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Dear Government


I am writing to bring your attention to problem about Tuxtla, by the fix of the streets, that caused traffic, and there are a lot of more problems about, like the smell of the drainage, the noise pollution, etc.

The Tuxtla’s government has to take care about this and choose a solution to this chaos.

I want you to think about:


  • I´m sure you be able to reaper more quickly the streets with the money you already have and comers…

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Magpies’ mating ritual

The magpies are a very beautiful kind of crow, at first glance seemingly a sparrow by the colors and way they move; but it is not their colors or their dances that make them special among other birds. they got one of the most interesting mating rituals in the world. they have somehow developed an unusual obsession for shiny baubles; sometimes coins, broken glass, mostly anything that can shine with the sunbeams. the males of this species have started to use this racial obsession for their…


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Victor Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s creature

Victor Frankenstein feelings:


Victor begins the task of creating his creature.

Victor’s attitude by his pursuit of knowledge is incredible; he is blinded by his obsession to succeed and his fear of failure to some extent. In my opinion, Victor is also driven by create life and his desires to exceed the man and, surpasses the expectations of his professors and peers. Although, once engaged in his pursuits Victor was entranced, on how morally correct of him to create his…


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what do you like to do on weekends?

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I have my doubts abou Death


If there is another world like earth.  Many people talk about this topic, and many have given testimonials, and there is some evidence, but for me is  incredible to believe that people see aliens. There are many studies and people who are interested in this topic, but I think so far there is nothing checked.

The universe is infinite, it is very difficult for men to find an answer to this question, but in a few years using technology possible…


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