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Global citizenship

A global citizenship would be an amazing idea but it would have certain things for look out, like if everything was globalize the first thing that should exist is equality, that every country in the world was the same and no other one iver the other, and the second thing is the laws, because many countryes have different opinons about laws and dificult subjects like abortion, gay marriage, legalize drug or euthanasia. In my opinion all of them should be legal, but it isnt possible to make a… Continue

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Mess up

This story is BASED ON real facts, its about a guy call Dexter Morgan discovered that his friend, Walter White was a drug dealer and his nickname was Heisenberg, that fact had SEVERELY AFFECTED Dexter and he was CONCERNED ABOUT walter going to jail or getting FATALLY INJURED in a shooting, but Walter was OBSESSED ABOUT getting money and being rich because he didnt had money in his old job and now he was converting into a millonaire whith the meth bussyness and he had CALCULATED RISK And he… Continue

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Try Harder

 “If you fall seven times, get up eight times”

A man wanted to be a winning runner. A woman wanted to be the greatest teacher.

The man used to be a fat kid and the woman used to be problematic.

The man had to go to a national competition. The woman went to study for her masters

He had to practice more and more for the competition, and the more she studied, the more she learned.

He had an accident and he lost his leg. She earned her diploma and she gave up…


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