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In times of war a young jewish girl named Mariam lived in the suburbs of  Warsaw. She lived with her little brother and no parents ‘cause they died in the war. She always wanted to go to the city and try to find a job so she could buy something to eat for her and her brother , this task was going to be difficult because she wasn’t of age, she was a woman and she was jewish. Warsaw a city of hammerman, any other job wasn’t important. The economy of the city was…


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The begining

Once upon a time on a cold rainy night, a blonde city boy fell in love for the first time. The golden boy was always staring at his dream girl. One day, after a night of non sleep he decided it was time yo talk to her. After his first class class he walked making his way through the people in the hallway until he was right in front of that brown eyed girl that was driving him crazy and did the one thing he never spected. He kissed her. And even more surprising she kissed him back, they were…


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A microfiction

In the year 2100 in Mexico City, a 21-year-old woman was in the streets fighting with another woman for a powerful camera. It was a rainy night but she made it through winning the fight. At the end of the night she was safe in her department analyzing the camera.

This woman, named Alessa was an orphan so she grew up all on her own until she met Robb, the anormal guy who brought her to the business she was in. Robb found her 3 years ago but stood just one because one of their “missions”…


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hi Alex, first i want to say congratulations for your exam.

Here they sell really nice stuff, but maybe i think you should save some money so you can buy something worth it, maybe some clothes, here there are a lot of places to buy clothes, maybe you can go the new mall Ambar, where they sell really nice clothes.

Talk to you Later 



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I liked parmnesia because Is minimalistic. It does not needed a lot of Time nor places. Also, Is a vídeo oficial misterious and i love it.

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Fashion Matters

Everybody is different, and we like different stuff, different interest, so there are clothes made for every people, but does fashion really matters? That’s a good question.

Fashion can be important for many people but for others no so much. It depends on the person.

For me Fashion is not a big of the deal, i mean I like new tendencies of fashion, but it’s not…


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Microfiction story

The Fireplace

      Surrounded by the mean looks of the manor’s paintings, a withered old man with hair as white as snow remained seated, being enlightened only by a dusty and ornamented fireplace. Lost in thought the man´s sight was focused on a bunch of papers that were slowly turning into ashes on the fireplace, the concentration was suddenly interrupted by the taste of an old wine.…


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Vidioma's Review

Time Lapse, this vidiomas was a little weird, is about a teacher who invented a time machine and show to their students his invent. His students were so shocked that decide to go to their teacher's house and see how the machine time works, but something goes wrong and they were stucked in a big trouble with the time.

Watch the vidiomas... Amazing!…


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Looking at a story

Once in a cold december day, in Tuxtla Gtz. A lonely man was looking at a tree, while he was looking at it he could see a happy and peaceful story in his mind just by looking it but he could see how that beautiful story disappeared so quickly and how it turned into a nightmare. After some minutes passed he felt that he had to stop looking at it, so he turned around his head and left the place. Some years before, he was looking at  a window, he knew that he had…


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Paramnesia is a movie that I found quite interesting, starting because the movie didn´t need a lot of time or places to film it. I could say that it is simple but with a nice story and even a little difficult to understand, leaving you with a bit of mystery at the end

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Dear Alex,

I suggested you to save money for a while...

After you save enough money go to all the possible stores and look for the best options. You may be lucky to find places where you find good deals! When you finish buying send me a picture of what you bought! 

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The sign in the forest.

Once upon a time Mark a young and tall man was walking in the forest where he found a broken sign on the floor. Mark grabbed the sign and started reading it, the sign said this: “Camp at 5 miles away”. After reading this, Mark heard a branch from behind break and some footsteps, so he started running with all of his strengths, until he felt into a trap and fainted afterwards. 20 minutes later he woke up at a campfire alone, without knowing his location and without having anywhere to go.…


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Dear Alex

Dear Alex I suggest you go to the different supermarkets in town, and see if some clothes like you. You should spend the money in cool and confortable clothes. Enjoy the visit, and if you need some opinions, call me.

See u late :) 

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One day a skinny and scary girl woke up in a strange place, only knowing his name, Ariadne.

After a long walk in the strange place full of trees and darkness, she found a white door. She was full emotions, she was angry, sad and confused.

Many questions come to her mind: who sent it to that…


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What do I think?

Our intelligence and creativity and creativity

go well beyond other animals because we

can write, imagine, speak, reason and

create tools and art, as a result of

thousands of years evolving.

Probably the chimpanzees and…


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Writing practice

Larry a Spanish historian recognized for his various investigations about the European culture and his hate of the pre-Columbian culture in Mexico; one day he receives the notice about a scientist that has discovered a way to travel in time, Larry finds the scientist (who knew the jobs and ideologies of the historian) on a bar, and he convince the scientist to let him travel to Spain many centuries ago.

Immediately when Larry arrives he realized that he wasn´t in Spain, he arrived at…


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All began 2 years ago, when I found a ruby on the street. I was going through some financial problems so I was happy I had such a good luck. I thought about taking it to a pawn shop but it was already too late. I put the ruby on my pocket and continued my way home. When i woke up the next day, I felt different but didn’t know why. I stood up in front of the mirror  and could see that I had changed physically. I couldn’t believe it. Somehow it seemed like that…


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Despite doing our vidiomas as a homework, the result was great, we didn´t expect that our vidiomas "The story behind" was going to be nominated five times, and as well as all the vidiomas teams, we put dedication and effort to make it well done and interesting, while doing our vidiomas we had good time and the most important part is that we learned a lot as long as we produced the film, now we have more film…


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My Microfiction:

The famous photographer Marisol Vegas was on a trip around the USA and she has been traveling around America since 2016, she has discovered some of the most wonderful places and enjoys taking pictures with his camera. Her best Photo she took is from Santa Mónica Pier using her camera and captured the view of the amazing sunset; Marisol Vegas is a pretty young woman who loves traveling and she is always looking for adventure. In 2016 she took the…


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It was a rainy day in the big city of new York, the people running out of the streets to a place to put on until the rain stops, only a girl enjoying the little drops on her face waiting in the train station.


She look at the phone on her hand, the last model lunched to the market and very expensive for the ones that cannot permit that kind of…


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