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In march I did many things, like holiday and work hard because we are in the last partial and I need good grades. In march we had holiday in 21 and I went to San Cristobal with my parents, I played soccer and I went to the prk and to the Cinema with my friends I enjoyed it because we didn´t many holidays and also we had The Spring Break, we were for 2 hours preparing our stand.Everything was great. This month was same, hard work, many stress, but this month was very good. Now missing the last… Continue

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this month i have been studying a lot, because i want to improve my grades, but at the same time i have gone out with my friends to had fun.

I had my english project, i presented about italy with my friends ameth, ricardo and karen; it was amazing.

I went to las margaritas too, because it was my parents wedding (25 years together), we had a big party with all my family.

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In this month i did a lot of interesting things for example i had a surgery because i had a tumor.

I had exams too, so i needed to study hard.

I did some homework, some projects; it was a extremedly tired month.

we had our english project, it was so tired because we went to our stands to made our expo and we staid there all the day in the sun.

But my team was the best.

we hope that our score will be 100.

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march 2011

March start bad because i had a problem with the teacher of literature of my grade of that class but whatever,  my all grades was really good. in sprots as always as i do i start a new month in a tournament in villahermosa and i lose in quaterfinal but it was good i didi my best. now is time to do the things better and be proud of me in the third partial.

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Journal March

This month was really interested.

First, because in the second partial I got better grades than in the First one.

Second, I started harder to do a sport that I love, tennis.

Now I'm very excited because the next week, that means on April 6th. I'll go to a tournament in Oaxaca and I hope to get great results.

Third, I'm kind of worry because I think that It will be the worst partial talking about grades.

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Mini-Saga 3

Nothing is meant to be forever.

An architect named Alex built a foutain.

A girl, called Nicole was literally very smart.

The architect's fountain was completely destroyed by a Tornado.

The girl failed and examen so she wanted to commit suicide.

Alex built his fountain in Nicole.

Nicole is now almost a dead fountain.

If the Tornado had not absolutely destroyed the fountain, then Nicole would not have became a dead fountain.

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Mini Saga 3 (:

You always find a different manner to become what you want.


*A pianist named Andy wanted with all his heart to play the piano with a really famous canadian artist.

*A singer called Cindy wished to stay all the day in a beach and scape from her reality.


*The pianist played his last concert  on Florida and he decided to lived there.

*The singer traveled to Florida to enjoy the sunny and sandy day in…


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Mini Saga

A boy called Jimmy dreamed horribly in her bed whit a monster every night before midnight and he went to his mother bed to dream better.

A monster called Chuck dreamed happily under a bed with a little boy every weekend and he went to sleep before midnight to get this beautiful dream.

A day, because Jimmy was afraid, he went under his bed, he didn’t know that Chuck was there. Chuck was so hungry and…


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Journal March

This month was so special, I knowledge interesting and funny people, I went to fishing in “La Angostura” river with my family, although we didn’t get so much fish, it was fun because we were in family. My school grades grew up and it makes me feel so good because I put all my effort to get it. In the school we had an event called “El dia de las profesiones”, it was for the 4 semester students can choice our professions and get a big future. On the other hand I went to a Karaoke-bar with my…


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mini zaga


There once was a guy who…


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march ¡¡

I love March because…

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This month was my 17 birthday, and I made like a pool-party, and my firends and I went to swim on saturday, it was really fun and i was very happy after that I went to my house to the familiar dinner; So i think march was one of the bests months.

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Mini Saga 3!

-A teacher called Carlos enjoy teaching in the school everyday.

-A nurse called Lucy was quickly baking a cake for her patients.

-The teacher was kind of angry with his students because they didn´t do them homework as always.

-The nurse was…


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March 2011(:

This month I took a trip with my best friends to the beach "puerto arista" we were there all weekend. I did tests that help me to choose a profesional carrer.

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An extraordinary model


A model called Maria was really amazingly beautiful

A director called Marco to some originally wanted a principal model

The model went to te company and she really wants to be In because she has worked hard in her appearance

The director creatively make a photoshot at the beach each sesion arrives

Maria came to the photosession and…


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Minisaga 3

take it as it comes...


A man called Arthur worked very hard to reach the "top ten employees" chart at the factory he worked 

A woman called Mary Ann was the president of an important factory


The President of the factory, Mary Ann, would invite the "Top ten employees" to a private party.

The man reached the number 3 in the list of the famous "top ten employees" chart, he was very eager to assist to this party.


Mary Ann opened the…


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Mini saga 3 :)

A singer is singing perfectly 

A chef is cokking delicious 

She is a beautiful women

He is a nice man

She really likes him

He really likes her too

The become lovers :)

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March :)

In march I do a lot of funny things, for example I went to Sancris with my friends and we all have fun.

we make up and change in the hotel, the we went to dinner and then a friends house.

I like a lot march because the CD of britney spears will come out and Im so excited. Im so excited because its getting closer lady gaga's concert.


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A Doctor, named Jose perfectly knew how to make his work.

A dancer, named Carolina went happily to her first audition.


The doctor was completely sure that the pacient was going to need a surgery.

The dancer, did a piroutte perfectly executed.


Jose was running a quickly as he could to his job.

Carolina practiced hardly for her…


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Mini Saga :D

Things happen for a reason ;)

A girl called Sandra was surprisingly bored.

A painter called Mauricio usually was drawing.…


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