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What is the role of advertising in our lives?

The role of advertising is very important, because the companies need to promote their products and services, so the people will buy them in order to the company earn some money. Also if the products or servides aren´t promoted the people will not even notice that the company exist. The advertisments make us buy their product. But advertise your products is not cheap, the cost of advertisments make the products more expensive. The more advertisments the product have, the more expensive the…


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Now in our world people buy many things that they do not really need and what companies are doing  is creating needs make us buy them . They tell us that their products or services will make our lives easier but all they do is make more money.

I think that going to a restaurant most luxurious you are not paying for the food you are paying   for the service, attention, plus the amenities.

I really like the nike advertising they promote the sport in a way that motivates you to exercise…


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The Role of Advertising

The role of advertising in our lives is very important, because in most of the cases it makes us buy thing that we don't need. The system that big companies use to spread their products is the same: they announce their products in all media, like social networks, television, radio and internet. Their TV commercials are aided almost every 15 minutes. They make their TV commercials a natural part of TV. We see the same spots over and over again. They do everything to invade our brains. They…


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