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Anecdotes and Horror Stories

Write a horror story in as close to 101 words as you can manage.

Don't forget to include:

Set up (and create subjectivity); Conflict; Revelation with a twist ending.…


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When I arrived to the tec I didn't meet any person in the school,so I became first friend of my teachers than friend of my classmates.When I began to make friends I left the teachers and I became more friendly and hilarious.My personality has changed since I began high school.

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Horror Story

Once upon a time there was a kid that everyday dreamed that a tall men with no eyes treathened him that if he doesn't gave him the eyes he will not dissapear, one day this kid stopped seeing the strange man in his dream, but when he turned aroud and see his own body layed in the bed with no eyes he realized that the strange men got what he wanted, now this kid appear on the night looking for new kids eyes, that let him see again.

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anecdotes and horror stories

One day i was at school but then i heard, sone people were blocking the exit pf the school, so i had to go to a friends house which is next to school with two girlfriend, sp were very bored so they fórced to put on a make up

The other day i was sleeping in an hospital because my mom was just operated so she had to spend two days in recover, i told her i was going to stay with her, around 11 pm i wake up because of the noises of the hospital, but i was around 9 years old so i…


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One day i was walking with my family when my shoe fell off and i fell off in the middle of the street and i scraped several parts of my body and also got dirty the people that were there, were scared, the moment i saw myself in the mirror and i was all scraped i cried but now i realize it was funny.

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Horror Story

The woman of the dreams

In January 2006, a psychiatrist from San Cristóbal received in your inquiry to one of his patients as any day. At that meeting, the young man explained that he had dreamed repeatedly with a woman that neither even knew. I had a very long and wavy hair, very large eyes and extremely thick lips, especially the lower. While he heard the description, the optional drew the portrait to women. He didn’t give it greater importance and left it on the…


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A bear walks into a bar and says "Gimme a whisky and ... cola". The bartender asks "Why the big pause?", the bear answers "Don't know, I was born with them".

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horror story

Bernadette sits in her favorite swinging chair, near a big window. A sad afternoon.

She cuddle her dead baby in her shaky arms. Her hair white as a ghost. Lips cracked and bleeding. Her body is thin and weak.

She sings a familiar song. swinging back and forth, like trying to put the baby to sleep.

Her watch´s alarm rings. Time for medicine.…


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Horror story

And I was there again, like every other day before, standing in front of that abandoned house wondering if I should enter or not. I spent an hour there before I decided to leave but for some reason something made me change my mind so without hesitating I entered the house. There wasn't too much to see inside or at least that's what I thought until I reached the last floor. There I found a big black bag but when I was about to open it I heard footsteps in the distance. I had not seen anyone…


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The day when we were taking class in the afternoon I was with my friends when I decided to go to the bathroom, at the moment I returned to the lecture zone instead of going in the stairs I went on the grass running and my foot slip and I fall down all the way to the chairs and start laughing.

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I was playing soccer with my friends while we were in recess. I was the goalkeeper even though I wasn't really good. There were 2 minutes left and my team was ahead by one goal. I only remeber stopping the ball with my head.

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When i was 9 years old, i wanted to do a magic trick die my dad, i was very happy becarse i had it all planned, i was going two pearls from a bracelet and put one pearl in my hand and the other pearl on my other hand, and i was going to pretend that i was passing the pearl through my head, but i accidentally dropped one pearl in my ear in front of my dad during the magic trick but when i tried to put it out it just get more stucked and we had to see a doctor who helped us to pull it out, the…


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There was 3 guys, one called nobody, other called no one, and other called dumb. One day nobody fell inside a bridge and noone help him, so they called the police and told them "please! Help! Nobody fell on a bridge and noone is helping, please help us! So the policeman told him "are you dumb? And he said yes! But please help us.

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Horror story

This is the story of a kid called Michael. Michael had a really big issue, he always felt like somebody was behind him. The problem became so big that michael couldn’t resist it and needed to leave the place. Michael didn’t know what to do, and the issue was just getting worst. He started calling the presence Mr Cold. One day, in a dream, an old friend of his appeared and told him that when he woke up, he shouldn’t open his eyes. Because Mr cold was there, and he was going to be able to see…


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Horror story

Once upon a time there was a guy who don't believe a lot in paranormal thing's, he could watch the worst horror movie and don't feel anything. But everything change the day he have to move from his house, that he woke up feeling king of strange, without energy, and feeling that he can't do anything, he start cleaning his room and moving his things to the moving car. Everything goes normal until he try to speak to her mother and she ignore him, no one could see him. In that moment he feeld…


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Horror Story

Once upon a time not long ago there was a prostitute, her name was Mariah Lynn. She was the most popular in all the block, she was known for being the cheapest and yet the best one. It was late at night, her shift was over and the sky was as dark as her hair. She was walking out of the strip club with her high red bottom heels when suddenly she heard a loud, she turned around alarmed... there was nothing, scared by the mysterious noise, she went back inside, she paralyzed and then…


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A couple arrived in a talent show and the employee asked their names so they can participate :

Man : What's your name ?

Adan: Adan

Man: And whats your wife’s name ?

Adan: Eva

Man:  Awesome ! By pure luck, do you bring…


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When i was a kid i tried to stick a fork in a eléctrical socket. When i was about 15 centímeters away a Blue lighting jumped out of the socket. Luckily nothing happened me. Igual think

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Horror story

You are waking up in the middle of the night. You don't realize why you woke up at 3:33 am. Suddenly you remember about that crazy legend about the 3:33 am demon. You think Is stupid. Suddenly you hear a noise. You decide to ignore it. You Get up and look for some water. You are thirsty. You can't Get out of your room. You hear the noise again. You are sweating AND nervous. You go yo the bathroom. You hear the damb noise again. You think it Is coming from the outside. It Is coming from your…


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Tommy was a very fat guy that no one likes, he was only 15 years old and all his classmates made jokes about him. One day he was fed up, so he decided to go with a doctor. When he went with the doctor, the doctor said to Tommy : "What´s wrong ?". Tommy started crying and said "please give me something to start losing weight". The doctor smiled and said: "okay , every time someone gives you something, just shake your head to the right and left". 

Added by Alejandra Rodríguez on March 23, 2018 at 1:37pm — No Comments

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