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Anouska Hempel

ITESM Campus Chiapas English V

Karla Alejandra Morales Cáceres A01172034

Grupo U 24/06/14

Anouska Hempel

Anouska Hempel, Lady Weinberg (born 13 December 1941 as Anne Geissler; sometimes credited as Anoushka Hempel), of 1994-1962 lived in New Zealand and Autralia, In 1962 she moved to England carrying only ten pounds. Two years later, she married Constantine Hempel, a journalist and property developer who died in a car accident.

1963-1999 appeared in… Continue

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Anouska Hempel

She had lived in New Zealand and Australia 1941 to 1962. Then in 1962 she had moved to live in

U.K. She has been a television actress since 1963. She had started her acting career with the movie “The Kiss of the Vampire”. She also has participated in the James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” as one of the angels of death.

During her acting career she also had auditioned for the part of JoGrant in “Doctor Who”.

She has been known for turning into a…


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Anouska Hempel

Anouska was born on September 13, 1943, his birth name was Anne Geissler and then took his artistic nomnre as "Anouska Hempel" is a actris New Zealand is one of the most recognized figures in British society.

Anouska Hempel was an actress with a career in film really short.

His debut as actris was in the movie the kiss of the vampire in the year 1963.

One of the most important roles was in James Bond had it was one of the "angels of death".

She make a change to…


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To: juanitovargaz@hotmail.com

From: diegovaleri@hotmail.com

Goodmorning Mr. Juanito!

I´m Diego Cruz, i wrote you this letter to remind you that you made a reservation in fabulous Victoria Hotel, you have to arrive on September 5 at 6:00 am and the check out date is September 19 at 6:00pm.

I wrote you this email to remind you, because you are one of our gold members and you have a lot of coupons in all of our hotels, but the Victoria Hotel is the more…


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Reported Speech

Karla Cáceres. A01172034

1. It is good to remember that the physicist attracts, but personality falls." Told my friend that we should always set so far in.

2. "Don't take the criticism of who sees only the bad in others. Such is its negative charge and pain, you need to share it"my mother told me to never make case to people who try to make my days in something negative.

3. "Remember that faith is to believe without seeing. For those who always have faith, how good is… Continue

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Report Speech

Paulina Cancino


English V

Michael Brown



1) “Stop thinking too much. It's al right not to know all the answers"

My ancle said once that I should stop thinking too much, that it's all right not to know all the answers 

2) " Don't compare your life with others, you have no idea what their journey is all about"

My father told me not to compare my life with others because I never know what their…


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Global citizenship Meeting

Dear Mr.Jackson
I am Paulina Cancino an i want to know If i can write about your article.
I am Happy to inform you that you will be invited to global citizenship Meeting given by Carol Sinclaire.
The Meeting will be at the victory hotel with your confirmation will have a choice between september 5th at 6:00pm or september 19th at 8:00pm.
I hope your answer
Paulina Cancino Tapia

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To: mcaceres.07@netglobe.org

From: carol.sinclair@notglobe.org

Miss MC

I'm Carol Sinclair, I write you this email to let know you that I'm going to be in the city of Boston in two weeks, I will be hosted at the hotel Victoria arrived on September 5 at 6:00 pm and I on September 19 at 6:00 pm, notice you because I would like us to see because you have long time no see you, I thought that we could be walking your you know most the city and for guiding go me, I should go… Continue

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