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The chupacabras

The Chupacabras i think that is a mistery that the man have invented, there exist alot of histories that reports about appearances of a rare kind of animal that sometimes kill another, for example farmes have told that their cattle dissappeared or dawn died and its a loss for theme because they sometimes eat or sell their meat for have money for survive.

We can see in tv that programs like Discovery o the History Channel do documentals about some tracks or version of…


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My Journal



In April i did many thinks, for example in April we had vacations and that was a good period of time because I didn’t have classes that that represent to me a good moment where I swam in a pool, I visited some friends and relatives, I went to san cristobal and I can mention that in a few moment I ate a lot sweet food, salty food and other kind of food but I felt very fat jajaja. :P

We had our exposition about the countries that we investigated,…


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The myth of chupacabras

The rumors about chupacabras begin to run in the last decade. I think that chupacabras doesn`t exist. A group of man who dont have anything else to do kill those animals and invent that an strange animal to get fame. If the animal exist they already would find it.  

The chupacabra story get a lot of fame and a lot of people say that they saw it.  But i think that those people are lying.

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My favorite day was when I March celebrates the birthday of my friend Flor, we went to eat at a Japanese restaurant and had a great time, …


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In March I don´t have day in particular, but I can remember that but apart from my birthday is when I returned to see my best friend after a few months, it was amazing to see him again, I come to san cristobal at 11 am , we are to eat and there until the other day, when we're together we're inseparable, we spent over 12 hours talking and telling us things thathad happened around the time…


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On april I have so much fun, because we have 1 week of vacations, because the easter. I went to San Cristobal  with my girlfriend and all my family, it was realy awesome because the weather, the people, and the food.

            One day I whent with my girlfriend family to visit Tonina, the biggest mayas ruins, and I love that place it was impressive, because there are all the original pices of arquitecture that archaeologists have found. Tonina was found at the 80’s thats why there…


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March 2012

In the vacation week i went to the beach, and i went put with all my friends, (my friends don't live here) well it was some bored but at the same time was good.... however i did many things, well i went to Sn Cristobal to my friend's house but it was for study -.-.

I just had some fun, and distraction, i think that it's good for me. we have to enjoy the holidays at all 

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The chupacabras is only one joke more that the people thinks that exist... is a false story there's no any signal of that is real, the people wants to do everything to prove that it's real but never they'd can do it.

IS just a waste of time think in this, but the people is still believing in that..

The people shouldn't investigate about the chupacabras, this is obviously false it never hasn't existed and even when they had waste money and time on the investigation, it's not…


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Goal sucker

I think the "chupacabras" or goal sucker is not real, because what they say is similar to an animal asthe chickens and sheep, but not a monster or alien, only …


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Journal March

I was in my house with nothing to do so, i decided to learn how to cook. To be quite honest, i have no idea of any kind of recipes, so i decided to make an experiment. I grabbed a couple of eggs, four slices of bread and some pastrami with jalapeños. I made some scrambbled eggs poured some soja sauce and added the pastrami.Then i put those scrambbled eggs in between the breads and i was ready to ate them when all of a sudden my dog grabbed my dish and ate my sandwich. I was really mad and…


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The famous legend of the chupacabra, in my opinion is not real and this story beginning by the disappearance or deaths of animals somewhere, is a waste of time for scienceand scientists try to learn whether or not and if he is or you do, just a legend transformed into myth because if true would no longer be a mystery.

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March's Journal

in the last holly week i stayed in my home almost of days, i didnt go out. But i had a lot of fun whit my friends. i see all my friend that are studying in other states. the wednesday of holly week i went to Pto Arista, thata was so good because there was not people. we swam, played volleyball and ate a delicious fish. we get burn becaouse we forgot the sun block and the rest of the holly week can`t sleep well, but it worth it. Also my girlfriend came to Tuxtla and we went to San Cristobal…


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In this month, I was very good in my school, with my grades and all. March gave me problems but much energy for superlative them. The all days of march I like because this month was different like another. In my school, my family, my friends and myself I was very very good, It till being the same. in this month i lost one friend but I had a good learned and now i am more happy

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My favorite movie is the " laberinto del fauno" i think this movie is special because i like the topic and the fantasy inside the history. One more thing that makes it very very special is that i saw it with my brither, i love him very much and this movie was oerfect with his company.

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In this vacations i went to the mexico city to see my family and the most importnant, my grand mother.

Me and my parents traveled on the car like 9 hours. Wen we finally arrived i felt very happy for being there. I lived in that city for 5 years of my life. Its important to me everytime i come back here.

I went ti cuernavaca too. My cousings and aints were there so we came. I spend a lot of time with all my family and this is very special because i dont see them frecuently. I love… Continue

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My perfect day

The perfect day of my life was the day intraveled to europ, this was my present for my 15 birthday. First i went to the airport and i was very nervous because i will be 23 days without my family... I will be in another continent and in 10 different countries. This was the perfect day because i felt a lot of feelings and very excited.

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