurting himself. The next day he prepared a plan, he was heading to the company's factory to burn down the whole place. When he finally arrived he took out the alcohol that he kept in a plastic bottle and lit a match. It was all falling down, when we was pleased with what he had done he turned around to leave the place, however,… Continue

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The book of the day

I've never seen his face before, I'm sure! Today while I was stocking some things on the shelves of the store some costumer called and said the he was sure that a few days ago the cashier cashed him some hat that he didn't wanted, and he threatened me with putting on fire the building if we don't give his money back! But I swear I've never seen his face before!

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I've never seen his face

I was going to the store to see if they already had a laptop in stock when suddenly i heard an explosion. I didn't know what was happening so i started running back to my house. When i was approaching, i saw fire so i kept running, but nothing could prepare me for what i was going to see. My house was burning!! I was in shock. And then i saw a man standing there looking at me. I've never seen his face and i will never forget it.

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I've never seen his face before

I've never seen his face before, and definitely I was not prepared for this, sines last month we've arranged everything to meet today, probably one of the scariest moments in my life, as I was walking to the coffee shop, I was shaking uncontrollably, I haven't slept since last week, but finally I was going to meet him.

As soon as I entered the coffee shop, I saw a big guy sitting by the fire, and I knew that it was him, before I met him I went to the counter and ordered a smoothie,… Continue

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Love or desire?

I've never seen his face and i have to admit when I saw him, everything was different, all my thoughts disappeared and, and my pupils dilated. I confessed that I wasn't prepared for this big wave of emotions that hit my chest. It seemed like my heart was on fire, I was a total disaster.
We start hanging out, and that how story begins. Start to stocking memories.
Use: Stock, prepare, fire

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i´ve never seen his face

i´ve never seen his face... never, we talked a few times online, he was a stock guy, with few imagination,  i wasn´t prepared to meet him, he once told me he almost set his house on fire, because he is a terrible cooker, the omelet burned completely, i was Laughting, the next day i was going to meet him but i was still not prepare, so i was nervous, and i was thinking he was going to kiddnap me, but when i was going to meet him, he said he had to visit his grandma on The netherlands, because…


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I've never seen her face

I've never seen her face... she was beautiful, the most beautiful thing God had ever created, I was't prepare for this feeling consuming me as fire. Just saw her and everything stopped, just one blink and the world stopped being soo boring.

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I've never seen this face.

I've never seen his face before the sun goes down and the fire stop whit it, I walking all over the street to go home, and thinking of what i can prepare for diner. There were a group around someone. So I was passing through and the one in the middle look at my eyes and give a little smile.
The most wonderful smile I ever seen.

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I've never seen his face

I've never seen his face. It pass very fast. I was really prepare for the competition but he pass me like a simple bump. So in that moment I use all my Force for just can see his face but he was faster than me. All day before go to bed I ask to my self who was he and why he can win me. But I know that the true is than I never could see his face at that moment

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Book of days

I´ve never seen his face 

I´m not a really good person at making friends, I could have some really cool ideas once in a while, but I didn´t have anyone to share them with. I´m not prepared for the real world, people always have something to say to any action you make, that means nobody is safe.

One day I was in lab class (alone, as always) and the teacher couldn´t come because he was ill, so he decided to make a videocall in an app called "faceswap". We couldn´t see or listen…


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Book of days

I've never seen his face, i had tried, but every time i turn around i just catch a small glance of him, if i am lucky enough i see him walk away if i am not, i can stare at his shadow.I am afraid but at the same time curious about his face because if he wanted to harmed me, he will have done it a long time ago, i might just need to cry for help but it intrigues me what does he want? Why he comes but leaves when i arrive? I might be insane but might not as wel, My eyes don't lie I have tried… Continue

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The face of a psychopath

I've never seen his face when I was searching for some food in the grosery shop near my house, but i was searching for a specific type of soup, but a strange guy came to me with a scarf around his neck taht covers his mouth and a blue cap, he said to me "They don´t have in stock that soup better go to other place right know, I know what I'm saying to you" and then he just walk in another part of the market, that was very strange but I just continue shopping, I never imagine what it's going…


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