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The chapel

It is about a girl who was rapped by Ravi, richiest boy in the town. She never say anything about it. She get pregnant but Ravi died. Her baby has blue eyes.

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The chapel review

A story that I really enjoyed reading is called "The chapel". I thought it was an interesting story because I've always liked reading dramatic stories. The girl starring in the story is very innocent and that's why the rich boy takes advantage of her and rapes her when she's on her way to church. She seems like a very gullible and harmless person and that's why she decides not to tell anyone until her family realises she is pregnant. She decides to tell the boy who raped her and he agrees to… Continue

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"The chapel" review

"The chapel" is a very interesting story about some very dramatic events and some people that all they have in their life is drama. It starts talking about an Indian girl going to church. One of the most popular and rich boys of the town offers to give her a ride and she hesitates at first but then she agrees. What a mistake. She took her to a lonely place and raped her. She maintained quiet but some time later, her family realized she was pregnant, so she told them everything. Ravi had a… Continue

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Review of "The chapel"

"The Chapel" is an incredibly interesting story about a 13 year old Indian girl that was very innocent. One day she was walking to church when all of the sudden, Ravi, one of the richest boys of town, decided to give her a ride. He didn't. He raped her instead. She didn't tell anyone after it happened but a couple of months later, her family noticed, because she was pregnant. At the end, the brothers of Ravi's ex-fiancé kill him. The baby was born healthily but with blue eyes.

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Book review "The chapel"

The chapel is about an Indian girl living in Barbados. She was raped by one of the most popular and rich boys of the place. He was called Ravi. She didn't say anything, but later her family realized she was pregnant. At the end, Ravi dies and she has the baby. He was born with blue eyes.

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Winepress Reading Report

Winepress Reading Report

By Ivan Huerta A01173223     Advanced English 1

This was a great story to me, because it has a lot of drama and also has a great narrative.

I thought for a second they were drinking the…


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Words September 25th

We have three different trees.  As a unit they provide ample shade, but in autumn it is different because the trees leaves fall, and we lose the shade.

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Book Review - Metro

The story begins with suspicios murder cases, in all of them corpses are found headless near a certain metro station, the cause is till unknown and also the criminal.

The main character is detective Dutrueller, and the story doesn't only talks about his police life, but also about his personal problems. At the beggining you may think it has nothing to do with the case but as the story advances you star to get involved with his problems and want to know more. However after some time…


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Book Review


The caracters in the stoy "The winepress" are so weird, because Charles Jousselin are a lover to the wine and they know the story about the most delicius wine and he drink of them, Pirre kill his wife and dont say anything and the wife was a crazy jealous. 


the story is about a delicios wine and how it was do it. Its interesting read the story because its weird and not common. 

In my opinion I like the…


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The Chapel Report.

The story is about a twelve years old girl who gets raped by the son of a very important man in the city. She gets pregnant and thinks about getting married to him. But the guy dies at the end of the story.
The story was really weird and has an unexpected ending.

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Review of The Metro:

It´s about a detective that has to resolve cases of people that is being killed in the metro and the equal pattern is that their heads are missing because the assassin takes it off. This detective has a very bad relationship with his wife an he has a lover named Volona that he adores and loves with all his heart but won´t marry her because he already has a wife.

One day he saw a card of a mystic magician that said that he would help him to solve all his love problems. He went and talk with… Continue

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My Review

The Metro

Belle, exquis, captivante. It was the way she danced that made me feel alive.…


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The Winepress, report.

The winepress is a story by Josef Essberg and it starts with the character Charles Jousselin de Gruse, in the story he entertains his guests by talking about wine and being funny about it. He seems to be a decent and nice married man. One evening he welcomed at his house a few guests who wouldn't stop talking about immigration, Charles didn't really care about topics like that, even when one of the guests, general Bags, tried to take a few words out of him. Later that evening, they started…


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There was once a politician who loved wines, he was in a reunion with other politicians, and they were discussing about the problems in Europe. A guy told him that there are some people who drink wine, but they don´t  even know the story of the wine, the guy also told them every wine had a story, and the wine they were drinking had a particular story.A man named Pierre went to Madagascar to visit his uncle, he met a beautiful girl named Faniry they fall in love, and got married, after  a…


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Winepress Book Review

This Book involves a few characters at the beginning there are some politicians trying some wine. Theres many characters such as the host of the party, and his invites. They are trying a special new wine and then someone starts talking about how everyone should know what is in those wines for example you'd like to know whats on some wine before you serve it on a party. Then the host pulls out some wine and starts telling a story which he says is the greatest story he's ever heard about a…


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WINE PRESS Monserrat Toledo Coutiño

Charles jousselin used to tell to his guest that you don't have to be French to enjoy a decent wine, but you do have to be French to recognize one. One day his guest were all european; they all held their glasses to the light and studied their blood-red content. it was the best wine they had ever tasted.

then de Gruse asked "Can you imagine that third people that serves wine they know nothing about?" "Really" said the German politician. "i like to hunt around the vineyards, like a…


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The Winepress

The winepress was written by Josef Essberger.

One of the principal characters is Charles de Gruse who is a man that knows very well about wine.

The story starts with a discussion about how to recognize a good wine and that only french…


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book review

a book review by andres gutierrez moreno 


the main characters in the story where charles de gruze, the politicians, the wife, and the people that was also seating in the table of charles that he was talking to because all the story was told to them. all the characters where very serious all the time because charles was telling the winepress story, all the characters never express another feeling like happines or sadness, because they were to…


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"The Chapel" Review

Ginnie Narine was an Indian twelve year old girl living in Trinidad. One day she was walking to her town's catholic chapel, when suddenly Ravi Kirjani, a member of a very wealthy family in Trinidad, offered her a ride, for the weather was extremely hot. Ginnie hesitated but at the end she gave in. Little did she know, Ravi's intentions were others, for she took her to a sugar field and raped her there. She remained quiet and told no one. Not even the priest of the chapel called Father…


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Autor: Josef Essberger

All the characters are European politicians, the main character is from France his name is Charles Jousselin de Gruse. I especially liked him, because he has a particular way to appreciate the different kinds of wine. Also he has a touch of elegance.  I found very interesting how the main character shows a mysterious tone to tell the story within the story, but in general all characters have a reason to be there, all of them add sense…


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