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1.- You are the worst, basically it was your mistake. 2.- At least I did something about it. 3.- I did something, didn't I? 4.- I mean... You know, better we might forget it. 5.- Actually that's a ni…

1.- You are the worst, basically it was your mistake.

2.- At least I did something about it.

3.- I did something, didn't I?

4.- I mean... You know, better we might forget it.

5.- Actually that's a nice idea.


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Discourse markers

"Quite honestly, you are not a good friend"

"Admittedly, the fault is yours"

"Obviously, you will not accept it"

"Anyway, do whatever you want"

"By the way, I never liked you"

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Discourse makers

Apparently she was mad at him. Actually he should be the angry one, shouldn't he?. W:"Apparently you think you're always right, don't you?" M: "At least I'm not yelling across the street, am I?" W: "Guess what, I'm not in the mood to fight with you, don't you see?

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Discourse Markers

Clearly she is mad at him
Hopefully he would give her an explanation
They are having basically a common couple discussion
Actually she should calm down and talk patiently
Apparently the discussion would last for ever.

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For good reasons.

After all, the life is something very beautiful. A guy, who always was searching the way to be happy, suffered something he never thought.  He lost his parents in a car accident, both of them were dead. After all he tried to get ahead, but it was very difficult. Apparently he was fine but he was destroyed, angry with his life. This guy started to claim God why he took his parents away, until one day God answers his claims. Surely, this guy asked many…


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Homework a man a woman

A men and a Woman


  • A lone man studying engineering in Canada
  • An intelligent woman undergraduate studies in Canada…

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Homework Spain


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Four Truths and a Lie about France

The Eiffel Tower was built since 1887 to 1889

France is ranked as the first tourist destination in the world

Fashion hasn´t been an important industry and culture in France

French Revolution was in 1848

Louis XVI was the last king of france

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Advertising is one of the best ways to communicate to the costumers. it helps to inform to the costumers about the brands aviable in the market and the variety of products useful to them.

Daily life revolves around the advertising, everything that you buy is because you have been looking for an advertising trying to sell you the product and the brand.

in my opinion, without advertising, the industries would not sell as good as they do, they wouldn't be able to force a target…


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Four Truths and a Lie about France

I met Florence Cassez from France and she told me:

France is known as the hexagone.

The Eiffel Tower was built by Gustave Eiffel in 1889.

The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, It is in the national museum of France (Louvre museum).

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous Gothic cathedrals of France, but now in 2013 it will comply 850 years of history.

Napoleon Bonaparte decided to build one of the most representative monuments of Paris, the…


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Advertising in my life

The advertising in my life is so very important for a lot of many reasons.First because all the people and me see and watch spectaculars, papers, tv, radio, house products, school, in the city etc, and obviously all include the adverting.

Second, the advertising transform me in a guy who wants to be part of it, and also a man who is influenced and lied in some parts of advertising.

Advertising increase costs

Yes it does because if you see the difference in a trade…


Added by Federico José Brahms Gutiérrez on February 8, 2013 at 10:11am — No Comments

What's the role advertising in our lives?

The role advertising is very important. It helps people to know where we have to buy the things. Many people are always trying to make us buy things, they live on making us buying announcements. we see everyday on magazines and television new products and the people go and buy the things that the produce. We always see an advertising and it takes us to the shops and we didn't realize that they manipulated us and we buy the things.

The advertising that they put everywhere in all the…


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HomeWork Remedial 3 Spain

The other day I met a gypsy who told me:

  • Spain is organized into 17 regions.
  • The currency of Spain is the Euro…

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Portfolio A01171729


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Four truths and a lie

I met a man from Spain, and he told me:

  • Most people are Catholic.
  • Madrid is the biggest city in Spain.
  • Soil is the most valuable thing in the world.
  • Spain is next to Italy.
  • Rafael Nadal is a famous Spanish tennis player.                                   

  I think one of these things are not true.

Added by FRIDA TOLEDO MEDINA on February 7, 2013 at 2:16pm — No Comments

Role of advertising in our lives

Advertising is everywhere. Commercials and posters are seen by everybody, obviously depending in the kind of public it is focused on and which the company will sell their products.

Master companies all over the world, must have the best advertising all around the continents or countries they're involved with, so this wat people will get surprised and they will want to see the commercials or posters, or whatever they are using as advertising. In fact, this is a very nice and good way…


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Four Truths and a Lie

I met a person the other day and he told me:

A fact about the country I'm researching for the project.

Another fact he claims is true.

A third fact.

A fourth, and

A fifth fact he also claimed was true.

I think one of these statements is NOT true!

Added by Michael D. Brown on February 7, 2013 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

What is the role of advertising?

       The role of advertising in my opinion is that it make us buy things we really don't need, because you can buy same things cheaper in other place.

And because when we look at the advertising we think the product is something more exclusive, so we pay more for that advertisment.

Also some advertising are very attractive so we are paying for the advertising not because we really like the…


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Advertising in our days is show to people the new things, innovation that day to day change and change our style life.

But advertising has a dark side because its objetive in not to show us products, advertising is a kind of subliminal message, because every thing that people watch on tv creates an idea about that product for example, that is the best, i need it to be nice or cool, etc, when all this ideas is a lie.

many times products cost more than others because the producer…


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