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End of dark blood

Dark Blood is an unfinished film starring River Phoenix a young boy that pass away eleven days before finished the movie. I think that if River could finished it, he would get crazy because the other boy may be save her wife, and may be the end that River was waitting in the movie is his end, don't you think so? 

I think every person has his own end in this world, you could never known which is your ending; i know that some people wait that the enda of the world would be terrible like…


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End of the movie

I think that the protagonist of the film after having suffered all that loneliness, that abandonment and believe that God had punished him for the things he did in the past, perhaps when realized account of how badly I was doing, began his life again. He reincorporates to the outside world where his soul and his spirit was reborn and starts to do things that I never imagine it would do.

I also believe that he could have become to falling in love, falling in love is the best things…


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La pitas

Lapitas was an old culture, this culture was infront of Ocenic Continent, and in the South of Pacific Ocean, so scientists investigated, but don't have specific datas about their lifes and traditions, this culture exapand of a different areas,
theire lenguage come from Taiwan and have similar descoration and traditions it.

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A day i went with my firned to movie theater to saw "Un viaje al centro de la tierra" i had seen these movie, but i decide to see again because my friend convince me to see it, then we come in the movie, but enter to the function my friends started to trown popcorn,after a police said us that got out of movie,when got out to movie we continued chaos for 3 hours, finally i learned that when you go to some friends its sure that you are going to pass very good and surprised

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Story from my childhood

I was born in April 21 1995 in Tuxtla Gutierrez,Chiapas , and I have a twin and his name is Salomon and when we had 3 years old , we were very rebellious and as always we thought in a plan because we loved making mischiefs and the plan  consisted in dance on a crystal table, but we had problems because when we made the plan my brother cut his leg.

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last month

the last month was in my hose and i was bored , and i started to play violin and listened to music playing with the musica at same , later i see a interesent serie "heroes" later , i did my homework and saw other movie a doo movie , this a one day , the arts gay (one of alll arts days),the next day i was to the park and i played basquetball a lot time later i walken to my home , that way is very long aproximately a 5 km , next u opnened my lap and enter to facebook to chat , i was conecting…


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michael Yamashita

the interview is to a photographer who was professor of English, eles from japan, he says "i really never felt 100% like the did'tlook…


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mini history

barking dogs seldon bite....

a man wanted to be a singer...

a woman wanted to be a dancer...

the man studied poetry..

the woman studied medicene...

the woman is a famous writter and earns too much money...

the man has a built a big house...

if a man did´t wanted to be a singer the woman would´t to be a dancer..

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Lapitas was a group of people that lived in some areas in the South Pacific Ocean. Nobody knows exactly where they came from. The Lapita people have a lot of styles of different areas.  

I think Lapita people never stopped migrating, and each migrated the groups was reduced. That’s why I think Lapitas people were disappearing slowly, but I think there are descendants over South Pacific Ocean, Asian and maybe part of Europe.

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on the poets's trail

"it was as if the very soul of japan had itself written it" said the early 20th century buddhist poet Miyazawa, of narrow road to a far province , in the text said japan had a nice dinner, many people visit the Niwo Island, the sky had a nice colors in the morning, and the Umikawa and Himekawa rivers where they run in to the sea....in the text mentions that japan has some…


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Barking Dogs seldom bite!

A man want to be a president

A woman wanted to be a famous writer

The man went to Marimba's park

The woman lost her cellphone

He run around the forest and loved the widelife

She went with her family and they change and she´s happy now

If the man didn´t try to be a president, the woman wouldn't be happy (:

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Journal, today i did a lot of things.

First of all, in the morning I went to the cinema and I saw a very nice movie with my brother, the we went to “emotion” and I won $600 and my brother lost about $200 because he don’t have good luck, so he was very angry and left the place. Then we came to the house and we saw another movie called super cool, it was very funny but is not recommendable for people who doesn’t like the black humor, is more appropriate for teenagers, because the movie…


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Lapitas was a culture, that habituated on the Pacific Ocean. First they migrated from the volcanoes of Papua New Guinea to the island of Tonga. Their language come from Taiwan and they have adopted some style of pottery decoration from the northern Philippines, so people does´t know where they are from exactly. Some think that they dissapire and others thing thy haven´t. I think that they still living in the world with us in different parts of the world but here.

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EA1_Task1"My Expectations for 4th Semester"

I think that this semester gonna be one of the best, i know more people, and the teachers and I have a good relationship, I hope to do all the things good as academically as sentimentally, I will enjoy all the moments that I'll have, in this semester i will study too much for be an a great person and don't let down to my parents.

I'll like to study a lot English to improve it and understand it better, this year is a years of changes first eat less, study more, read different…


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The Pollution is affecting at the world, we must to be a better person, have an a good education and new manners, we can start trying not to burn garbage, keep clean the street, do no trash the garbage in the floor and a lot of things like these.

All of us have to start thinking in the life of all the animals, plants and humans in the word, just think in your house, then…


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EA1_task 2

Drug traffic

This a famous problem today, in a lot of countries this natural product Is legal, but In the most of cases it is illegal because this product cause a several problem with your life, it's affect more when you consume it with excess.

Countries like EUA and holand play a difficult role in the word because this countries are ones of the most developed countries but this commercialization don't affect the good imagen it have. This…


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EA1_ Task 2 "Pollution"


The pollution is a world problem that is affecting all the life in this, the animals, trees, plants and also the human.  This problem has started some years ago, when it was an increase of factories, cars, the cutting down of trees, the open burning and other aspects that with the pass of the have, have been turning on a problem which affect the planet and every representation of life.

Its very important to make the change, and start to make some little actions that …


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The saddest thing in the world are those moments when you realize that your world is changing, there are less trees, more endangered animals and a little bit less clean water. But that doesn´t end there, we had so much things in the world that “it matters” more than the enviroment, instead of  fix the problem, we make it worse. There are of course different ecologists proposals but face it! We care more about tecnology but, even though it can be good for the planet, we keep with the…


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E6 essay about a movie

The last month I had some reflexive thinking when I saw "In time" the movie. Remember perfectly I did not want watching it, In fact I just did it because my little sister insisted, as a good brother I am, I finally accepted. In brief the movie has just a very important message to understand, the importance of time. This story represent an alternate world, where people have to work for more time of life, instead of money; which makes there are immortal guys, who represent the upper class or a…


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Journal of on Artistic Endeavor

In my last vacation, I saw many movies with my cousins, that was so cool because we slept late because we had seen movies and play Xbox. Some movies that we saw were activity paranormal, the notebook, harry potter, twilight saga, tron, screen, puss in boots, mupets and other more. I didn’t want to see horror movies because these ones make me feel too much scary and I prefer the comedies, love story, thriller and others that don’t be scary movies but they convince me for saw this movie, when…


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