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Party sentences

My favorite woman in this picture is the one who is looking at her front, but she's really looking to the sky. 

Also , the ones that are at the right sight on the bottom , they 'are talking about something interesting cuz the face of the woman is like something impressed. 

The party looks very funny , because everyone are like looking at each other and seeing how the party is going around.. 

The woman with the dog is very cute also , because she is looking at the dog ,…


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final Activities


I heard someone singing.

It was an amazing film.

You have told a lie.

I go running every morning.

I wasted my money buying this videogame.



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Informal letter

Dear Teacher Brown:

I want to thank you for this wonderful semester, I really enjoy your class, I think you are an incredible teacher, you have the ability to make your students want to go to your class because we know that with you we are going to pass an excelent time and learn about the topics.

I know sometimes you hate us because we didn't work, but you know we love you and even it was later we delivered all the activities, the only thing we didn't do was to WATCH A…


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A short story about someone painting.

A few days ago I was invited to a big party attended by almost all of my friends and many unknown to me. There was food, wine, fruit, everything. But best of all is that this party attended my platonic love whom many of my friends say, I kept looking like a fool, leaning over the railing and saw him staring, while chatting with their friends.

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Last week my best friend invited me to a party for her birthday and as a gift you bring a bottle of wine that is his favorite, the party found two college friends and I found out that they were married at the end of college. After a few hours of much talk I went home with fond memories of the meeting.

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Story of my last party

When I was to the party the last saturday, I tried to talk to a girl than I liked but someone talked with her first, after I talked with a friend and then I went to my house because the party was bored for me. 

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Story of someone in the picture

Have you noticed me? I´m the woman in the back, the one who is just standing there, leaning against the fence. Have you spotted me? Great, now that I have your attention I must confess something: I didn´t want to come to this party.

 I just hate social gatherings where all people seem interested in discussing are insignificant things, like that woman in front of me, she has been talking for ages about the new cloth collection of some French guy no one cares about, well of course…


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The Letter

31 park place - San Francisco 94IIO, 123 Barker St.

San Francisco, CA 94123 SUNSHINE TRAVEL

Dear Sir o Madam:

I am very ashamed, for all the difficulties that you have been through. When my employees called me, I inmediatly started looking for a special solution for you.

I wanted to offer you to get back the 60% of your money as one option. Or If you prefer I can offer you to get back in hour hotel for 7…


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My opinion about the Rogue One Trailer in sentences

Rogue One was expected to be the first Spin - Off of Star Wars Saga.
Disney now is trying to convince us to watch the film.
Rogue One will be one of the most different films of Star…

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