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What makes a man attractive?

What makes a man attractive?

What features make a man handsome? Read this newspaper article to learn the surprising results of a recent study.

1. What do you think makes someone beautiful?

I think that the delicate features makes someone attractive , high cheekbones, full lips, and large wide eyes.

2. Do you think different cultures have the same ideas about beauty?

No I don´t think so, because the others cultures have different preferences on the face.

3. How… Continue

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Strategic Reading

Team: Priscilla & Rosario

Topic: Personality

Reading 1: What do our possessions say about us?

1. What do a person's possessions reveal about his or her personality?

A person's possessions give us an idea of how the person is, his/her likes, activities, how they react to situations, and some of their personality, but this doesn't mean they are like they look, sometimes you can get the wrong idea from what you see, you have to know the person to see if they… Continue

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In the land of the mirror

1. Do you like to watch beauty pageants? Why or why not?

No I do not like to watch beauty pageants, I think its very boring, but perhaps if there were beauty contests for men I might not get so bored.

2. Are televised beauty pageants popular shows in your country?

I do not know really because I don´t see them.

3. Why do you think some women compete in beauty pageants?

They compete in things such as safety, size, beauty and general knowledge as well as… Continue

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The sound of silence

1. Which actors also have beautiful singing voices?

Celine Dion, Vicente Fernandez, Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta.…


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Born To Paint!

Born to paint

1. Are you artistic? If so, at what age did you realize you had talent?

No, I’m not artistic.

2. What do you know about child prodigies?

I know that a child prodigy is someone who at an early age masters one or more skills at an adult level. These children have a very good memory.

3. What do you think the advantages of being a child prodigy are? The disadvantages?

Advantages: You have more opportunities for work, you are… Continue

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Death & superstition

1. What colors do people in mourning usually wear in your country?

Most of the people wear black clothes in mourning.

2. What do people in your culture believe happens to the soul after death?

They believe the soul goes to the heaven or hell after death, but it all depends on whether they were good or bad people.

3. What do widows do after their husbands die? What about widowers?

Widows wear black clothes for a long time and widowers too.

4. What… Continue

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What makes a man attractive?

1. What do you think makes someone beautiful?

I think that what makes someone beautiful is the actitude and what is inside of each person.

2. Do you think different cultures have the same ideas about beauty?

Yes, in fact, some prehispanic culture used to have the habit of modificate the facial characteristics of a person, it was part of their culture.

3. How important is beauty in choosing a mate?

Very important, because some the beauty is one of the most… Continue

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Executives go under the knife!



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So, who's the comedian?

"So, who's the comedian" talks 'bout in which situations you could be a comedian or not. This is not such easy as it seems to be, thats why many American men think that they are funny. The text describes a person who has no skills of a comedian, but suddenly people laugh because of him. So it was his first debout on stage where people were laughing from or with him. So it is not how bad you are acting or if you don`t have skills, maybe is the crowd, you don't know, but being a comedian is a… Continue

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When Our Worlds Collide

When our worlds collide

Read this magazine article to find out how journalists choose photos for news magazines.

1. What do you notice when you flip through a magazine? The first I notice when I look the pages of a magazine, are the photographs.…

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what can the posessions say about your personality

!!!This newspaper article describes the results of a study linking possessions to personality.

1. What do a person's possessions reveal about his or her personality?

the class of things that he or she prefer in comparation with others, the class of her/his style . what do you believe in or how you believe in the value of things.

2. Have you ever looked through someone's CD or book collection?

yes i did and it shows me a lot of things about the hobbis and the style that mark… Continue

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rudo y cursi is a history about two brothers,they work recolecting frut in small town. one day they found a argentin headhunter, this men propuse a play football in a great team but only one had a oportunity.

One brother was a striker and other a goalkeeper, they dediced a chance shoting a penalty, the striker won the oportunity. After time the two brothers play in a team but they lose the chance and return the same life before to know the headhunter.

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March 2010

In April I did a few things that I get sick and was unexpected.
by the other hand did a lot of exercise during the holidays for good health.
I also went to nearby places and I had fun with my friends who returned from other states.
in this holiday period also progress with some English homework and projects that I had pending.
moreover also went to family parties where I had fun with my nephews.

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. In this year I played a tilt of football in the team of the school

. In the vacasiones of holy week I went to the beach with my family and with the family of my girlfriend

. The weekend I went to the cinema and knew a few cousins who are of monterrey

. On April 17 hang out to eating with my family to feast the birthday of my sister

. On April 4 I went away of trip to Oaxaca to visiting my dad because was he´s birthday



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rudo y cursi synopsis

Rudo y Cursi depicts the changing relationship between two brothers who become soccer stars. Beto, the goaltender, is nicknamed "Rudo" because of his hard-nosed style of play, while Tato, a forward, gets the nickname "Cursi" for his flamboyant goal celebrations and his flashy lifestyle. They both start out picking bananas in remote Tlachatlán, where they share a devotion to their mother. Then Batuta, a charmingly shiftless professional scout, happens by. He can only sign one of the brothers,…


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1. Bull- The bull is supposed to be an embodiment of Francisco Franco, responsible, in part, for the disaster that Guernica underwent. The bull also represents bullfighting, a passion of Picasso's younger self. Chaos and destruction eminate from the beast as well.

2.Woman with Child- This woman represents exhaustion, pain and suffering. She was originally drawn on a ladder with the baby, symbolizing bringing Jesus down from the…


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March 2010

One thing i'd learned this past month is not to be lazy and let my duties until the last minute.

Several people told me this month that I sholud watch mt words because some times when I my tongue thinks faster than my brain and I say thing I later regreat. March has also been kind with me, I found out my parents are planning a family trip in one month also they told me my salaty would raise due to my hard work on family work and my also hard work on my dad's business. Love has come to…


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Avatar the Movie

In a strange planet named Pandora a big blue creatures called the nabis live in a huge jungle.They live in peace and very happy, but one day humans arrive their planet in search of a material very rear. One of the soldiersin a nabi´s body make a good friendship whit the natives and the nabi´s princess became his girlfriend.When the humans decide to attack Nabi´s they destroy their house and the soldier help the nabis to make the humans leave their planet. At the end the soldier became a nabi… Continue

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Guernica, is a famous paint, created by Pablo Picasso. Picasso named his work like this, making reference to the bombing tha ocurred in Guernica. All this had its time during the spanish civil war, and it was mandated by the spanich goverment so by this way they could atract atention of the other countries to their cause. Picasso hoped that when the finally ends, and the General Franco goverment was taken down, his work could return to his loved Spain. In1981 the paint finally returned to…


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Forrest gump

Forrest Gump is a boy with mental not very deep deficiencies and with some disability motorboat, which will manage to turn into hero during the War of the Vietnam. His persistence and they will lead kindness to obtaining a great fortune, to be an object of the popular clamor and to hobnobbing with the highest social and…


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