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E6G2 Challenge 2

I remember when I was studying my career and I really wanted to have a masters degree; therefore, I always was submiting my homework one day before the day it was due in order to do well. I had the opportunity to study in Paris and that was a dream come true for me because I liked to be an individual, indeed I could be member of a society to help poor people and that excited me. There was a french series that I loved and I truly enjoyed everything that had to do with France. What i loved the… Continue

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A3G1 AUGUST 2010

This month went by really fast I guess the reason why this happened is that we started a new term and its actually been pretty fun with all my friends in the same group, what has marked this month I guess is my returning to violin lessons which is something I’ve loved since I was 12.

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E6G2 Challenge 2

The damage was already done..
That afternoon I got home to eat with my mother because my brother weren’t at the house. We talked during the meal and my mom told me that Sam, the fish of my brother, died in the morning. My mom asked me to aid her because she didn’t want my brother found out the event of that day.

So we went to the pet shop approaching the opportunity that my brother would arrive at the home in the night. We selected the fish most… Continue

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E6G2 Challenge 2: The Mistake

The damage was already done. There was no POINT in trying to make up the mistake, but the MAJOR problem was that even if is it was useless, I wanted to do so. I CONTINUED trying hard, again and again. The ball was a bonus AID, or perhaps it wasn't, because she wouldn't let me APPROACH her at all in the EVENT. But I looked for an OPPORTUNITY and got one after, at the ball's end.

All my PREVIOUS courage disappeared and the only thing that I was able to say was a pitiful, "I'm sorry," and when… Continue

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A3G1 August 2010

This month is very special because it is my month! ja ja It's my birthday, so I'm gonna talk about August 15 :) I started the celebration since the night of August 14 .

That night i went with my friends to "Cabaret" to celebrate, also to dance and have a lot of fun, before i arrived at my house my friends gave me a gift and my room was decorated with balloons, and a lot of stuff. i was really happy. i didn't go to bed till 4 or 5 am, and at 8 am my family came to wake me up singing happy… Continue

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E6G1 How Tec de Monterrey Changed My Life

I studied in the School Fray Victor Maria Flores and I thought that it was a hard school, but then in High School I came to Tec and I learned this was harder than my old school. I have learned that an excess of freedom isn't good all the time. How did I learn that? Because in 4th semester I failed 4 subjects because of the excess of freedom in this…


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E6G1 August 2010

August Journal

This month I had done many things, like resting, watching TV and movies, eating snacks, checking FaceBook and going out to party. Also this month my friends went to study to Puebla and it was very hard for me to say goodbye to them. Then I went back to school and I began to see the new people in the school. I started working very hard with the homework and the projects. This last week of august tests are going to start and my… Continue

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A3G1 August 2010

During this month I’ve learned many things. I had a job for my whole vacation as a secretary in my uncle's business. Then on August 9, I went back to school. The fun, friends, homework and stress began. During this month I’ve been very busy playing tennis at 6 pm. My plan is to go to the “Intercampus” to represent the state. This last week of August the exams and projects begin. It is very stressful to get…


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A3G1 August 2010

This month was full of experiences for me. First I went to Houston. I really liked the Galleria and going shopping. I also liked visiting the NASA space center. It was a great trip because a had the opportunity to bond with my family. The second thing was that I started my third semester at the Tec de Monterrey. I was really exited to see all my friends after the summer. It was really cool that we ended up in the same group. The last important thing that happened to me during this month was… Continue

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A3G1Beginning of the school semester

The 7th of August was my worst day in 4 months more or less because after coming back from my exchange in Canada, I had 4 months of vacation but this day I was back to school. One part of me wanted to enter for seeing my friends and stuff, but the other part didn't because of the stress, the homework and the exams.

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A3G1 August 2010

August 2010 valeria Armendariz

this month went by really fast i guess the reason why this happend is that we started a new term and its actually been pretty fun with all my freinds in the same group, what has marked this month i guess is my returning to violin lessons which is something ive loved since i was 12.

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E6G1 How travel changed my life

I always travel with my family (my parents, my brother and my sister), but 2 years ago I went to Guadalajara to my cousins house, She is 34 years, is married and has 3 beautiful kids.

I was in her house around 2 weeks.

First I was very exciting with the idea because I love her children and they love me too. I played with them all the time.

Then I was tired about it, because I'm used to be the smallest in my house and is too different be the "big sister"

When I returned to my… Continue

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E6G1 August 2010

This month has been great!
I have done and learned many things in many ways.
This month I started studing 3rd semestre.
It has been very interesting because we have to do many activities such as making speeches, social service, cultural activities, and I also created a MuDJoB account; I'm getting used to this social network that serves me to upload my english homework (:

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E6G1 Lesson learned

When I went to Europe in my 15 bithday, I learned to be independent because for me it were the first time I traveled "alone" only with some friends so that teached me too do not trust in every people.

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A3G1 August 2010

This month wasnt too good like the month before, but it was interesting. The first week of August I was in Puebla on vacations, I was staying in my cousin's house. I went to different places like Acalco that is a market park, there the people sell a lot of things, plants, materials, decorations for the house, and more, it's cheaper than the stores or malls; Also I went to visit some churches there are really really amazing! i was like OMG! the architecture, structure and all it so beautiful; I… Continue

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E6G2 August 2010

This is a good month. I love deeply August because everything is so green a so beautiful around. It always make me smile when I see the trees and flowers in my way to the TEC, or just in my home, at the garden. This month had the last days of vacation and the first days of classes too. Such a special month. My favorite moment was the time when "Calamaro", my friend, invited me to play at Recorcholis; it was so fun. The both of us playing like little children and enjoying. That was the first… Continue

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E6G1 Traveling

One day, when I was out of town traveling and knowing more places. I learned about different cultures and ways of life. And that in other places respects more the others and is cleaner. Traveling really helps to learned more things, like you need to be more organized because if you are not you can lost your flight, o something else. It helps to view things in different ways and know more people. When I travel I learn a lot o lessons, I love traveling and it helps me to be a better person every… Continue

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During this month there were no such thing as a remarkable thing, maybe the only thing i can was a little bit interesting would be that in this month we actually started our semester, for me is the fifth semester here in tec; during the first day of school I saw classmate I did not see for like three months, and the teachers and you know the first day kind of things, then we had the partial exams during the last week of…

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A3G1 August 2010

Time passes incredibly fast. I had just watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I realized how a lifetime can pass like water drops. August is one of the months I always forget, I don't know why, but it may be because we always come back to school and it passes so rapidly, and because I'm anxious for September ('cause of my birthday). Bah, I'll tell you about this August.
The first days of this month were a disappointment. It was planned that for vacation my family and I were on a…

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E6G1 6 Sentences with the Vocabulary (I did it in 5)

  1. In the area of administration you need experience to focus on what is important.
  2. If you want to add a degree at school you have to look at your main schedule.
  3. To access the world of design and make your creation available to the public, first, you have to develop what you are going to do.
  4. If you train in the field everyday you can raise your level, but remember,…

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