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Mini saga 3.

Beauty is not physicall.

A model called Paulina was really amazingly beautiful.

A director called Angel to some extent wanted a principal model.

The model wishes to win the place because she was so beautiful.

Three months ago the director carefully planned a beauty contest in Paris once a year.

Paulina participated enthusiastically in the contest every year before her birthday to keep and won in shape.



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=) March =(

This month was a lot of stress, exams, TOEFL also has me crazy, and finally because I was wrong on a matter, I really hope I graduate. Although there were also good times, as the birthday of my brother and was also the birthday of two friends, so it was really fun.
I am also starting to get cold by climate change, but it will heal and that next month will be better.

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A man called Ben became completely crazy in the madhouse.

A woman called Bety lost absolutely all her money since Merry Christmas.

The man is always in the room.

The woman is desperately crying.

He stays impatiently… Continue

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Mini Saga 3

A change is as good as a rest.

A man who makes changes always go better

A woman that if often doing great is because she's making some changes.

The man that always goes in a better way is because he's making changes

The woman that is of often changing is surely  doing…


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March 2011

March was a special month, because it was my little sister´s birthday and we celebrated with all my family, then we did not have classes on the 21st so I went to a party and have lots of fun with my friends and I went to swim with other friends. I went to the movies with my family and had a good time.

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Mini Saga 3

Everything happens for a reason.

A teacher, named Pablo all but wanted to sell his car.

A robber, called Antonio wanted to rob a car.

The teacher went to a party, he never brings his car with him but that day he did so when he was going to leave, his car had disappeared mysteriously.

The robber took the teacher´s car and drive… Continue

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What did  i do on March, firstly let's remember that ion this month spring starts so it's a very happy month for all of us,, now let's talk about what i did, in the first week of march i went to school as normal, but something new was happening the school leader was going to be elected so they started their campaign, i helped both of them, because both were my friends, in the first weekend of march i went for some "vacations" with my family to the beach, i spent a great time with them, the…


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mini saga #2

a man is a trainer

a girl is training with he

he is a really good person

she is a girl with money an a daddy girl

him is in love with she

her is also in love

the father wont let her be with him

and the father will kill the man

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Mini saga 2

Everyday is a new beginning.


A man , who was not famous wanted to be famous. A woman who was poor wanted to be rich. The man believing he could be a star, went to Hollywood. The woman believing a government job pays well, went to work for the government. The man, a failure, killed himself. The woman, an investigator, researched his death. 

If the man didn't want to be famous, the woman wouldn't have had to look at his dead body.


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Mini saga 2 (two)

The man did not wanted to sing.

The woman did eanted to sing.


The man did told the woman to dance before singing.

the woman acepted dancing before singing.


The man did dence before singing.

The woman sang while she was danincing with the man.

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What I did on February!!

Well on february I had a gret time!!

Is SValentine's Day and I just want to be with my familiy and my friends.

The weekend before the 14th of feb. I went with all my family to have a geat dinner in a restaursnt called Balam, we had dinner and enjoyed that day.

After that, the 14th of Feb i went with some of my friends to a cafeteria that is in front of the Marmbas park, "la Esfera". We stayed there for about three hours talking and talking about our lives and sharing…


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People can read the future.

A boy who was really smart, didn't believe that some people can read the future.

A girl who was a little crazy, said to the guy that she could read the future.

The boy, thinking the girl was not normal, asked her about his future.

The woman, sure about her ability, told the man he would die in two days.

Two days later...

The boy, who was walking to his girlfriend's house to ask her for marriage, was hit by a…


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Journal February :)

This month was a little stressful because I had to do a lot of projects like decades and a lot of exams. I had a great time with my friends in Valentine's Day, because I went to the movies. In my results of the exams I got bad grades comparing to the last partial but ignoring that i think that February was a great month.

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february is a pretty cool month not only cause is valentine's day even too cause is the month where a lot of people decide to do a lot of romantic things........


in this month what i do is not so important only what i do on february 14...... in this day i go out with a girl who i was trying to be more than mi friend but something make this day unforgetable.

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Wolf men have been living with us but someday......

peter is a normal guy that lives in nuevo mexico.

when he was going out of the dance club he go to a street and 

Peter see when a man transform in to a wolf man when he look that he was sealed to a big dead.

All the members of the wolf men family are in search of peter to kill.

they have scare bacause peter can say the secret of the existence of the wolf man.

what will happen if they are discover…


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It was a beautiful month, especially because some friends and I went to New York City the February 13th, a day before saint valentine's day. All the crew was happy at the Mexican airport, but then we realize that the airplane was too short for us. It was like 6 feet height from floor to roof and there were only 3 seats per line and a corridor with near 2 feet length. When we got to the Bush Airport, on Houston, we saw huge planes arriving from different countries.

Our luggage was left…


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Mini saga about a hard working man and a woman with bad habits.

A man, called Ben worked intensively in a project about architecture.

A woman, called Andy threw away badly in the street.

The man is always in the office.

The woman hardly recognizes her mistake.

Ben surprisingly won an architectural award.

Andy happily becomes an enviromentalist who supports the environments intelligently.

In the life there are always rewards, as well that every…


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Mini Saga 2

There are people who fall in love.

A guy who works as a professor in a university, was the biology class professor.

A girl who wants to study is accepted in the university, she loves biology.

The man, giving the class realizes that there is a new student.

The woman, paying attention to the class see the professor and falls in love.

He, a gentleman, was amazed by the beauty of the new student, so he ask her out.

She, a beauty, accept the date.

If he was not… Continue

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Minisaga 2

A man believed on aliens.

A man wants to go to the space.

The man creates a spacecraft.

The man drives the spacecraft to the moon.

The man meets with the aliens.

The man returns to earth with his new spaceman friends.

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Well, on February I had many great times with my family, my friends and my boyfriend(: One of them was in the valentine's day. Although in the first hours I didn't enjoy because I was in the school and I left at 5pm, but at night I went out with my friends and my boyfriend. On 18th I went to 2 parties, they were really funny, in fact I came to my house at 4am :S 

Other day was the election's day of 2nd. Semester. I enjoyed it so much because I ate a lot of food :/The last day was on 26th,… Continue

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