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MiniSaga3 (:

Live Your Life Like It Was The Last Day!

A nurse named Lula was sick because she really had cancer

An architect called Willie was in a dangerous construction site

The nurse didn’t want to go out of her house, because she thought impatiently in her house everyday after lunch if she leaves of her house, she probably dies.

The architect was at the top most store

She absolutely had the bad idea, if she went out, she…


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In this month it was my birthday, March 8th, but I was so busy and stressful because I was in a period of exams and I can’t enjoy it, everyday I was studying, like a responsable girl ;) But the next weekend i enjoyed it to the fullest HA!, on Friday I went out with my boyfriend, on Saturday I went to dinner with my friends and on Sunday I had a meeting with my family though at night I did my HWK):  I had a great time in march and I hope the other months will be good or better ;) because I'm…


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I liked a lot March, because in this month Spring started, so was the oppurtunity to change, enjoy the flowers, colors, fresh smells and all the animales, also made new goals, one of them is get a better score than the second partial .

Another thing makes this month special is my mother's birthday, so that i need buy some presents for this thursday.

I really hope the new month will be amazing =).

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Mini-Saga 3

People have been dropped by aliens.


Yesterday, an alien called Zurlok went to the Earth.

A carpenter named Jose was making a table in his garage.

Then, the alien took Jose to his spaceship.

The carpenter was so…


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March :)

March was a very good month because i had many parties and my family came to visit me and i went to puebla for shopping and visit my brother. in school it was a good parcial because we didn't have many homework.

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March! :)

This month happened so fast and i did not do something very interesting but one of the best moments in this month was that we had one day free and my family and I went to san cristobal, i had a lot of fun because we went to "las grutas", to "santo domingo" and I eat the most delicious crepes of caramel and philadelphia anyway i know that april is going to be a better month because is my birthday and vacations are coming soon!!!

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Mini Saga3 (:


A student, named Anna wanted desperately to remember the way to go home.

A police, named Josh walked happily every morning around the park.

The student was completely worried because some people drove very fast around her.

The police,…


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Mini Saga 3

The best things come when you least expect it


A girl called Kimberly was surprisingly funny 

A director called Mauro was desperately looking for a funny girl for his movie.


The girl often was in her favorite cafeteria with her friends

The director was walking slowly and he saw Kimberly making come jokes, so he rapidly…


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my month was fun because i went with my best friends to de beach "puerto arista" and the best was that my boyfriend went in a surprise and he gave me a flower and that was so romantic......

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March 2011 :)

This summer has been fun with lots of variety here in school. I learned a lot in all the subjects. School was really good we had great events like when Starbucks came to school and some other stuff like that. In my house I did not have a lot of homework to do because the teachers are great in school. I had to do English homework the mini saga but a learned a lot about that. Talking about free time It has been fun I played videogames watch TV and use the computer. This month is great but he…


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Mini Saga 3 :)

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

1. A kid named Jonathan wanted to buy a burger at the moment he was very hungry and sad because he had no money to buy one.

2. A kid named Erick was literally Jonathan’s best friend.

3. The kid told Erick he was very hungry but he couldn’t buy a burger.

4. The kid was completely decided to help to some extent his friend so he bought him a burger and a soda.

5. Jonathan absolutely ate the burger at the moment…


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Journal of March

This month for me was very crazy, because came many things, like the graduation and the exams for the other school, is so hard but i would be miss to my all generation and my all friends of them school that it would be the most important in my all life and my stage of my life and of my prepa, and i couldn’t lose the memories of my prepa tec.

But no matter tend to work harder in this new era is coming for me and I think that everything you taught me the technology will serve me and…


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Minisaga 3 adverbs!

Live your life to the fallest

A boxer named Gume was completely strong

A teacher called Mr. Pancho was absolutely intelligent

The boxer is always drinking proteins

The teacher could do the all exercises of the book of physics well



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March :D

It was a month like others.

I went to see Jaz in a declamation contest, she did it very good!

I love this month because flowers born... but one of the things I don't like this month, is because is very hot!!

This month, I went to see Xitla to a basketball play she won! I enjoy it a lot :D

That's what I did this month, it wasn't to busy...

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You can never predict your own future.

A painter called Ivan happily used to paint in Central Park.

A teacher called Jazz used to go to the movies every weekend.

The painter stopped painting because some people thought the paintings were…


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Mini Saga 3 :D

You never can predict your own future because no one really knows it.

A teacher, named Lorena was always heartily thinking about her future.

A model, called Drake wanted desperately to drive his new car.

The teacher was literally…


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Mini Saga... 0) The knowledge is not a couple of numbers

1) A student called Alfred was a very intelligent and the best student because was the first in his classroom.

2) A professor named Pedro wanted to have to some extent to better students literally with excellent grades.

3) The student hated to completely the way of his professor's teach because was heartily cold with his students.

4) The professor always tried to understand his student but sort of he couldn't.

5) Alfred didn't study and for sure didn't pass his exam, thought the… Continue

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March (:

Dear Journal:

This night I am going to write about March. March started badly because I got my score of the second partial and I really tried to get a better score but I could not. Instead I got one point less than the first partial. I was a little bit sad but I know that this partial I can improve and get an excellent score. (:

This month I participated in a declamation contest at the TEC. (: I really like this kind of contest, so when the teacher told me that I should…


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What i did in March?

Well, March was exciting I did a lot things and how I said in my last publication about February, March is my month because in March 20 is my birthday.

First of all, I started being responsible to improve my grades in the school, thing that I got, because all my grades were very high than the first ones later I started going to football and my workshop school; second for my special day I thought to do something for my birthday but nothing was coming to my mind, so I asked with…


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My march.

My March was good. It began with the good news that I came out well in my second partial, I got 93 and it has been my highest score since I´m in the TEC, my mom was happy because of my good grades and she bought me the full season of my favorite series: "Glee. "

This month I started going to the gym with my sister, I go to the gym about 2 hours and I take the opportunity to spend time with her. I thought I didn´t like exercise but I really realized that it is a good way to spend your…


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