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I wake up at about seven o'clock in the morning and after stretching, I yawn and I still feel very lazy in my bed. At last I start to get dressed and think about all the things that I have to do that day. I order my bed and go to the bathroom.

I go out of the bathroom and I go to the room of my two sons and I wake them up, then I raise Ana, my youngest daughter, and go downstairs to prepare breakfast for my children. My husband is not in the house, today is the day…


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My life in 2058

In 2058 I will be living in Germany, with a stable job, a wife and probably a son or two who are the joy of every day. My wife is a beautiful and intelligent woman, she also knows how to control the children so that she is courteous. I will have enough money to buy a really good car and my house will be comfortable and big. I will be really good at work so there will be no problems with that. Also, my parents will be alive, but they will live in Mexico, so I'll see them a few times a year,…


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A day in life in 40 years

Now I'm 58 and have past 40 since I was in high school and a lot of things have changed since them, humanity have progress in a lot of aspects like technology or health, but there are still a lot of problems that need a lot of time and money to be solved.

I actually live with my wife, we didn't have children so we have a lot of time for ourself we actually have a pretty nice house and some grate cars, we have traveled almost all around the world. I actually don't work i have already…


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A day in the life (2058)

In 40 years I will be living in London, and I will have made enough money from my career (which I still don’t know what it will be) and I will have a mansion all for myself. But since I love my work I still get up early in the morning I go and get into my car and go to the workplace, I get along with everyone so I usually enjoy everyday. The mansion I live in is elegant and I have many antique decorations. I spent most of my time talking with the friends who I still have contact with, or I…


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My life in 40 years

By this time humanity would have created and developed new technology and maybe civilizations on other planets, like mars, so maybe in the future when i’m 55 years old, i may be living in mars or another colonized world, but i would rather to stay in this planet than going to another one. Also by that time i will be trying to retire, so i can enjoy having more time with those who i love.

In the morning i…


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A day in life, Year 2058

The human race has done an extremely good advance in technology, we have done a new civilization in mars, we also reate time travels and even we start creating species from the past like dinosaurs and other ice age animals. Now the population has increased a lot more since 2018, only 25% of the word population are able to get a daily plate of food. The world war 3 started and ended, now USA and Russia are allies and they kinda rule the world. The big problem we have now is that the robots we…


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A day in the life (2058)

As every morning of a new day I get up and have breakfast and, in the course, I check my mail to verify that everything at work is in order and there is no problem with the project that is being developed. Once breakfast is over I get ready with formal clothes to go to another day of work and overcome the new challenges that arise. After a hard day's work, in the afternoon I went to lunch with my co-workers and with them to talk about new options to improve our designs and do the…


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My life in 40 years

In a normal day in my life, 40 years after today, I will have 56 years old. I wake up at 7:00 a.m. because I love to make exercise, some days I go running and other I play basketball (yes, I still practicing), but before exercise I eat a healthy fruit smoothie. After exercise I take a shower and start working in one of my many works (historian, writer and astronomer), but just a little, be+*cause I also have to check my DNA company, after that I have a meal with my beautiful wife, in the…


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How are you Luis Angelo?

Dear Luis Angelo:

I'm very excited for writing you. Do you remember when you used to sell to my cranberries? HAHA LOL!

Wish we could turn back time to the good old days. Well, here in Germany it is 9:00am. I woke up this morning with a lot of stress. I have a huge project, and I envolved because i'm the most essential investigator in the project. Probably I shouldn't tell you about it, but you were my best friend so don't care, I will take the risk. The investigation is about…


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in 40 years

It has been 40 years since i was in high school, now i am 58, i have got a little bit older now, i am a grandmother again because my dog recently gave birth to nice white little Bichon Maltese, I got married to a  handsome, gentleman, romantic men, who have been making me so happy, we both have 3 kids one girl and twins a boy and a girl, now they are doing their own life they are 27 and 23.

I woke up in the morning…


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In 40 years

I wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, go down stairs and have breakfast. I live in a huge mansion, with many rooms, I go and I get in my car, I'm on my way to work, I have been working as a researcher in a university for years; I have 5 adopted children, they are about the same age, my wife is working too and my children are getting ready to go to school. I am a renowned scientist, I have done a couple of publications in recent years and I love teaching.…


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Day in a life 2058

I wake up in the morning next to my beautifull wife. I get out of bed, eat breakefast, brush my teeth, put a suit on, go to my garage, get in my lambo and go to my friends house. I would probably be retired by the time I’m 56, so I will be spending all my money in making my wife happy and traveling around the world. I shourly will be living in mansion in California next to a beach. I will own a yatch and use it to fish once in a while. I will have my own party club and take care of  it…


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A Day in the Life - 2058

I hear the alarm. It's 5 A.M. and I need to get started. It's just like any other day. I go to bath and make everything I need to do. Then, I change my clothes and make something to eat. Normally I don't eat too much in the morning because I don't have the time for it. I grab my briefcase and my keys and then leave my house. It's have been almost 40 years since I were in high school. Back then I didn't know what I was going to do with my life. It isn't like I have a lot of money or things. I…


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A day in the life 2058

Hello my man, i know that it’s difficult to see you in the future, but believe me you will be ok, you are happy now, you will graduate from high school and university, it not going to be easy but you will acomplished that. In my present we have our own design enterprise, and we are helping the environment with our creations, we have a nice house, you have a wife and two children that love you, forget all the people that you known in the past, it doesn’t matter, focus on your family, they are…


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My day is going great like most well except is four in the morning and I have to prepare breakfast and Im really tired I rather eat cereal yes thats a better idea, but this morning I got coffe I was a little tired and I need my energy for the day, yesterday I had to work overnight because ther is something wrong with the estadistics so I'll have check it out. I hop in my car because I wont go to work in my motorcycle I rarely use my motorcycle because my family think its dangerous. My…


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A day in life

Hey, good morning for all the people who is reading my profile in Facebook. I’m happy to announce you that I’m the new owner of Jaguares of Chiapas Football Club, I think that is a good opportunity for me and the city because we have almost fifty years without a soccer team in first division. I’m happy because the next week I’m going to visit the 55th country in my life, after traveling from Canada to Argentina, some islands in the Caribe as Curacao and Jamaica, being in most part of the… Continue

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A day in the life

 I just finished a surgery in which the patient had a tumor in his brain but the real deal was that the patient I was operating is the presidents son so that made the surgery more interesting, spending 5 hours operating. Then I would return to my house in my Bugatti and give some time to my wife and my two sons. We are living in London and we hope to move to Germany by the end of the year, both of my sons are going to the most prestigious schools. And this week I will receive award for the…


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Mi life at 2018

Today at April 23 I woke up at 5:00am and the first thing I decided to do is to take a shower so I can begun a wonderful day. Next I take mi juice of orange and prepare cereal of CornFlakes I put chocolate as always so I can eat comfortable. Then I decided to go to the school so I check mi car and realize than does not have gasoline so I go to gas station and see the price of a liter. Then i remember how was the price 10 years ago. Next I go to the school I take my road as always and I realize… Continue

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A Day In My Live 2058

In 40 years, i thing I should be I will have to have a good job somewhere in Mexico because when I grow up I will want to continue living in my homeland, the one that saw me born and grow. I will have a family with 3 children and a wife, the 5 of us will be very happy living together, I do not know how old my children might be but I think they will be a bit big, I would like them to study in the same school that is where I am studying, at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, maybe not at the Chiapas… Continue

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A Day in the Life

In 2058 i’ll be 56 years old. I’ll probably be married and have children by then. I think it will be very nostalgic to think about my years in High School.

I wake up and I take a bath before going down to have breakfast. I have to get into my car so the driver can drive me to work. I am the owner of a very important company that has many branches in all type of things. I live in a big mansion, somewhere in south California. I am married to a famous celebrity and probably the most… Continue

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