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From bestseller to bust: is this the end of an author's life?

I liked this new because it says how hard the life of a writer is because the fault of money and the lack of sells since 2008 and this is all fault of people not interested in bookd and they prefer to buy and iphone or ipad and its a big problem thats causing many writer go and stop writing and getting a job and others are completely broke even if they were famous sometime.…


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Why i dont listen to the teacher

Why i dont listen to the teacher, well this is a questiom that a lot of kindergarden, jr highschool, and highschool have wondered from a long time ago, and we could say that its not fault of the teacher because his class is ver boring or because "its never going to be helpful in my life" but the main reason of students not paying attention in class is because they are more interested about their friends, family and social life things that are way more intersting and in some cases more important… Continue

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