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19th Day!!


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17th Day!!

Danny did a deal with her friend to manage and protect the funds with justice.

Jesus has gained a recognition because he had…

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I would like to sleep in my house

I would like to eat pizza

I would like to see a movie

I would like to drive a car

I would like to read a book

I would prefer to eat in my house

I would prefer to drive a gocars

I would prefer to sleep in the sofa

I would prefer to read a comics

I would prefer to play soccer

I would rather eat a taco

I would rather drive my car

I would rather swim in my pool

I would rather play american… Continue

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I would prefer to write a blog.

She would prefer take a shower.

He would prefer drive a car.

They would prefer eat tacos.

We would prefer see a movie.

I would like swim.

She would like sleep in the house.

He would like win a soccer game.

I would like do exams.

They would like use shoes.

I would rather use jeans .

She would rather go to a party.

He would rather see a movie .

They would…


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would rather/prefer to/like to.

I would like a house by the ocean.

They would like to  improve their english.

 The students would  like to take a break.

I would like  to take an italian class someday.

My family would like to visit  E.U.


I would rather visit Alemania  tan japan.

We would rather not take a break now.

Would you  rather travel to Colombia or mexico.

Woul you rather have a cat or a dog?


I would prefer to speak Spanish to…


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14th Day!!

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13th Day!!

Grow up!!

someone said if you want to be big you have to be small.



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Have, has Homework

Have you ever eaten pizza?

Have you ever missed a train?

Have you ever have a dog?

Have you ever lost your wallet?

Have you ever write a book?

Has Marta ever eaten a pizza?

Has Alberto ever lost money?

Has she ever eaten a hot dog?

Has he ever visited London?

Has Mario ever seen The Walking Dead?

i have eaten pizza

i haven´t missed a train

i have ever had a dog

i have lost my…


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questions have

Have you ever been to Italy?

Have you ever met Madonna?

Have you ever sung in Spanish?

Have you done a very successful song ?

Have you played soccer recently?


senteces have

I have a small dog

They have a party tonight

We have a dinner tomorrow

I have to study today

They have to go to the gym


questions has

Has anyone told her father the results of the test?



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9th Day!!

Alternative: I get to choose an alternative.


Among: I get my friends to make jokes among our classmates. 


Cause: He has given me a cause for living.


Choice: I get my sister to choose one pair of shoes.           


Comment: I have commented her status on Facebook.


Due: I got my Homework done when It was due.   


Effective: My mother had me buy…


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Where have they gone?

You have Tim Have played cards with Richard?

Have you spoken with the police?

Where Children not finished high school yet?

Bill and have hidden the Keys?

Where has he been?

Has anyone exam results said the one his father?

Phillip has not State Library?

Your brother has played soccer?

Why you have such Margaret such a lie?

Doctors have to treat people with kindness

Teachers have to be very patient with…


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Bad experience

The last summer i went to Cancún but 1 weekend before i go i had a really pain in my stomach, i went to the hospital, and the doctor said that i had apendicitis and i was surged, when i went to Cancún i couldn't do nothing, like swim in the pool and goes to the beach and eat delicious food.

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Bad experiences

I went to the cinema last sunday because is the premier the "iron man" and the pop corn fell on the floor

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This happened to me in 2012 on my ranch in Veracruz. I and two cousins ​​decided to ride horses and play a racing everything was going great and this let us having so much fun until suddenly the horse I was riding was startled and began to repair I did my best to try not to fall but it was impossible and finish on the floor, my cousins ​​ran to get up frightened, worried that I had damaged but thank God everything was fine…


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John: Hi, how are you?

John: hi how are you ?

Adan: good and you

John: I'm a little sick

Adam: what do you have ?

John: I guess flu

Adam : Did you go to the doctor ?

John: no , I didn't

Adam, why not ?

John: because I'm traveling

Adam, where are you traveling ?

John: im go to chile, to Santiago

Adan: wow, thats great. how is Chile ?

John its a very interesting country ! it has many places to visit

Adam: how many museums have you visited ?



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4th day!!



1).- I bought some jeans the other day, but when I got home, I realized they were dark blue, not black.

Anyway, the store agreed to exchange them them for some black ones.

2).- If it doesn't work, take it back to the store. I'm sure they'll repair it for you free.

3).- Is this the…


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3rd Day!!



1).-I gave my mom a small round white glass bowl.

2).-Do you like that long straight gray silk dress?


1).-Whenever I smell roses, it makes…


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2nd Day !



Mara: I'm so tired. I really want to take some time off and, you know, do some volunteer work or something. 

Lisa: But don't you have to do your graduate school entrance exam…


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I prefer to

I prefer to watch tv because is fun.
I prefer to swim because is a good sport.
I prefer to run because is good for the body.

I prefer to sleep because i have energy all day.

I prefer to study because it helps me in my grades.

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the first day of class

can you apologise?

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