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Write an essay of 250 words discussing the pros and cons of a situation.

Minerva is a Company that recently created a new kind of artisanal beer called Malverde, and that has created a lot of problems and discussions because much people wasn’t happy with the name, in the other hand, it can be taken as a reference to the traffic of drugs in Mexico.  

Jesus Malverde is a saint that is venerated in Sinaloa, México; but drug traffickers decided to adore it, that is why today he is a clear reference to the drug traffic in Mexico (although at the beginning it…


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Write an informal letter

200 Jesse Avenue


August 31, 2016

Dear Pepe:

Hello pepe, I hope you are ok, it has been a long time since the last time we talked, everything changed since you went to Rome with your other friend; Panchito.

I am now studying at ITESM, it is an amazing school, the best that I have ever known, principally for their chairs, they are totally awesome, you can do everything with them because they have wheels; that is…


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I like the videos because it have a good production in the effects and in the message that the director or the people want to transmit.


Spider short film:

I think this video works for me because it have very good effects but a little bit overacted in the side of the actors. Also it was very tragic and all the things that happen were very raw and make you think about how it can be…


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tree videos

I like the videos because it have a good production in the effects and in the message that the director or the people want to transmit.


Spider short film:

I think this video works for me because it have very good effects but a little bit overacted in the side of the actors. Also it was very tragic and all the things that happen were very raw and make you think about how it can be…


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Good afternoon Sir Valentin
I write this letter to tell you that on the 25 of December I am going to do a meeting etiquette and I would be very grateful that a man as distinguished as you attend that meeting body. The meeting will be in the restaurant "Las Pichanchas"
I hope that you can attend, I leave Alberto Bautista

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Personal exprience


When i was approximately 12 years old, my brother, cousins and i was playing with fireworks in  my cousins colony. During the fun we decided to continued this fun  up in a golf car. We throw all the fireworks that we can around the colony, but a lost firework fell in a ground dry, it started a big fire in the surroundings. We tried to turn off the fire, but nevertheless our try was failed. When we realizad that the fire is  uncontrolled my cousins first called the firefighters then…


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3 short videos

This year 5th semester students will have them own and last chance to prove them abilities to do the best videomas ever...but the problem is that, we don't know what our videomas will be about. That's why with the teacher's Michael help and 3 videos we will know what we want our videomas about.


I really really liked this video. At the begging you can suppose that it is a romantic video but then the context change and I love the way it does. It is not as surprise as t…


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Three Short Videos

In this short text my intention is to express what I feel about the three short films we saw during class and if it works for the team.


For me “Spider” by Nash Edgerton does not work, maybe just for me. I mean it was well produced, had a good video quality, the scenes were filmed correctly, but at the end I did not like what happened. It is not useless, at all, but that is just my…


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Three short videos


The three videos I saw help me to expand my vision to make our video, considering how to make different cuts of the shoot as well as making a more realistic story

Spider by Nash Edgerton

I think it is a good short film but in my team we love the action and this video lacks of action.

This is a funny video in some aspects but in a time i was bored and that is a characteristic that we don´t want.

Signs by Patrick Hughs

This short film is an… Continue

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Three Short Videos

Carmen Constantino A01173128


In my English class we have been watching films about trivial topics, that last like 5 to 10 minutes approximately and this films are not so popular to get into the Hollywood world.…


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Alexandra Tovar - Videos

This video doesn't work for me because I only saw the last seconds of it and I didn't like the end and also because I asked a girl to tell me what happened before and she told me but sincerely I found that kind of jokes innecesarily.

This video works for me because it'seems about love and love is life. This video show how we (sometimes) aren't really happy with our lifes, although happiness is an election we make but when we find love, happiness isn't something we can't hide from the… Continue

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Three videos

Ponit of view about the three videos session we had last class. And opinion about take ideas and put them in our vidio+.

Spider: i really liked the style of filming, the way sounds are recorded for me is very good. I like that the main idea of the video is simple, but at the same time i dont like that the problem gets out of control in a very "fool way".

Signs: from this video what i like the most is the clever mind the creator had for imagine such a thing. The… Continue

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Three videos


This essay talk about how does the videos work for me and why, if i like it and if i will watch it again in the future.


Nice effects and direction of whole video, nice use of dark humor but is not something that i enjoyed to see because the beginning was too boring to still watching it all, and the end was so stupid how the medic throw away the vaccine right to the eye of the men.


Too inspiring to see, have a good romantic story and drama and… Continue

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Three Short Videos

I have always loved watching funny short films, but as I have grown, my preference in content has changed. I have confirmed this on class; we watched three different short films and made a conclusion about whether we liked them or not.

The first short film was about a couple getting into a fight, then they solved the problem and at the end the woman gets hit by a car because the man played a prank on her. I really disliked the film because I had thought it was romantic, but it… Continue

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About the three short videos...

In Mr. Brown classes we have been watching some amazing videos to take some inspiration for our anual project vidiomas. Last friday we found a lot of interesting things in some of this kind of videos. And i wrote about them.


This video didn't work for me, because of its final part. The clip literally ends like a tragedy. At the beggining of the clip I was really getting into the story. I thought that the situation between the couple was turning really…


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Three Short Videos

Gustavo Alberto Pérez Orantes A01173296

Making a video is a way to represent an idea or a story with the help of a director, actors and a script. You should be original if you want an amazing short clip. So we decided to watch some videos and we wrote about them.

Spider by Nash Edgerton

At first the videoo was very boring, so i couldn't find an idea that i can take advange of. But then, at the end of the clip, the ending showed me that i should think of an idea that will… Continue

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SHORTS´REVIEW - Antonio Hernández Castillo, A01173142

Shorts are that little videos from 1 to 30 minutes that can be or good or bad because the time. In friday´s class we watched 3 shorts: Spider, Signs and The Black Hole. After each video we wrote a little review of it. Here are mines: The video Spider works for me because it´s simple, mysterious, and at the beginning a little bit quiet, it appeared to be a discussion, but then it became something more special, kind of romantic and funny but suddenly PUM a joke then PUM almos an accident and…


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Three Short Videos

In the cinematografic world there are many people involved, but the short movies are popular too. I`m going to present three very interesting short movies.

"Spider" a short movie by Nash Edgerton, does not work for me. As a blackcomedy it do works for me because is funny;but as a video does not because you don`t catch the objective of the video, also it`s quality is not as good as I will like. 

"Signs" by Patrick Hudges, is good video with bad things. It is a good story but is…


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Videos Essay

There are a lot of videos in Internet that are totally awesome and contains a lot of message for the viewers, they are some examples.

The video "Spider Short" works because I think that the intention of it is to make you ponder about the risks of jokes; on the other hand, I consider that the special effects that they uses are totally awesome; I liked a lot, but I regard it is really weird.

The video of "Signs" works because I liked a lot; a bored man that meets a woman and… Continue

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Three Short Videos

Intro (25 Words)

Video 1 (50 words)

Video 2 (50 words)

Video 3 (50 words)

Conclusion (25 words)

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