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Homework, Man and woman :)

-A man wanted to be an architect.

- A woman wished to be a teacher.


- The man was in love of her but they broke up.

-The woman believes they can be in a relationship again.


-He was pilot the president's airplane for 5 years.

-She was the boss of Coca-Cola.


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January 2011

This year started with the new year parties like always and then all the students of Prepa TEC started to go to classes in January 9th.

I think that this semester is going to be easier than the last semester because I'm more accustomed at the school and…


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january 2011

well, january was a good month because a came back to school and also back the the tennis tournament. was a month that make me happy because is the first of the twelve and starting good this year is very elemental. that´s way i tried to doed in the school with the first partial making my homework and be prepare for a good grade in all my classes. in the sports also i´m trying to have a good start and do my best.

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A man wanted to be the best soccer player in the world and a woman decided to learn how to speak english.



The man started to work in the N.A.S.A. and the woman desired to travel to the moon.





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January 2011

Dear Journal:

This month has been amazing(: The first thing I have to talk about is the TEC, well I entered to the school like 3 weeks ago and you know it is really hard because of the hw, exams and proyects; however school is not the only thing I have to talk about, this month I went to Wonderlan and I met Alice, she is so cute, and the rabbit with the clock is always asking for the hour, he really forget that he has a clok in his hand... poor I think he should go to the doctor.…


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mini saga :)

  1. a man wants to be a doctor, the man studied in a famous writing academic. He was rejected by brenda because he was ugly and a bad…

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Once upon a time a girl wants to have a big teddy bear and a boy desires to have a pet.
Later the girl goes to a pet shop and she gets a dog and the boy studies in a great school.
Finally she makes the biggest building in the USA and he gets a very good job at harvard.

By: Jazz' Burguete

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This month was all full of parties, family and friends because the holidays and the first day of school, I know that it is very tired for people but for me it is awesome because I spent the time with my friends and go to great places, this month was to relax and to began to take the rutine of the school, I don't think that january it's a bad month, because it is the first month of the year and it is like a kind of a test of what is going to be the year. I think that this year is going to be… Continue

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I was having fun with my family...but then, school began! I was happy because I was going to see my friends...but sad because I was going to left my family. But, this weekend i'm going to go to Coatzacoalcos and see my parents! I`m so happy :D 

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Minisaga :D

A girl wanted to be an actress. The girl went to Paris and began to work as a model. She became a famous teacher.


A boy wanted to be a scientist. The boy studied in a great school to have a nice job. He saved a lot of lifes.

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A dog wanted its house because it forget the adress.

A woman cleaned the car because yesterday a bird fly up there.

The teacher swept all the classrooms because it was a punishment.

He went to Spain with his family and his pet and she didn't have his book, because somebody stole it

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In this vacations I had a great time with all my family, I didn't go out of town, because my uncles and cousins arrived of DF, so I stayed in TuxtlaGutierrez all the holidays

On December 24th I had a meeting in my uncle's house with my family, a big Christmas dinner, where everybody had fun with a lot of food and music, especially turkey and spaghetti like every year. Next week’s I was on several occasions in social places with friends. On December 31st, I was in a big family dinner…


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January 2011...

How quickly the days go on... Just few days ago we were excited about celebrate christmas in my case because of the idea of being together with family and because of the presents, but christmas 2010 was history. Then, new year was the exciting moment and I was very happy because other year was ending and a new story was going to begin. When January arrived I returned to school and saw my friends again was so good but also I met new people that are great, so I started new year with new friends,… Continue

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Mini Saga

A man tried to be famous. The man went to  USA. He played and breake his leg
A woman wanna be crazy. The woman bought a car. She bought tockets and traveled to France,but the airplane explote on the Eifel tower.

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Austin wishes to ride a horse. He went to the police station. He saved the world.

Anna wanted to be an actress. She went to a hospital. She became a model.

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A boy who want to get married because he was in love.

The boy doesn’t get married but he now drives a taxi.

After that he owns a pretty puppy with the money of the taxis.


A girl who wished for being famous was a very talented girl.

She reaches her dream and she now is the first woman president.

After that she decide to let the business and open a cloth store.


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Mini Saga

A man wanted to be a writter, a woman wanted to be a singer,  the man talked to Brenda and asked her for a date, The woman saved a lot of money by working, The man discovered the VHI cure, The woman became the principal at Harvard University.

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A man wished to be a famous doctor, the man played with his sons everyday at the park, he started to write books and he started to sign his own books for people 


A woman wanted to study in harvard, the woman walked with her husband everyday, she started to be listened by the people

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Mini Saga ;P

A man wanted to became a pilot. A woman desired to get a job. The man studied at an excellent science school. The woman learned about drama. He had a great job and became multimillionarie. She… Continue

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*A man wanted to have a nice job and be rich.

-A woman desired to be a model.


*The man worked as a firetighter.

-The woman studied at a very famous school.


*He was a president and he helped everybody

-She participated in a film and she won an award for best actress

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