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June 2011 (:

Being a good student, I wrote all my tasks that I need to do for organizing my time. These days I’m used to studying all my notes so as not to forget the topics. On the other hand I can’t stand doing homework because I have been busy in the evening. The only hour I’m free is at 9pm.

When I was in elementary school, during exam week, my mom used to help me to study and I used to get good scores. When I advanced to Junior High School, I started to study alone, but I just got bad scores…


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Traditions and Customs of Mexico (:

Mexico has many customs and traditions. One of the most common practiced by people is “Reyes Magos.” This is a Catholic celebration, about three kings that came from Asian countries to visit the baby Jesus. In Mexico, we celebrate with presents for all the children on January 6th. Another tradition is Holy Week. It’s at the end of March until the beginning of April. In these days it is the custom to do many religious activities remembering the last days of Jesus Christ.…


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Nightmare #1

The following story actually occured in my head this morning at 4am, when I decided it was time to go to sleep. I woke up at aproximately 6am, rushing to my computer to write this. I decided not to change the names of people who might be known around here and appeared in my nightmare, for their appearance is not quite compromising... Here it goes...


Like any other night, I was willing to go to sleep. Little I knew about how this story would end, just like little I knew…


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My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell (:

The book talked about the adventures of the “Durrells” and the animals. The family was composed ofa Mother and her children, a sister called Margo and three brothers Larry, Leslie and Gerald (the youngest). They were from England, but they decided to live on the Island of Corfu. When they arrived to the Island, they had troubles communicating with the people from there because the people who lived in the island didn’t speak the same language as the Durrells.

Luckily, the mother met…


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Britney (:

Her name is Britney Jean Spears. She has born in rural Kentwood, Louisiana, USA on December 2nd 1981. She has a brother; his name is Bryan, and a sister; her name is Jamie Lynne. Her parents are Lynne Irene and James Spears Parnell. She liked to sing and dance. When she was 5 years she was recognized statewide. When she was 8, she traveled to Atlanta to audition for “The All New Mickey Mouse Club" program, but she was refused because she was so young. However she was registered in…


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There was silence (:

There was silence, but only for a moment. I was with my family in the living room. There was a problem again, but now it was about my sister; she finally announced that she was pregnant. The announcement disappointed all of us. My brother looked as if he were thinking evil thoughts; my mother just looked worried; my father was getting angrier and angrier, and I didn’t know what to do.

*      *      *

Hanna entered the old building. She walked to the…


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Peer Pressure (:

I’m Mexican. I live in Tuxtla Gutierrez. I’m 18 years old and I study at TEC de Monterrey. Different types of peer pressure exist in my school, like wearing a good clothing brand, having a Blackberry, reading the book of the moment, watching a program on TV, or getting a standard score. I think all this kind of peer pressure has negative effects because you look the way other people want to see you, and if you want to be like this, you have to make some sacrifices, buy expensive things or do…


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