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When I was a little child I used to have a dog called “Lobo” he was very friendly and playful.

My brothers and I enjoy playing with him; we really spent a great time together. Sometimes we fight over who should have take “Lobo” for a walk, because we dislike cleaning up his messes so we avoid it, doing a big discussion, so my parents to stop the fight, took care of the needs of “Lobo”.

One day our parents got fed up and they told us that if we want keep…


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Every sunday i enjoy going to the movies with my family, sometimes i dislike watching the romantic movies but i admit that sometimes romantic movies makes me cry. considering that im very strong about my feelings, it was kind of rare looking me cry. The movie that i saw was very sad, i was enjoying the movie until the principal actor said: "I am missing you". Me and my family were discossing about the movie it was almost finishing when i start crying ;)

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EA1_Task2_The Pollution

Pollution in our world

''Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants.''

There are many types of pollution in our enviroment like: air pollution, light pollution,noise pollution, soil contamination, radioactive contamination, water pollution,…


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A couple with a problem, but huge, and it can be dangerous for the couple, because it can change their lives.

Husband:  I can’t help smoking.

Wife: Why? You have to remember that is bad for your health.

Husband: I try but, how?

Wife: First, You have to forget buying cigarettes.

Husband: I dislike thinking about it, but it’s an essential to begin.

Wife: You are right, then, you have to recall keeping away to the…


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A Little Turtle Named Luis Moreno

Once upon a time a little turtle named Luis Moreno he practiced playing the drums, then a little worm named Toledo with a big curly hair ask him to make a band, Luis denied making a band, but the worm insist, first he disliked playing with the worm but when he listened playing the guitar he enjoyed playing with him, the worm have a friend that sings very well and he recommend playing with them, Toledo ask Luis if he could…


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My life in Tec de Monterrey

When I was on 3rd grade of high school I was thinking about what I was going to do with my studies, what school I will study in, so I call my friend Johnny and I said to him what are the best schools in Tuxtla Gutierrez and he recommended studying in Tec de Monterrey he told me that it was the best school of Chiapas. I admitted loving the ASFC because I had studied there for more than 13 years, but I really disliked going too…


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Maritza was a very popular girl, but she was sensitive, one day she admitted feeling lonly cuz' all the people only get close to her for all the benefits, she tried to avoid the interested people because that makes her feel uncomfortable, Maritza cuoldn't stand the constant harassment from the people that wanted to know if they can be part of all her activities, so she…


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Gina is a girl that likes chocolates to much. One day she was considered giving to his friends chololates. That kind of things gina likes to do. she likes to avoid getting in troubles. she things are ilogical things, she likes to appreciate living the life. His father finish…


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Once upon a time a big metal star had advised playing guitar and anticipates having lots of power in his amplifier with his songs and chords. He was an antique musician of the Sorcerer of Rock, he avoid playing on his kingdom because his lord was keeping looking for his metalcore guitar to complete collecting his rock guitar-sword collection. The knight of  metalcore was considering to challenge his lord but his lord´s kingdom would kill him in a few seconds, so he discussed going to the…


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Two weeks ago my dog die. his name was "Como tú", i miss hitting him with a newspaper when he pee on the floor. I postpone taking him to the doctor, thats a reason why he die.. I recall sleeping with him in the chair seeing the TV. For all the people i recommended buying a dog, is the perfect company that a person needs..i remember i practice teaching a lot of games for him, but he didn't…


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Jorge was a boy who avoid meeting girls a lot. All started a long ago when he discusssed cheating on his girl meli. He dislike meeting her so much that he would kill himself because she finish killing his life. But years later he miss seeing each other and he recollect watching the photographs so he asked she for a walk and she say yes, but in the meetin place she postpone eating in the restaurant acorded. They live forever happy.

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The last week, i admit i fail my math quiz so i told to my parents, we discuss for few minutes and we finish our discussion and we decided to anticipate to the next quiz practicing math excersises but it was really hard, so i told a friend if he could help me with math, he consider it for a few seconds but then he accept.

At the beginnig i advice him that i wasnt to good for math and he mention, no one is to bad for math, you just didnt get it. after a while i consider to quit because…


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EA_1 "Pollution"

“Pollution” is the first word that comes to our mind always that we try to think about the recent environmental problems and unfortunately a lot of people like scientist, chemicals and biologist, think that it is the most dangerous problem in the modern world so many of they have tried to reduce it. Many years before the people did not know anything about the pollution, possibly they did not know that the pollution exist, but today everybody knows something about the pollution, and this is…


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ITESM Campus Chiapas.                                                                                                          English advanced I Erandy Correa Guillén, A01172190  Meeting John Lenon.…

ITESM Campus Chiapas.                                                                                                          English advanced I Erandy Correa Guillén, A01172190 

Meeting John Lenon.                                                                                                                   30/01/12


I was listening to the radio, suddenly a song started playing, since the first minute I heard it, I recognized it perfectly. It was a song I wrote to…


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EA1_TASK2 Pollution



We only have one world so we have to take care last it longer. I think that is a responsibility of all the humans to keep in good conditions the hole planet, it doesn’t matter where are you from, you must worry off all the places you visit. I think that with little actions you contribute to avoid the pollution, for example don’t throw trash in streets, recycle, and avoid use the car this are small action but if everybody try to do it our planet will thank. It is important…


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EA1_TASK2° Global Warming.

Today global warming is considered one of the most powerful in the world due to the impact that this phenomenon entails. Global warming is the imbalance of global temperature, oceans, and ecosystems, generated by excess greenhouse gases accumulating in the atmosphere.

Since the…


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At the age of fifteen I went to visit my cousin to the Imperial College. I saw a guy who was singing I went to talk with him. He was very handsome and polite. We started to talk for long hours. He told me he had a band with Harold, Roger y John, but they were having problems. All they thought he could not be the vocalist because he didn’t have the potential to do it. He was too sad, but I gave him the solution: I knew how to sing and I could teach him how to do it all the time I could stay…


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The most important global problems

Since the beginning, the Earth has suffered changes in several aspects that have been influencing people's lives. The most important global problemas in our current era are: pollution, economic crises and the traffic of drugs; I think that if everyone workedto find effective solutions, we could contribute positively to building a world in which our children, not living these same situations.

Pollution can be defined as harmful alteration… Continue

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Meeting a famous person of the 70s

ITESM Campus Chiapas                                                                                            English advanced I

Sebastián Pérez Camacho  A01171691                                                                      Group 04

Meeting Lynn Margulis                                                                                             30/01/12



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Pollution, English Advance 1

For me the pollution it’s a big problem and to solve it all the world habitants needs to work and get organize because if all the people do only a little thing we will stop the pollution at least for a time. The pollution make the world uglier, when we see pictures of the world’s places we see a beautiful place with animals, trees and big lakes, but now there are some places that now are dead, without animals; the trees have been cut out and the lake was all black or with trash. The people…


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