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Journal _ HW

My experience when I read the book "New Moon" by Stephenie Meyer, was very inspirational and emotional, because this book tells the second part of the history of the series "Twilight", I really felt so identified with this book, events that occur in the love story between Edward and Bella, the truth in life never missing the person that gets between a relationship and another ended up with a great love. Honestly the day I was reading that book, I was in the house of my grandmother Martha and…


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Journal of on Artistic Endeavor

The last month, I had seen many movies with my boyfriend. This experience was very rare and unusual but cute because we saw the movies online by means of Internet that is to say he saw the movies in his house and I saw the movies in my house at the same time. It was cute considering  the distance and It was entertaining  because we saw movies of differents types, for example, we saw childish movies how “Corto circuito 1 y 2”, also we saw romantic movies how “Un amor a distancia” , “Diario de…


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Our world is like mathematics, it always has problems. 

Which are them? ... They are a lot and they are growing but it seems to be irrelevant for mindless society cause they are concentrated in fruits and they don't realize they are the killers.

One of them, is pollution. It's everywhere, you can't miss it. A problem in the future.. the future is now so... the main problem of these days is pollution. Is making things change, specially our climate. Do you…


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