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this a story about how we know what we need to do in this kind of case!!


A good teacher like michael was blooding !! when ophir cames and take him to a hospital, they say that michael was so lucky to have near ophir be cause in other case he should be dead at that moment but his good thank's to ophir.


ophir was a good guy  but he was the lowest grade on the english classroom but michael as a good person and teacher say to ophir an information to make a  great…


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Story starter:

I decided to go for a walk in the park that was in front of my house when a stranger came up to me, I’ll take his hand and I saw blood covered in my hand, he look into my eyes and he give me a bag, and he told me –“You promise me to take care of the bag?”- I saw him –“Just promise me”- He told me hectic –“Ok, I promise you”- Then a saw a tear falling on his face, I try to breathe, I touch him, he was so cold, I saw he’s hand and immediately I look into his eyes, he was…


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Somebody save me!

Somebody save me!


Early in the morning of November 11 there I was, in my room I woke up by the light coming trough my window, today was a special day because it’s my best friend Luisa’s birthday.  I promised her to be on Tuxtla by 9 o’clock, but I was still on Monterrey. If I get late there, she would kill me.  She made me book the appointment since like June or July. I really don’t remember at what time did my flight departs so I’ll call the airline for some information. I’m…


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Essay 10 points

I love her, so why did I kill her?

Time is the most powerful thing… I knew it Saturday in the morning.

     Friday night, I went out with some friends; I was drunk so I kill her. I was in love but I shouldn’t have heard that information… She cheat on me!

We went to my house, I left my keys on the desk. We went to the living room because we were going go to watch a movie. After that we began to talk, we started to fight. I get desperate and shoot her. There…


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Behind the Door

Thanks Day´s Promise behind the door

This is a story where the most unexpected will happen. A man named Bernardo was introduced into a room by an old man named “Devil”. This man, “Devil”, is the person in charge to take a bad people. In this moment “Devil” is in charged to take to Bernardo to the room.

Bernardo is a dad who has 3 sons and a wife named Mariana. Bernardo worked in a company of houses. He was the president of that company. One day he decided go a restaurant whit…


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It Was Only a Dream

Coming home, i went straight to the kitchen for milk, and suddenly a frightening noise coming from the visiting room, which had been closed for years, left me breathless.

I was scared, because i didn't know the reason for that noise, maybe a person, or a monster.

So, i had a big idea, just go to my parents room, take the key for the visiting room and get more information or the victim.

When i came to my parents' room i remembered something important that my parents told…


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In holy week, i went to the beach with my friends, we spend time together playing and swimming, also we got on a motorcycle and we were making careers, but as we were so fast i fell and broke my arm!

After all we had a good time!

we return to school and everything back to normal

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Kate's Treason

Once upon a time, in a far away town, a guy called Charlie promised his girlfriend Kate that he would never leave her alone and that he would always love her with all his heart.

But one day very early, Charlie received secret information from an investigator; there were some pictures of Kate kissing another man.

Charlie went to home, he was very angry with Kate and they fought. But Kate was so afraid and she had to hide…


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Scary Confusion


It was a rainy and dark night, my entire family went out into a bussiness trip and I was left home alone. The night was creepy with thunder and lightning, fear took my body and I started shaking and thinking about the worst that could happen to me. I even thought about the morning news. They said there was a serial killer who loved murdered, when he kills he shower with the victim´s blood, he likes blood... too much I guess. He´s always attacked homes with one person in it.. just…


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Behind a door U.U

A day I was behind a door in where I had to lern a lecture, for this I had to find information about my life which I had lost, so one day early I went to the park in order to think.


I was there a long time thinking about a lot of my life and heard a child and I remembered when I was a child, so, I returned my house and I positioned myself behind a door and I descovered…


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family force

At 3 am, i turned around and the darkness finally disappeared. I was sitting on a chair behind a door. I looked around and I saw blood everywhere, but all I could think about was Joshua. 5 months ago I returned to my home in Alabama, I was glad to see my mom, my dad and specially my 16 year old brother Joshua. March 12th, 2007 I went to school to pick Joshua. He was acting really weird. He was really nervous. Early in that morning I saw him crying in his bedroom so I asked him…


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Aplil was a very nice month, because we had a free week in the college, it was so nice because i really needed it, i have been working a lot during the last three months, in my vacations i went to las Margaritas to see my family and old firends, it was so nice because i really missed them, so we wento to everywhere, we ate in a nice restaurant, and w went to waterfalls close to my city, it was amazing.


I also met with my friend, we went to ride horses and we had so much fun,…


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This month was one of …


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The Tell-Tale Pulse

"I'm telling you, I hate almost everything about this guy...", I told Bruce, with whom I was sitting in front of the shcool bus stop.

"So what did you bring him into your house, then?", he answered with a friendly mocking tone.

"Wha-well... I neede to split the expenses. Rent isn't cheap, man...", I answered with a little of defense in my voice.


Two hours and a half later...

I was tired. I got home at 10pm on…


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April :)

In this month we had our tird partial.

I had great notes, so im happy.

we had vacations too, and i did a lot of things.

For example, i went to tonala, puerto arista, cañon del sumidero, etc.

i met a lot of people. i had beautiful moments with my family and my boyfriend :)

So i think this month was so crazy we had a lot of emotion.

i hope the next will be better!!

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