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The Last Red Face

It has passed four years since the white faces arrived into this land.

Four years of war and it seems that they are wining, every time there are fewer and fewer red faces.

The last city of the old owners of this land had been attacked but they didn't know that these people would fight to the death.

The people believe in their best warrior, Apawalka who was raised by a wolf, he is quiet like the air, strong like tje bear and smart like the eagle with all the character of a great… Continue

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Phrasal Verbs

I'm surprised!, i didn´t know that you made up this homework.

He is currently keeping up the house while his parents are away.

I'm so sorry about your marrige. What happened that you broke down your relationship?.

Please cut down of drinking, you will drive in a couple of hours.

The second emerging feature of the electoral…


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The Old Drug Dealer

The man who is walking with a cane through the tunnel is an old drug dealer. He is one of the five men who brought the business to the city. People are looking for revenge against him but more importantly against his knowledge.

What the drug dealer did shocked his friends.

He realized that the business only could have one chief, one boss.

A long time ago he started a fight with the other four men who didn't know the trap that he had…


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Who is better?

the world has different kinds of people .. tall, skinny, fat, white, black, slanted eyes, blond, brunette, redhead, etc.

Who is better?

I mean who has the decision to decide who is a better person because of their appearance, I mean who says that a handsome young man has to be popular and a boy with glasses have to be a brainiac. I know that the handsome and dashing young man receives more attention because of their appearance, but in reality

who is better?

our world is so… Continue

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