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E6G1 October 2010

This month was very special for me because in this month was my birthday. I will always remember that day because I really had a great time with my friends and family. I went to eat some pizza with my friends, who play orchestral instruments too, at Villaloma. Then after eating pizza we went to see a movie. Then we played some bowling. My parents gave me an IPod as a present. That was the cherry of the cake. The day didn´t stop at that moment because my family and I went to have dinner. The… Continue

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R4 October 2010

October is almost over, but it was a great month. I did many interesting things. October began with the second partial and I got very good grades. On 27th I did the TOEFL exam I hope to get a good score. On 28th my team and I present our English project in the halloween fair. We decored our stand about Chucky and we dressed up and the goal was to collect money for UNICEF chidren. The fair was great, each team did different things for the same goal. Yesterday I went to a costume party, it was… Continue

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R4 Microfiction

A sunny fall morning a teenager very unquiey was painting a beautiful painting in her small but cozy house. María enjoyed mixing the colors to create her painting. Lucía, her sister wanted a dress for her graduation. María decided to make some paintings more to sell and to buy her sister's dress. In a newspaper she announced a garage sale in her house. She put on sale her best painting. A very rich man offered Maria much money for her painting, because the painting was really beautiful.The… Continue

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Andres, Mary and Saile were outside the built, trying to forget the last five hours that suffered in Tecmun...the worl ws cruel.

When Andres suggested going to somewhere, Mary was willing to go. Saile was as willing as Mary, but she hadn't her cellphone, and she didn't have other way to communicate with her parents. Just in that moment her parents arrived, so she said goodbye and went to her home.

It was a surprise for her when her paresnt seemed to agree with the idea of…


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I am so happy because yesterday i had a party about halloween´s day and was amaizing, i had a costume about can can´s girls , tomorrow maybe im gonna go out with my nephews to

collect candies and fruits in the city,…


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R4 Microfiction

1.- A long time ago, a sad little boy had a charming dream to have a job to pay for the medicines of his mom.

2.- Coming to his house, he started to read the newspaper.

3.- When he was looking at page number 3, he read something that said, "looking for a boy to work inside of the motor plane".

4.- He thought it was a good idea, if he went looking for the work he could probably take it, and have money for his mom.

5.- After that he went looking for some clothes which were… Continue

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E6G2 October 2010

The last day of October finally is here. I can say that it has such a beautiful things, but also has the bad news. My friends and I were trying to make a party for Halloween, I hope it. On october 27 my generetion made the altares for people from the revolution and independence, it was really good, but I forgot my camera so I couldn't take photos.… Continue

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October was great for me. Because this is my favorite month, I mean It's my birthday.
I didn't do a party for my birthday, but I was with all my family having a good time :) That's why I love this month.
Also the school was great, because it was a short partial. So it wasn't to difficult.

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A3G1 microfiction

1.once upon a time, in the middle of nowhere, a young girl destroyed a tiny green pencil.

2.she stared at the pencil not knowing what to do.

3.she was mad because she didn't know where she was.

4.she was frustrated and decided to find her way back home.

5.because she coudnt see anything around her but the broken pencil she picked it up.

6.holding the pencil she realized that there was something inside it.

7. she opened the pencil up even more and pulled out a piece… Continue

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E6G1 Microfiction

1.- Once upon a time, it was a little girl who lived in a orphanage, her name was Ursula

2.- Ursula was playing with the rope, but she was really sad

3.- She was sad because she needed home love so she tried to ind a family who wanted a daughter

4.- Ursula talked with the orphanage charge in order to find a good family

5.- Fist she met a singular family, but she didn't like it

6.- Then she met a strict family, and she was afraid

7.- Next, she met a christian family… Continue

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This month in particular I like because it almost got closer to the Day of the Dead festivities and stuff ...

Yesterday was l Festival of the Dead altars, this day is great for me because I just do 2 festivals known the love of my life, came to play with the Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Chiapas and could not stop seeing him, knew him by sight but it was until that day when we first spoke and invited me to play with them ...

We are very happy today and relive the moment is to remember… Continue

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* Once upon a time in a small town in England there lived a girl named Stella, who loved to read books forever.

* Books were important to her.

* Each day looking to be a better person, she was very intelligent; she had always aspired to be better and improve her world, to fill it with love and happiness even if that seemed impossible.

* One of her main goals was to change the world, but before that could happen she needed to change everything around her.

* Stella had an… Continue

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R4 October 2010

This month I had many things to do for our project of English at Halloween for UNICEF's children, I liked it because it helps children in need. Travel with my sisters and my parents to Tonala, the place where born, and visit our friends, whom I love. I went to the movies with my sister and my friends, who are from Tonala, last week and we had a very good time, it was very fun.

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E6G2 Microfiction (Plus): The Broken Hero and the Don't-Forget-Me Flower

When the sun light was already gone with the moon nowhere to be seen, the hero scrutinized fiercely around into the forest, keeping his face hidden with a long piece of cloth, holding an unknown object against his chest.

His fingertips were hurting for the force of his grab, and his entire body kept trembling for the cold feeling of the wind hitting him from the front.

Shivers went though his spine while the shadows got bigger, just as his fear, but he kept walking quietly, his sad… Continue

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E6G1 microfiction

In hot and wet afternoon in the middle of nowhere. there was a little fat and fuuny monkey staring at a singular rock. The monkey was walking and walking around the rock and appreciated it, suddenly he decided to grapped and play with the rock, when he wrapped the rock and it brokes and the little monkey started to cry, and the other monkeys that were near him saw him cry for his singular broke rock .So all the monkey gather around him and started to find a rock, until they got a singular one,… Continue

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Well for me today october 22 was a good day, but i am nervous because in two weeks we will have our third partial.

Today I came late to my first clase, because my father needed go to Palenque and I needed to take a taxi, in my second class was really good we saw Frankenstein's movie, that is really nice if you can watch you need to do it!

In my third class we did a pre-tecmun, then we saw the movie Juno and in my class of english 6 we saw frequency, i really love it, because I really… Continue

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Cinderella gir E6G2

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who study in a lovely school and she was very happy from the outside but in the inside there was one thing that she didn't has, a person to love and who show her love.

one day in school, she was a little sad because of her score in math, but then, like magic appear a wonderful publicity for Halloween: "Monster Party", so she get dressed and look gorgeous. she seems like a princess and unexpectly in the middle of the dancefloor, next to her,…


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Microfiction E6G2

1.Once upon a time in 1993 there was a girl called Scarlett.

2.She used to play with a stuffed animal which was Pegaso.

3.One day she told him that she wanted to have a blue prince.

4.So Pegaso told her: “If you want a blue prince you should kiss me”.

5.When Scarlett heard that she was shocked, she could not believe that Pegaso talked to her.

6.She took a couple minutes to think what to do.

7.And Pegaso told her: hurry up or you won’t have your prince.

8.So… Continue

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R4 Microfiction

During a hot afternoon and after being at school and have heard the collective sound, a young man walk into a very large store and started looking around. He dazzled to see a lot of shine in the store. His mother scolded him in the morning but he had a suppressive and began to see…


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October 2010

October has been a month very hard, including exams, assignments and projects. Even so this month I had very good things, for example two weeks ago I went on a trip to Mexico City with my partners in the assignment of art and culture. We visited a large number of places like the National Palace, the museum of Bellas Artes, Frida Kahlo's house, the museum of popular cultures in Coyoacan. It was a very interesting visit because we could see the history of Mexico in painting, sculpture…


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