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My life


I remember when I went to Colorado and in the hotel was a pool covered in ice. One of my friends jump into the pool and the ice didn't brakes until he stod up. Then the manager of the hotel enter to the pool to help my friend.


I am in the cafeteria waiting it to be eleven AM, but I don't know if the room will be the same of yesterday. Because a friend just told me his class has been changed to another room.


In one month I will go to… Continue

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About me


In my life I have travelled to many places, mostly with my parents because they also love to travel and getting to know new places. I have travelled to Europe, U.S., Argentina, Cruises, etc. Theres nothing like exploring new cities and get to know the different cultures of the world, thats why I've always loved to travel and I don't mind spending my money on trips and food.


I very like much to write and sing, which are my favorite things to do and what I… Continue

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My life


Last summer I made a trip though most of the countries in Europe with some friends. I love to travel, so it was an amazing experience. The bad side was that we only stayed like one or two days in each city, and there was many cities that due to its history and rich culture needed more time than the one assigned in the itinerary.


I love books. I love to read them, and how they make me feel. Also, I love movies and TV shows. My favorite genre is thriller, or… Continue

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My life

I was born in Veracruz, and came to live here to Tuxtla,when i was 3 years old.

I like doing excercise, going out with my friends, and also sleeping and eating.

And i will study medicine, and might work as a doctor either on Australia or on Cuba .

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The heaviest day

The heaviest day Today was a very heavy day because I spent studying it for my most difficult physical and calculus tests and I hope it goes well

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last day of classes

It was a sad day because it was the last day that I would have classes with my best friends. The good thing is that I will keep watching them in summer.

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One day with my best friend

Being a day with my best friend is very fun for example today we started to answer questions of general culture is very entertaining.

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Write about a time you did something you didn't want to do.

Which I do not remember there is nothing to regret I have done, I rather regret many things that I did not do, as for example most enjoy my adolescence. In secondary it I began to like girls, but being too shy, never saying anything, although I know that many have accepted that we out, jajajaja.

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Dubious intentions

In this life, there are many people of double-sided, which show us one, but they actually hide their true intentions. I can not accept that people remain silent and become in turn a blind eye, and not to blame people who have questionable intentions, because any action taken will be us to affect everyone, and as well as it can improve our beloved Mexico.

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These are the things that women do not know about love

normally us men not we fell in love with very easily anyone, but when you paste we love, we fell in love much more than women. Men are more emotional than people think. If we got to lose the woman who we most love we will be depressed for a long time and we must not forget it. When a man says he is crazy about a woman, he is actually it.

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It was a rainy day...

It was a rainy day. I was running across New York city streets and then I realized that the night was coming down and he was in the middle of the street. I vastly ran attracted like metal to a magneto. I ran and ran until he was in from of me and I kissed him. Then I woke up and I realized that my mouth was bleeding ....

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Write about eating meal...

My favorite meal use to be the BBQ ribs of Chillis. But one day I realized that the pigs are wonderful animals and very smart. 

That day I stopped eating pig and forgot about my favorite meal. I would like flavors like that could come on vegetable packages. 

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Write about you mother's cooking...

Right now my mother is cooking. I like the taste of her food despite she did not like to cook at all and says her food does not have a good taste. Her food is special, she always look for healthy food for us and sometimes she consent us and make special meals.

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You are in a grocery store...

If I could be on a grocery store having all the money in the world I would first take all the things that I could need but then I would think about others and make charity acts, for example make sandwiches and give them to kids and people that need them or homeless people.

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Under my house

I wish there is a treasure under my house

Added by Rubén León on May 4, 2017 at 6:18pm — No Comments

Secrets revealed

In some point in life all the secrets will be revealed

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I still dont know

I still dont know hoy it feels go yo a world wide event

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Changed your mind

Now i like english because my Teacher Mr. Brown

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You will miss when you die

The soccer saturday night, i guess

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Eat a meal

When i eat a meal, i enjoy it a lot, i think is my favorite food

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