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Every morning....

Every morning I wake up, wash my teeth, put on the clothes I decided to wear the day before, put some make up on and have something for breakfast.

Then I go to school, where I hang out with my friends and have classes.

My favorite part of my morning is when I have breakfast, as well as when I have funny conversations with my friends. :) 

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SO these were my friends

We´ll call the A and B, they were my best friends,  we were doing amazing things for help the peoples, unless A ruined the things, we git angry, she destroys the thing, and B defend her. I was alones and losing my best friends, B hate me now and A enjoys to ruin my life

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Three movies follow-up

     Inquietude is a feeling of restlesness, that we are missing something. We commonly know it as anxiety, so this might be easier to keep up with. In the videos wa saw, I think that the main characters are looking for something,they're anxtiously looking for something. Let's see why this is something they have in common.

     In the film "spider" the main character is looking somewhere to have fun. This is seen because the main character is making jokes to his girlfriend, which they…


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I made my A&P activity on the COMMONLIT page 

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Every Morning...

I drink a cup of coffee, but this time it was a litlle bit different, when i woked up that day and somone knocked the door, i opened and a girl was standing in front, i asked her what she wanted and she just went inside my home and drank all the coffee, then she dissappeared, i was really scared and then i woked up

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Back seat of a taxi

It was a dark, dark night i was going home after a long day working, i didn't wanted anything, i just wanted to sleep for a long time, but suddenly i realized the taxi driver was going in the wrong direction, i told him, her sir it is supposed to be the other side and he told me, no look behind we are going on the right side, so i turned around and knew we weren't going to my house, so when i tried to talk agin to the driver he was gone, the taxi was being driven by itself.

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It is a time we usually use to relax, go home and sleep for hours, but at night happen many thing and i'm not talking about a ghosts or aliens, i'm talking of nature, you know why at night the sea tide goes up?, well it is because of the moon, or do you know why are there animals that live at night and sleep all day? well it is a way of living, and the enviroment really needs it, so there is not overpopulation of animals or plants.

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Why do we have hair? is it something really necessary for us to leave?, what would happen if we didn't have hair?

Imagine how easy it could be, we wouldn't need to brush our hair, or go and get a hiar cut, we could just wake up and go to work or to school without taking care of it, how does it look and why is it so long.

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I wonder how do Fireworks work, how can they make figures in the sky and air?, and why they always look so good, i know the materials they are made with,but i don't understand why it work that way, what makes it do that kind of stuff

They all look really good on the sky, and are used regularly on holidays like christmas or parties.

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Write about small injuries

Small injuries might make us feel pain, but they make us learn, believe it or not. Of course, these injuries can be both physical or emotional, for example if we trip on a road, did a little lie that didn't worked, they still make us learn from little mistakes. As the saying goes, what doesn't kill you, make you stronger.

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You see a shooting star

But I don't make a wish. Call me skeptical, but I don't believe in shooting stars making wishes come true, I have to adimit that they look pretty, but I don't think that a piece from space falling to Earth will make a wish come true.

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Write about hair

I think hair is a bit of a pain, the reason is because every once in a while we need to cut it because it gets too long, or when we need to comb our hair is tedious too, but we need to get along with it because people can look at us in a weird way, reason being that it makes us look as a dirty and messy person, so that's why we need to get along with it...

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what are you waiting for?

Fading in, fading out

On the edge of paradise

Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I've got to find

Only you can set my heart on fire, on fire

Yeah, I'll let you set the pace

'Cause I'm not thinking straight



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write about your favorite animal

Pandas live mainly in bamboo forests high in the mountains of western China, where they subsist almost entirely on bamboo. They must eat from 26 to 84 pounds of it every day, a formidable task for which they use their enlarged wrist bones that function as opposable thumbs.

A newborn panda is about the size of a stick of butter—about 1/900th the size of its mother—but can grow to up to 330 pounds as an adult. These bears are…


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write about your dog

when my bestfriend´s dog was pregnant i told her to give me one of the puppies, but at first she think it was kind of a joke. then, when they were borned i began to take care of them every time i went to see them, and played with them but i had my favorite and protected him more than the others. when my mom met the six dogs she lost her mind so she wanted a puppy too. about christmas time, she decided to give one, the one that i liked the most. and that´s how i got…


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write about a car accident.

A traffic collision, also known as a motor vehicle collision (MVC) among others, occurs when a vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, road debris , or other stationary obstruction, such as a tree or pole . Traffic collisions may result in injury, death and property damage.

Once i was in my car looking at the other cars and suddenly a bus hit a truck and it was very scary.

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write about writting to a friend

It’s more than appropriate to write about a friend in your memory stories. Family members are not the only ones who play a starring role in memories. There are times when family is far away, when the nest is empty, or when family is gone that good friends fill the gaps.

When you write about a friend and your feeling for that person, it gives loved ones  insight into your development, regardless of whether it was a childhood or…


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write about your school

I wake up at six o'clock. First I change my clothes and then I go out for sport. At seven o'clock I finish sport. After that I have a shower and clean my teeth. I have breakfast at eight o'clock. I leave home at quarter past eight (8:15) . I go to school by bus.

I finish school at three o'clock. Atfer school I go straight home. I have lunch at half past three, then I do my homework. After that I meet my friends. I get home…


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I think that fire works are beautiful but dangerous. Is a way to show happines, to express fellings 

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Write what i see out of my window

I see a street.I can see people walking around, going to work, school or somewhere.

I see animals runing, birds flying, and the trees moving.

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