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The disaster of my room

I hate finding my room in disaster, because my sister always destroys it. I want to forgive her so I said to myself "She strengthens my will". Then I turned to her and told her, "I LOVE YOU"

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August 25 2011

Today in the morning, I kicked my mother´s door, because I just wanted my money, she was telling me that the economy of the family wasn´t good and coincidentally tomorrow I´m going to go out with my friends, like I often go, but now I just have twenty pesos in my purse and i have to be waiting for the next weekend to have more money but,  I think that it will be the same speech, because the bolts  burned up  the stove.The season  was really  horrible, the bolts were like explosive, and the…


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August Jurnal

For me this month had been very exciting and a great start because I enter to Tec de Monterrey and start to meet new people , new teachers and making new friends. Also in the second weekend afeter classes I went to carnero an activitie for meet all the generation. I am in the process of adapatation in this new thing , the next week my parcial exams will start and I am a little worried because I have a big project for tomorrow and my english project but I expect to have good grades and have time… Continue

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August journal

In this month I passed through a lot of new things. One of them was enter here to Tec, where I meet new friends and learn new things. Also I went to a event that the school organizes called "Carnero" that was very fun. They do this event so we can know more about each other and meet all the generation. I think this is a good begining.

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One day I was with my grandmother, she is an old woman adorable and lovely.

We were siting down in the living room of her house. It was a beutiful evening. The birds sang like every day when they came back from a long day at the tree that was just beside us.

Suddenly my grndmom stood up and walked to the kitchen, she took the lighter and lit the stove, and started to disolve the chocolate, that she prepars with all her love. After a wuile, she came back to the living room and…


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This month has been very busy but it has passed quickly, I have met different people of my new school but I really miss my other friends :(

I guess I'd have to learn how to manage my time to get everything done and to go out with friends.

I think I'll spend more time in the school than in my house but I like this change

Today I'm busy because I have to do the multi-disciplinary project and my tests are on next week.

I expect to have good grades in this…


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This month has been a little strange for me because I think I'll go to the Orchestra schedules because the school did not give me time, I've been 3 years since I arrived here and has been wonderful. …


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can describe this month with one  word that lavishly illustrated it; AMAZING. I celebrated my birthday with my family, then when I came back my friends  prepared a surprise party  for me ! I really appreciated that! Some days after that , I returned to school in order to start 5th semester. Actually some of my classes are pretty hard for me like math and physics but in the other hand I do like management and regional studies .

Another important thing that happened this month was that…


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My journal

Ernesto Gibran Torres Ramos  01170701   ITESM, Campus Chiapas    HOMEWORK


In this month between the TEC to study the university, I study the mechanical engineer career administrator. The subjects are a bit difficult, I've been busy doing my homework and materials. I went out with my friends place and watch movies. I often go to Berriozábal because there I have ranches. Enter the School CETEA is a school for auto mechanics every Sunday in one year and…


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     On this month i did a lot of things for example i organized a hug event at cabaret, me and some friends bought “LOS CLAXONS” for they to play and for entertainment for the people. We make friends of them and have a really good time and also it was a very cool experience, that personal I enjoy it a lot. Another thing that I do this august is start coming to classes in some way it was good because I see my friends and I could hang out with a lot of them. But it wasn’t that good because I…


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This August I started my third semester of my career and I'm very excited, because the previous semesters I could not get good grades but I feel that this semester I have more interest and desire to get good grades, my classes are pretty interesting and I feel more comfortable now, so this month has been not only school, was also my grandmother's birthday and thisweekend is mine, and I'll…


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Stones 8/20-8/23 (HW2)

August Highlights

Highlights of this month are, I met this really georgeous girl named yareth. I love her, she loves me everything seems so nice, also I joined the american football team, I'm so excited ,but at the same time kinda scared, what if I  don´t make it, anyways I´ll give it my best shot, after all it´s the only way of getting in.


A small poem

Twenty bolts rolling on the…


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August 2011

In this month i started at ITESM CAMPUS CHIAPAS and it's awesome y met a lot of people and there are  the best theachers.  i've been tired of doing projects becuase it is not easy to be there so i'm doing the best, and i've learned a lot of things here, i started playing football and learning how to play the guitar, nevertheless i miss my friends of others schools :( and thats all i did in this month

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This month journal (August)

This moth was not hard, it was a little long but not hard, this was a special month for me and i am sure that it was for my classmates too because we started a new semester.

I got amazing results on my tests so I think that it was a good month for me, this week I am a little busy because I gotta do 2 projects and I do not have many things for…


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In August I started my first semester of university at the Tec de Monterrey in august 8 I was so excited to enter, to meet new people, butterflies were on my stomach, the first class I had was chemistry in that class I met new people and they were very sociable. All the month I didn't go out to the disco or took some dinner with my old friends. The only thing I did is homework, Tec and talking with my boyfriend, the only funny thing I did was going on ‘’Eagles Camp’’ with all of…


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I love play football, I played with “Borregos”, but last season my mother didn´t allow me to play, because she thinks that I am explosive person. I am leaving the football, but when I see my helmet hanging in the wall, I said No! If I like to play football, I will do! Although, my hands always injured.


When I played football, before a game all players encountered in some house,…


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August Journal

The most amazing thing that happened to me this month was that I started high-school at ITESM CAMPUS CHIAPAS.

I came to my first day on August 8, and I liked it a lot. The first week and weekend were incredible because I met new friends and teachers, and also I had my "Carnero" where students of 5ºsemester gave us activities…


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"A surprising month". My journal

This month was completely awesome, too different, so wonderful, so nice. I'll remember August forever during mi life because of all the astonishing changes on me and the atmosphere around me. One of the major changes was the transition from junior high school to high school, from be studying in "Colegio La Paz" to now be studying and living a grate moment in "Tec de Monterrey", place where I've held very emotional experiences by knowing new people and having new friends. I'm a person who's…


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August Journal

In August I had a really awesome experience in my new school. I went to the "carnero" in the weekend after my first week of class. Carnero is an activity for new students, i spent a great time with my friends and I also made new ones. This is something I will never forget, and I hope all the new students in the future enjoy this as I did. 

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My Journal :)

Agust was an amazing and so experimental month in my life, I started a new stage in my life: I got into a new school, the harder in Tuxtla. The first an second week of school was cool and lazily but now I'am in the third one an is so stressful because  the teacher are leaving a lot of homework and with the projet I dont have time to anything else. The next week will be my first partials and I'm little nervous but a i think that i going to have a good… Continue

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