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MAza and Gibe Jumble

1.What do you study un a university? _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2. Its a the word that you use to refer that you are near yo arrive to a place _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
3. you need time to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ an invent.
4. A parts is a  _ _ _ _ _ _ space.
5.Its a the action when you check something anothertime _ _ _ _ _ _ 

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Story About a man and a woman

A man was walking on the street when suddenly a bag with money appeared in front of him. The man didn't think, just took the bag with all the money and went to the bank to deposit all the money on his own count. He was really surprised because never had happened something similar to him.

A woman called Lucia found the job of her dreams and couldn't believe she had done it. The woman was so happy for her new notice but not everything was cute, a day she had to give up to her old job.…


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If i were...

If i were a flower i would be a sunflower.
If i were a cartoon i would be Phoebe from hey Arnold.
If i were a color i would be blue.
If i were a history character i would be Cleopatra.
If i were an animal i would be a horse.

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A long time a go there was a little ant that wanted to be more than an ant, she wanted to be an actress. So she decided to go to acting school and work really hard on her acting skills so in the future she could be a really famous and popular ant. One day she started acting in a movie and she was great, but she was so little and it was a human's movie so the humans were really bad because an ant was disturbing the scene so they decided to catch her and kill her, but when they grabbed her she…


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Homework 2

Once upon a time there was a girl who was always talking in the phone. One day her mother had to leave town because of her work, she was packing and telling her daughter all the things she have to do in her absence but the girl was only interested in chatting with her friends .

- You should feed the dogs, their food is in the top of the closet

- Yes, yes, I know

- Don't forget to lock the door every night

- I won't, don't worry

- We have cornflakes…


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homework 1

HOUSE LOCATION.................... DESADSR

FORMAL RULES....................... YOLCIP




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Homework 2-

“Our Secret Weapon”

This story takes place long before Yao Ming was worldwide known for being talented at basketball.. One day I was waiting for my bus to pass by, so I sat on the bench. After that, Yao Ming (with a basketball player outfit) came and did the same thing. I saw my chance at defeating some bullies from school at a basketball game. I started talking.

-Hi. Are you waiting for the bus?

-Yes, I indeed am.

-Oh, well I don’t mean to…


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Assignment #1

An scientist finally discovers a way to travel through time, this new time machine it’s used to bring brilliant and famous people from different times and countries together, let them talk through videocalls. This time, Mother Teresa and Mather Luther King Jr. will meet to have a conversation on today’s civil rights movement.

Mother Teresa: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Dr. King, I have always admired your job.

Martin Luther King: Thank you, the pleasure is mine. They’re telling…


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A man wishes a sport car

A woman wants a  blue shoes


The man should be a gentleman

The woman need learn to cook


The man want read a book

She shoul finish her homewor


Dear teacher Michael yestardar in the night accept my new count please look my homework see you in the class =)



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The truth behind Van Gogh's ear

After finalizing his master piece of the Sunflowers, Vincent was tired of his haircut; so he decided it was time to go to the barber shop. 

So he did, fortunately there was one a few blocks from his house. When he arrived there were just to people before him to get their hair cut. The barber asked "Are you looking for a haircut?", immediately Vincent answer "Yes, I am. But don't worry I'll wait until my turn". The barber…


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A women plays soccer with her little brother in the gardem of her house, the women had an accident and she broke her leg hitting a little fountain, after that her mother drove to the hospital and she talked to the buzz and get the job because she is the correct person for the job.

A man was doing his history homeowork about mayas, toltecas, etc. but he had a problem with his internet after 1 hour trying to get back his history connection , the man called his bestfriend asking…


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Once upon a time Bob Marley was having a tour ball in London when suddenly his very friend Nicole Kidman called him. 

-Hi Bob, How are you?!

-Good, you?

-Fine. hey I was calling cause I wanted to know if you where available for this weekend?

-ohhh well... I'm on a tour but if you want I can make some space for you.

-Yes! that will be great. So see you at 7 o'clock, saturday in china…


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A story about staying positive/ looking at the bright side

The moment Sheryl crow was told she had cancer she erupted in laughter. Not because she thought it was a joke, her mother was on the verge of crying, and the doctor had an impassive face, but she didn’t. She felt, somehow, liberated. At last she would have six months, probably a year for herself. She could focus, learn and do the things she wished to. Have real fun with out any concerns!  She could skip classes. No more favors to nombody! She would ditch her school in some…


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1.- a man wanted to be a vet
1.- a woman wanted to be a nurse
2.- the man went to the veterinary school
2.- the woman didn't go to the nursing school
3.-he got a veterinary
3.- She was an actress

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A man was walking slowly with a dog by the park when suddenly met his grandma and they were talking a lot. The man was worried about her, because is old and needs to take medicines to forget the pain of  her sickness. (Gilberto's ending: He broke his feet in a important game and needed a operation in this moment the most important was de woman and she help him)

A woman was eating some pizza with her sister, they were sat in a couch watching to Titanic, they were laughing at it…


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Looking for the Leader. English Assignment

Once upon a time there was a place called Tec Ville. Most of its population was high school students. They all lived in peace, studying, having fun, playing, eating and the precious sleeping. The joyful first semester students were doing pretty well in the school. Those were prosperous times, but everything changed when the evil Multidisciplinary Nation attacked. Only the Generation Leader, master of the four skills (science, history, English and math) could save…


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"What's that sound, Nicole?" (“Miscommunication Causes Problems” Assignment).

Nicole Kidman was at her house, on a quiet Sunday evening. She had been doing some errands, finished reading a book she had started a month ago, and finally she was ready to go to bed to get some sleep.

As usually, she went to her bathroom, washed her face and put on her pajamas. She turned off the lights and all the illumination from the outside of her house. Suddenly, a non common noise captured her attention, something that was very unusual on her. The noise sounded like cracks on the…


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Homework 2. My story about "Miscommunication Causes Problems"

Once upon a time, Yao Ming was walking in the streets of L.A., suddenly he met with Kobe Bryant. Because both were injured and neither can play, Kobe proposed Yao to do something that night…

- Hey Yao! Are you doing something tonight?

- No, I don´t. Why?

- Do you want to go to the King´s game? It is a brilliant team, and also very talented.

- Thanks for the invitation. I´d love to.

- Well, see you in the gates of the stadium at 6 pm.

- Al right, I…


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Homework 2

Once upon a time, there was this boy named Al Capone, who was living in the U.S.  The united states were in a great depression, an economic failure. There were hard times, difficult times.  People who invested their money in the bank started to lose it, and the worth of the things started to be bigger, things got more expensive. Once, he saw a woman forgot a little wagon with money in it. She was afraid that someone would steal the money; but nobody wanted to, he stole the wagon!



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If i were

-If i were a character of a movie i would be Sherlock Holmes.

-If i were a color i would be blue.

-If i were a season of the year i would be winter; because i like the cold weather and i like chrismass.

-If i were an animal i would be a dolphin, because i would like to be an acuatic animal and dolphins are very inteligent.

-If i were a kind of artist i would be a rock star, because i play the guitar and i think it´s fun.

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