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February passed so fast! I love this month, specially because my favorite cousin came to Tuxtla. I didn't like this month just because the partial time was so short, i wish the time for that were bigger. I made new friends, I knew new people, and I met some that I thought that were bad persons.(:

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Mini-saga 2

A gentleman was waiting for the carnival in his town.

The man ran around but didn’t find anything.

Then a boy found the carnival in the mountains.

The man feels most happy.

He saw the spectacle and smiled for a long time.

He said, "This is the best day in my life."

He returned to the town, and he wishes he saw the spectacle again. 

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Februaru 2011

This February was a normal month and very calm for me. Some memories I brought half bad, but from then on it was all very normal. School will be moving forward and my family is more stable.
Every day I try to get up and move forward with courage to have my best day. Freeway accessible, I'd like to run and run, but I stay and move on.
Finally happened in February; hopefully in May also.

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February 2011 (:

Hello again. Well, another month passed and a lot of things were part of this too. But was the lovers month :P YEI! but, guess what :O I was alone that day u_u sad, don't you thing? Well, not really, because I was with my friends, with my family and it was one of the most beautiful Valentine´s day I ever had. But I did not see my best friend during this time...and that makes me feel a little bit...ammm.. sad? angry? I don´t know... but I miss him so much :( . Is the same case… Continue

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Mini Saga 2!!

A girl who was so beautiful wanted to find the real love. 

A prince who felt so lonley decided to look for his princess.

The girl traveled to Europe to clean her mind.

The prince felt in love with that amazing girl.

She saw a handsome man watching her, but she never imagine that he was a real prince.

He said, I have always looking for someone like you, I have to marry you.

If she wouldn't belive in real love, she wouldn't have her fairy story.

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in february we had our parcial tests, i had to study a lot because I needed to have good grades. Finally, i got an average of 83, so to this partial i have to be more concentrated.

the most important date of frebruary of course is valentines day, i just went to school and played one song in the "canta-tec" it was nice, and at night I hanged out with my friends. Then all february was normal.

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Journal February.

February was one of those months that you say thanks for the life and destiny that gives to you the friends that you have, family and in some cases that special person that shake your world♥. February 14th. was an amazing day; because we share great moments with our closest friends, February 14. too was one of those days that you say thanks to God, that you have friends that listen you, know millions of secrets that you couldn't tell to some one, that supports you and make you laugh even though… Continue

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My February (:

My month was so good because it was so funny. February started normal, I mean, with the homeworks, exams, etc. On February 14 I went to Sushi-itto with Daniel to celebrate Valentines Day after that Daniel went to my house and we saw a movie.

In a weekened I went with my friends to Monica´s house; we jumped in the trampolin and we eat a lot of candies! After that my moth was normal and a little stress because of the tests

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February 2011

February was a busy month for me because i had a lot of homework and also i studied a lot for my university  admition test. But although all the pressure i could enjoy this great month.

The best thing about february for me was my trip to Mexico City for doing my admition test in UNAM; i liked this trip because after the test i went sightseeing the city and bought many things. Now i hope to be accepted in the UNAM.

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Mini saga 2

Álvarez Palacios Carlos


A man, who was checking about the case, discovered that it wasn´t an accident.

A woman, who was walking near of the accident, saw it was a murder.

The man, checking the case, proved that it was not an accident it was a shocking murder.

The woman, walking near of the suppose accident, was really…


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It was a good month. It wasn't so funny or bored... it was x.

The only thing that I don´t like about February is that it begin to get hot!

I don't have anything to say about this month...

Have a  nice day and see you later :D

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February'2O11 (:

February was an amazing month, i really liked! I celebrate Valentine's Day with all my friends, we went to dinner, then at night we watched many movies while we were eating ice-cream and others desserts. Also the last weekend i went to san cristobal to celebrate my best friend birthday,she was very happy and we had a good moment together.

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Journal: February!

I really liked february, it was an exciting month because there was so much events, for example there were the elections of the liders of my generation, (by the way the team I voted for, won!! green!) for the other hand in this month we celebrate the valentine's day that is the best day to go out with your friends.In school there were projects that made me nervous like the English proyect but at the end everything was fine and funny. I wonder what was my grade !! :DThis month I celebrated…


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ily Continue

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February 2011! :)

I really enjoy this month because it was my parent´s aniversary, valentine's day, my best friend´s birthday, my generation chose our liders, i won the third place in the dance competition, now i am going to explain the special things of those events. On february 11th, my parents did 20 years of married, I was so happy because 20 years are a lot and I hope that we can be more years together like now. In valentine´s day, i had a lot of fun with my friends and family, at school my classmates…


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 This month was crazy, the first week of the month i was sick...

Then the 2nd week was valentine's day on monday, i went to school and

had a good time with my friends, then we went to eat, and movie's night!!

The third week was really stranger, and i broke up with my boyfriend.

The rest of the month i had a good time with friends that i didn't see since 6 or 5 months ago.


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mini saga 2

The woman was waiting for her prince


The man was playing football since morning.


A woman spend her day cooking a big cookie


A man broke his leg with a table.


She went to the movies, and talk with new friends.


He was watching the T.V all night.

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This month was great, I have been working out. I start exams now and I really hate it.

On February 9th it was Ana Christina’s birthday and we went to La guadalupana a restaurant-bar to celebrated it, it was awesome!

On February 14th I went out with my friends to Cabaret, I really had a very good time with them because we danced a lot and sang.

This month I went to papa bills and italiannis there are…

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mini zaga

This mini zaga is about a boy that practice the olimpic games and he has alot of determination , alot of future and he has a coach that always help him for his progress. he is in the gimnastic team of the school and he is the best of the team . He is the star of the team , but he trains a lot in the school and the coach always told him that he has to train very hard but the boy doesn't listen to the coach so he prefered to have fun in a party . The party was so good, and he drank a lot of… Continue

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