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My opinion: Education, the base of the world.

In the last few years, countries like the United States, China, Japan, and Germany have had the potential to be world leaders, and you may wonder why this is so. It's because they made great programs on education for the children, and these little intelligent guys haven't missed this opportunity. But now, we are here, in a country which has a lot of recources, with a lot of intelligent people, and this country is México. It's sad to know that in 86 years the country has not progressed on…


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Letter to the Editor

Alejandro Diaz

Mirado calle 13

Tuxtka Gutierrez, Chiapas 29000

June 18

The editor

In the News

P.O. box 33A

Mexico City, Distrito Federal 30000

In the last years, our country is the first one in obesity, a lot of people tell us that we don’t need to worry, that this thing will change in a few years, politicians also tell “I will change the way that the Mexicans eat and make them do sports”, but this problem is not of the…


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¿Is this a president for a country?

Today we are here in Radio i-everything in 105.7AM ready to have one of the candidates for the presidency for the Mexican republic, his name is Enrique Peña Nieto. He represents de political party  PRI (Partido revolucionario institucional) he was the governor of the state of México between (2005-2011) but today we also have an student of the Tecnologico de Monterrey campus Chiapas, he´s actually coursing the 1st semester in this school and he sent us a mail last week saying that…


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And you are still thinking in drinking coca- cola?

A can of Coca-Cola contains about ten teaspoons of sugar, which are harmful to the health of children. Thus began the conflict between the World Health Organization (WHO) and the large transnational linked to sugar. In 2009, WHO was trying to publish a report on the dangers of excessive consumption of sugar. However, the large multinationals tried to prevent the publication of the document, as reported to WHO. Also reported that the sugar association including giants like Coca Cola and Pepsi…


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My platonic love

Yes, I was sitting on a bench in a park, alone with no one beside me, watching the leaves on the trees are moving by the air, waiting, waiting for love to come to my seat after testing feelings I do not want in my life and I just do not full. turning, turning to my left looking for someone, ¡WOW! I turned to the left and I  see a beautiful girl at a distance walking near the font and the taco stand that I love, maybe it was the smell of tacos made me turn… or the breeze font that comes up to…


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