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A Love Story...

All the world loves a lover…

A man and a woman wrote a best seller novel. They came with the idea one night when they start to remember their love story.

The man and the women hope the novel will get on the top of the best seller´s list. When they release some people bought it because of the curious title “A real love story”. A week later some articles talked about the book, but there were just bad critics about it, the two need tolerance to read all the critics without getting…


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Activity partial 2

One day Mariana was running and doing excercise at the park, sudenly she start feeling bad, she had a headache and her back was inflamed and swollen, she decided to go to the doctor and when she met Dr. Smith she totally fell in love, at first he didn't see her very well but in the next date he asked her to go to the cinemas, they became a close friends and a month later they start being boyfriends, he told her that the headache and body aches were only because she slept badly, Mariana was very… Continue

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love story

A day a woman who was widow  went in the hospital  to see a doctor because her daughter had sneezing, running nose, pain, temperature and cough, then she was expecting her daughter to leave the consultation, because her daughter also had been injured playing volleyball and the doctor said I would bandage the wound and to stop the symptoms and her could quit her bandage when her felt better, after her daughter and her mother leave the doctor's clinic, then they got her medicine for hers…


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Love Story

The destination is uncertain and everything happens for a reason .....

A day at the doctor's "Rouse" two people came to the appointment because they used brackets, that's when started the whole story. The girl who was sitting on the couch was slim, tall, brown skin, black hair, you could tell he was very friendly, quiet and cute, but instead the boy who sat in the corner looked funny, smart and very handsome, he was tall, white, muscular and thin. Then it was fate that…


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love story

Once day Maria felt bad and thought that she was sick because she was sneezing, had red and itchy her eyes, at the time she decided to go to the doctor.

Then in the hospital, she waited one hour for pass whit the doctor but when she entered the doctor´s office, discovered and remembered that she met the doctor and that he was her platonic love, but he couldn´t remember her, for this reason he continued asking for her symptoms of her illness.

Then she began to talk with him…


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Today everywhere we can find art, art ah been cataloged in different ways and on an impressive scale of shapes and sizes. We can find many types of art such as music, paintings, photographs, poetry, etc. In history there have been many famous artists worldwide, who have excelled in their work, leaving us without a suspicion of the minimum suspected, how did he do? But…


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a01171998, ESSAY VOCABULARY 27/02/12

A man wanted to run a global company, so he could success in life. A woman wanted to write a best-selling novel to show the world her opinion about honesty. The man had hope to someday make his own company and succeed. The woman put enthusiasm in her work, and asked for help to make her novel the best. The men always fell into depression, but then someone would cheer him up. The woman sometimes regretted writing the novel, but then she remembered how she wanted this. The man because of his…


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Love story

This love story begins when two lovers begin to remember the moment they met.

-Jose: My love, do you remember that March 5 when we met?

-Maria: Of course, it is impossible to forget, as I met the love of my life in a hospital

-Jose: You know that day I was afraid to go because it was the day that the doctor checked the progress of my broken leg but then I said to myself I must be strong, if I wish I had a good recuperation.

-Maria: Really? OMG, that day I was going to go with…


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HW Mini Saga. " A good friendship"

A man wants to become a doctor, but he don’t have the enough money for pay the school.

A woman always cheers Louis up, because he is her best friend.

Louis is in a cheerful mood, because he now has a job.

Roxy become in a good mood when she heard the new news about Louis.

He doesn’t regret to become a Doctor.

She is now in depression, because is go into live in another country.

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A bad way to get revenge

In a part of the red rug was found a piece of pot, which was used by Laura to defend herself from the attack caused by Louis, the reason that he gave to…


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Around the world the people thinks that the art maybe is just a simple expression form. People do not really look at what they can convey the great works of the artists, and we look back we can find many great artists, including painters, sculptors, musicians, actors, etc.. Art is what God gives us the art to know we are not alone in the universe and many great artists have been expressed in his plays, letters, and paintings. Leading to a series of signs, signals a style that is…


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ron mueck dead dad

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Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck is an escultor that lives in England but that in fact it is of Australian origin; she is a great well-known artist world-wide by his incredible and gigantic works of art. Mueck carves people and human bodies in which it emphasizes important passages of the life, like the death of his father, etc. More than nothing she is a plastic artist who shapes the beauty of the human body on great scales so that more she is appreciated.

This sculptor discovers the human body in its pure…


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Money vocabulary

Yesterday i went to the atm to check my budget, and the atm told me that I didn't have much money, an had violated the minimum of money that I can have in my savings account, then I went with a teller to deposit some money that my father gave me to be okay with the bank, the teller told me that my password was too easy to be violated so I preferred to change my PIN, then I went to my house and we were happy forever.

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Story about money

A Story about money.

Someday i didn’t have any cash but i was needing the money, i didn’t want borrow or bargain with somebody so i remember that i had a savings account in the bank, my income were down and my checking account was null so that was my only way,  my Budget was too good so i did it, i did the withdraw, later i went to the ATM and i used my debit card because the teller couldn’t help me, two days after i went to deposita ll the money again for my account don’t be without…


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Boston travel

In my life I have worked a lot because I like money so much the money. It is very important for me to have money because with the money you can do a lot. When I was in the United States, I went to Boston, my parents rented a card. The new car of the company was rented by my parents. My family and I visited the acuarium, where we could watch the fish and other very interesting animals, we traid to keep the calm when we saw a shurk. The explication about to this animal was given by the expert…


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one day i needed to go to the bank because i wanted to go out with my girlfriend so i asked my mom if she could lend me a little money because i did not have any, and i told her "i promise to do all my homeworks", so she gave me her debit card and i am going to pass to the ATM but when i was here i forgot her PIN so i tried to guess the PIN but i only had 5 attempts and i failed the 5 attempts. so the card was blocked by me, later my mom went with a taller and say to him all the story for he…


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HW Mini saga "The oyster and the baby squid"

A: An oyster wants to cheer his friend up  because the sea lion is ill.

B: The baby squid wants to run a global company, but her mother doesn't agree with her.


A: The oyster is in a good mood and he will study medicine.

B: The baby squid is in a cheerful mood, because now she has assistants.


A: He doesn't regret his decision.

B: She is not in depression,…


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Horror Weekend!

Last weekend, I was going with my girlfriend to cabaret, to celebrate the birthday of a friend, before I went to cabaret, my girlfriend and I went to the ATM because I wanted to withdrew some funds, for pay my cover at cabaret. I get in, I add my debid card and my PIN, then I took the money and the receipt and left. On sunday I went to my grandparents house and when my grandmother lend me some money I reallice that my debid card was missing, so I scared because I noticed that it was…


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My chef's life

My mom always used to spend all her free time with me when I was a child. She was a good educator. She always tried to teach me the art of cooking. I was alone almost all the time, her bussiness had a huge demand, so I had to explore in another different way if I wanted to be a "green chef", that was a high level for chef's section of knowledge and finally I got it, but I never was too close with my mother, that was the prize of all we got.

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