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QUEST 1: Introduction to Writing

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In this section, you are going to write a paragraph. As you write, you are going to learn a process—a way of doing something that makes writing easier. The writing process has five main steps. Choosing a Topic, Planning your Paragraph, Writing the Paragraph, Editing, and Rewriting. When you finish the five steps, you will have a good paragraph.

The writing assignment…


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2) Fran told Sam she was going to be out of town that weekend.

3) Henry said he'll come.

4) Henry asked if their was anything Sam wanted him to bring.

5) Sam asked if Henry would like to bring a bottle of wine

6) Henry told Fran he was sorry she couldn't come.

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1) admittedly

2) in my opinion

3) in fact

4) clearly

5) unfortunately

6) obviously

7) by all means

8) of course

9) naturally   

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6) because

7) and

8) such as 

9) however

10) so

11) but 

12) though

13) because

14) well

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Dysgraphia and Dyslexia

i can raed tihs, can you. its spuer aamziang | Funny jokes, Illusions, Mind tricks

Dysgraphia is a neurological disorder of written expression that impairs writing ability and fine motor skills. It is a learning disability that affects children and adults, and interferes with practically all aspects of the writing process, including spelling, legibility, word spacing and sizing, and expression.

It’s estimated that 5 to 20 percent of all children have some type of writing deficit like dysgraphia. Dysgraphia and other learning disorders,…


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correct order of letter is D,G,A,E,F,B,C

In reference to you advertisement in the Times June 1, I would like to apple to the position of travel agent. 

I have an Associates of Arts degree in Travel and Tourism and have worked as an intern in Vacations Plus Travel company.

My primary responsibility at Vacations Plus was helping plan international trips for individuals and groups.

Additional duties included typing correspondence, doing ticketing, and and telephoning…


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Persepolis and the making of ones identity: English 101

Luis Orantes

James. T

English 101


Persepolis and the making of ones identity.

              Finding one’s identity is something people always state you have to find on your own. However, no matter how unique you are, the ideas and actions of the people that surround you ultimately influence your believes and values. Marjane was no different. Throughout “Persepolis”, the identity of Marjane has constantly been in question. As a child, she thought…


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Caitlin and Mathias

Get your copy while it's hot. OK, so it's not hot off the presses because it was pubbed a few years ago, but it's still warm.



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Once there was a student named Putitoff who would never work in class and would make all kinds of excuses for not doing assignments on time, or never, if he could get away with it. His family spoiled him, nevertheless, so he had a terrible attitude, and would always ask, “What’s the point?”

Well, one day, on his way to school, another student lost control of his Hyundai and careened into Putitoff’s Audi, and he was knocked unconscious.

In that smashed up state, he went up to heaven,…


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WATER by Philip Larkin

If I were called in

To construct a religion

I should make use of water.                

Going to church

Would entail a fording

To dry, different clothes;
My liturgy would employ

Images of sousing,

A furious devout…

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You suddenly realize...

... it's like 40 years since you were in high school. How is your day going? How did it start this morning. Do you have to go out (of your home) to work? What do you do these days? What is your living space like? Are you married? Do you have kids? Do they still attend school, or are they already past that? How's the family?…


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40 years in the future

I am in my house preparing my breakfast for work, my husband is already prepared for work, he is just waiting for me because we work together in our familiar business, our company business is named C&S and we are in the fashion industry, we sale all kind of fashion stuff, like shoes, clothes, accessories, and more. We love working together, we are a dream team, my son and daughter work with us, and we have our roles for work. …


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I wake up at about seven o'clock in the morning and after stretching, I yawn and I still feel very lazy in my bed. At last I start to get dressed and think about all the things that I have to do that day. I order my bed and go to the bathroom.

I go out of the bathroom and I go to the room of my two sons and I wake them up, then I raise Ana, my youngest daughter, and go downstairs to prepare breakfast for my children. My husband is not in the house, today is the day…


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My life in 2058

In 2058 I will be living in Germany, with a stable job, a wife and probably a son or two who are the joy of every day. My wife is a beautiful and intelligent woman, she also knows how to control the children so that she is courteous. I will have enough money to buy a really good car and my house will be comfortable and big. I will be really good at work so there will be no problems with that. Also, my parents will be alive, but they will live in Mexico, so I'll see them a few times a year,…


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A day in life in 40 years

Now I'm 58 and have past 40 since I was in high school and a lot of things have changed since them, humanity have progress in a lot of aspects like technology or health, but there are still a lot of problems that need a lot of time and money to be solved.

I actually live with my wife, we didn't have children so we have a lot of time for ourself we actually have a pretty nice house and some grate cars, we have traveled almost all around the world. I actually don't work i have already…


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A day in the life (2058)

In 40 years I will be living in London, and I will have made enough money from my career (which I still don’t know what it will be) and I will have a mansion all for myself. But since I love my work I still get up early in the morning I go and get into my car and go to the workplace, I get along with everyone so I usually enjoy everyday. The mansion I live in is elegant and I have many antique decorations. I spent most of my time talking with the friends who I still have contact with, or I…


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My life in 40 years

By this time humanity would have created and developed new technology and maybe civilizations on other planets, like mars, so maybe in the future when i’m 55 years old, i may be living in mars or another colonized world, but i would rather to stay in this planet than going to another one. Also by that time i will be trying to retire, so i can enjoy having more time with those who i love.

In the morning i…


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A day in life, Year 2058

The human race has done an extremely good advance in technology, we have done a new civilization in mars, we also reate time travels and even we start creating species from the past like dinosaurs and other ice age animals. Now the population has increased a lot more since 2018, only 25% of the word population are able to get a daily plate of food. The world war 3 started and ended, now USA and Russia are allies and they kinda rule the world. The big problem we have now is that the robots we…


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A day in the life (2058)

As every morning of a new day I get up and have breakfast and, in the course, I check my mail to verify that everything at work is in order and there is no problem with the project that is being developed. Once breakfast is over I get ready with formal clothes to go to another day of work and overcome the new challenges that arise. After a hard day's work, in the afternoon I went to lunch with my co-workers and with them to talk about new options to improve our designs and do the…


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My life in 40 years

In a normal day in my life, 40 years after today, I will have 56 years old. I wake up at 7:00 a.m. because I love to make exercise, some days I go running and other I play basketball (yes, I still practicing), but before exercise I eat a healthy fruit smoothie. After exercise I take a shower and start working in one of my many works (historian, writer and astronomer), but just a little, be+*cause I also have to check my DNA company, after that I have a meal with my beautiful wife, in the…


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