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Never trade a dragon scale

It was Chinese New Year and my family was having a ceremony. I went to the mall looking for a gift, suddenly I saw a dragon costume and there was a man inside its mouth, he approached me and he wanted to trade my gift for a genuine dragon scale and in the blink of an eye I was in China. I was very sad because I missed my family and then I realized that you can't buy the best gift, the family.

Be happy with those…


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Now tht u r Mah teacher......I feel like English is easier to understand

Now tht u r Mah teacher......I feel like English is easier to understand


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Dark Blood.

sought after as humanity survive and that human existence was about to disappear, but inadvertently, when they were traveling on the road found that some…


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Multiple int.


Mr.Here is my test.

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Just a bad memory

Today was a bad day, I was in my bed and a daylight was entering in the window. I was remembering the day I move outside the town, I leave my friends, my colony, the capital where I grew up. The reason was a man who predicted a huge…


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Multiple Intelligences Test


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One year ago...

The last time I saw my father was one year ago, we were very distant because of a lot of problems. We used to earn a lot of money in the business he had. He didn’t learn about the balance required to maintain enough amounts to have a good life. He thought the policy would solve all the problems he had gotten. Because of his ambitious ideas, now our family is broken. He saw…


Added by Leilani Bonifaz' on February 13, 2012 at 7:30pm — 1 Comment

The Farmer Dreamer

Johnny was a guy that lived in a farm. He had a dream that in a distant future, he would become a football superstar. His parents didn't like his dreams, because they thought that his life should be working on the farm. Johnny was a very balanced guy, he was a very sensible person. Then, after earning a big amount of money, he escaped to the city to try to play in a team. But he couldn't enter a team. Then, he had to return…


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Multiple Intelligences Test

Here's my test, teacher. Have a nice day. 


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Dark blood (synopsis)




They remain in the desert where found a series of unfortunate events and they had to try to survive every night to continue the journey to find the secret letter which it will tell the end of this tragic story. Everything will be decided only if they achieve to finish the course and discover the meaning of the secret…


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"Dying is nothing when you die for the fatherland" - Jose Maria Morelos y Pavón

"Dying is nothing when you die for the fatherland" - Jose Maria Morelos y Pavón


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Dark Blood.

I think that the perfect final to Dark Blood in a sweet scene with a girl. the guy can be more strong to fight with other bad guy's; after, in the movie, with a big scorpion too and guns. but the principal guy can't die!! Is better, and a good finall. Because if the good guy die, the history hasn't action; and with a girl, the history is better; and have more problems because the bad boy, and de good boy, can fight for she!…


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Dark Blood

After he met the couple he decide to help them; they start a travel through the desert looking for help. But something was weird, after 4 days traveling they found a gas station, he filled up the car and when the young widower turned to see them the couple was a simple dolls.

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Dark Blood

One of my idea that i have to the finish the movie of dark blood, is that in the last chapter of the movie something terrible happend with the actor River Phoenix like die or that his sacrifice him for a important action or sacrifice for the girl and in this form the history can fisnih it. The orginal problem with over the movie was that, dont have de last chapters because the actor die, and that was a problem for the movie, i think that othe rfinish is that cut and do other scenes to change…


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one day i was doing some research for homework of how tropical  disasters have been damaging the earth, because of the humans waste that increase the temperature. when i was doing my final conclusion my laptop accidentally broke up and i quickly run to cec to do it again, but in theory it was a big problem i did not save my homework and all the computers in dec were occupied.

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What do I expect from this class

Germán González Aranda A01171214

What do I expect from this class. During this semester I want to improve my English, as it is difficult for me to learn new verbs and vocabulary, teacher speak only in English this can help me improve my listening and have to improve my vocabulary, I can’t pay attention and do not use electronic devices but now I will put  attention.

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My future

My name is Gabriel Pimentel Lozano; since I was a little boy I saw the house and wonder who made them and how they were build. That passion lead me to discover Arquitecture but now I don´t wanna build just houses, I wanna build bridges, buildings and more. I wanna study in the Tecnologico de Monterrey because I just find out they have the career and that way my dreams would come true.

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I think that I have to be concentrated in the moment that I am studying for something. I must retain a lot of theories about climates for my first partial exam in the ecology class, i have to memorize all about tropical climate, and the snowy and rainy seasons in mexico.

For my geography class i have to study the people who inhabit chiapas, i have to seek the work…


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The employment of a laboratory is really hard, because the employed has to survey about cells and all that stuff. One day a man came to the laboratory to analyze his blood,…


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My worst nightmare

It was 7:00 am and I was under my bed hiding from myself, suddenly someone knocked my door and said: “good morning”. I went downstairs and there was a broken dish on the floor and the school director was dead drowning in a pool of blood; I ran to my bedroom and I found a knife, I realized there was a bind in this story. I murdered the director, and then I woke up.

Added by Sebastián Pérez Camacho on February 12, 2012 at 12:25am — 3 Comments

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