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The further adventures of Renata & Diego.

When Renata and Diego arrived at the new place, they felt in home.

Renata walked around all the rooms, and found a special room.

On the other hand, diego began to clean the new house and to throw the old things that he was finding.

They worked the whole day to install the furniture, when they ended, could rest all the time.

While Diego was working, his wife decorated all the rooms.

Renata worked very hard in a room, and turned it into a place to rest, read,…


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The further adventures of Jorge and Lulu

  1. Lulu and Jorge were walking on the bridge.
  2. Lulu was thinking about the nice day it was ; she loved the sounds of the birds, the wind in her face.
  3. But Jorge was nervous, he was sweating. He wanted to tell her but he changed the words that he wanted to say before talking.
  4. Lulu saw his eyes for one moment and she started talking about the school, but her phone rang (she took the call).
  5. While she was taking the call, he remembered about the gift, he…

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James and Hailey C:

They met a while ago because of their parents


They studied the elementary school together.


One valentines day , they promise at the bridge that they will be friends forever, no matter what happend.


Hailey has to moved to another place because of her dad`s job.


James promised to talked to her every day , every night. And so one day he stopped calling her.


She was soo sad , she got married with another guy and…


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John and Mary

1.  John and Mary are married.

2.  Mary is more beautiful than John.

3.  John and Mary are very happy.

4.  The photo was taken in the park.

5.  John and Mary are walking in the…


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Ernesto's News

Friday, September 28th, 2012. Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas.

The group of students named: “Colectivo Estudiantil” announced a march on October 2nd to commemorate the “Massacre of Tlatelolco”.

     The so called group of students “Colectivo Estudiantil” from the Social Science Faculty announced in a press conference that they will make a march through the streets of this city at 3:30 next Tuesday, October 2nd…


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Alejandra & Marisol "The teenage dream"

They are friends since childhood

They met playing in the park.

Every Saturday, in the afternoon, would get together on the bridge to feed the ducks.

This action lasted until high school, where, the adolescence was effect and they met cute guys.

They each met a boy, and the more time they spent that those guys. Ale and Marisol were breaking up. Each one lived the Teenage dream.

After a long time, being separated, each one felt bad about leaving his friend,…


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Shakira Expecting First Child.

35-year-old pop star Shakira revealed Wednesday that she is pregnant and, therefore, has to cancel some work commitments.

"As some of you may know, Gerard and I are very happy awaiting the arrival of our first baby!" the Colombian singer, who has been dating FC Barcelona´s Gerard Pique, 25 since March 2011, wrote on her website.

She also said she’ll be skipping out on the upcoming iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas this weekend.

We wish them well! 

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Chiapas, first in the country to accredit Teen Groups Health Promoters

It is known that The Department of Health of state launched the 8th National Health Promotion for Adolescents week, In order to promote healthy lifestyles among young men and women, through health services, information and guidance.

The startup of activities of the day was led by the Secretary of Health in the state, James Gomez Montes, who said that from 24 to 28 September an intense promotion of preventive actions among young people from 10 to 19 years will be developed  in schools…


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The megaoperation against dengue has been started in the capital since this Thursday, is thought to be carried out until September 23, with the participation of around one thousand three hundred people from health brigades and volunteers. It is spoken about five cases of dengue confirmed.


The beginning flag to the health brigades was given by the health secretary, James Gómez Montes.…


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Early in the morning on Monday, December 21, the police received a call from Ted Smith, a local Tigard resident. Smith had apparently run off the road, and he and his car were stuck in a ditch. The police rushed to the scene, and had to use the Jaws of Life in order to get Smith out. Once he was out, the police asked what had happened to cause the crash. Smith explained that, as he does every Monday morning on the way to work, he stopped somewhere to get a cup of coffee. He usually goes to…


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3 Friends (3 men)

Don't worry said Ben to Tom, everything is gonna be alright
You don't know what T've been thrugh Ben
Yes I Know, and even when your wife left you, you don't have a reason to be drunk in the middle of the street
It's my descition, and now tell sam to give me back my beer
No, Iwont give you the beer, said Sam
Give it to me please, I just can't stand this pain
That's why we are her, to help you

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improvement of human health development

A 5 billion pesos investment goes to the improvement of human health development.


When federal and local government administrations finish in the early December, Chiapas is going to rich the obtained amount of 5 billions pesos in health and hospital infrastructure regarded to what stated by the regional health secretary, Mr. James…


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Late in the morning on Saturday, November 5, a call came in to the local police department. It was from a local resident named James Arthur, who had apparently been forced into a dog crate in his neighbor's back yard, and needed help getting out safely. He explained to the police that his neighbor, Craig Johnson, was out of town for the weekend. Johnson had asked Arthur to take care of his dog while he was gone, a 76-pound poodle named Cardcass. All he wanted Arthur to do was feed him in the…


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Enrique Peña Nieto visits Peru

During his tour in South America Enrique Peña Nieto, the elected president of mexico, visited Peru and met with important businessman. Humberto Speziani Cuevas, president of the Institution of private Business of Peru,welcomed the next governor of Mexico on the last day of his tour. He said that because ofthe economic world crisis we are living , now is the time to take adventage of the great potential of Latin America.

We should improve our economy to achieve a equal and free…


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The way to a man´s heart is through his stomach

Once upone a time there was a really fat man that lived in Italy. He was so fat that everyone was scared of him and he was scared of everyone because they were mean to him. He used to have a girlfriend but she cheated on him and thats when he got into a depression and started eating a lot and became fat. After a while he started thinking that there was no girl for him and that he was going to be alone for the rest of his life. One morning he decided to go to a restaurant and he meet Ana, the…


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When the governor: Juan Sabines Guerrero began his tenure, the state debt was of 881.7 million pesos and now it has increased to the amount of 16 thousand 513 million pesos, and he thinks to leave in 21 thousand 513 million pesos because he recently requested the State Congress another loan. This is a historic figure that leaves Chiapas between one of the most indebted entities.

The main argument throughout his entire mandate was to accomplish the Development Goals of the United…


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The workers at Tapilula, Pichucalco, Reforma, and Ostuacán, should, according to the law, earn the designed amount of salary each month, as well as the christmas box, given to them some time before holidays; just as any other worker in the country.

However, government refuses, again, to pay the designed amount of salary plus the christmas box  to the…


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The UNACH has convened the students enrolled in different careers to participate in the Excellence Scholarship Program, which is offered by the SEP through the National Coordination of Superior Education Scholarship. The academic secretary of the university, Marcela Iturbe Vargas, announced that candidates could get an application in the web site:, which will remain until the 30th of September. After pointing out that…


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A week ago, TRIFE recognized Enrique Peña Nieto's victory as the elected president of the Mexican United States. This fact is known by  most of the people (89%) A lot of people also know that Enrique Peña Nieto will take over the presidency of this country on december (52%) but only three out of ten respondents know the exact date of this transimission of powers. An interesting fact, is that the number of people who agree with the results of the elections has decreased from 49% to 40%…


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Oh Sweet Mexican Desserts!

When it comes to Mexican food there is a lot of variety, but today lets focus on the desserts. One of the well known desserts is called flan despite the fact that it is a French word. , made of caramel and vanilla. The dessert includes rich custard with a layer of caramel on top. The dish is well known in a lot of countries

Another sweet dessert are the 
empanadas, it is a stuffed pastry that contains different sweetened fillings. Some fillings you will discover in Mexico are cream,…


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