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A Christmas Dinner (HMW5)

It was a day before christmas when a woman named Mary went to a restaurant to have a meeting with her brother and his wife. Mary was single so she went alone. They were talking about the new family member that his brother was waiting. Her sister-in-law was pregnant and the baby is going to be a boy, so they will call him like his father,Tom.

Mary was sad because she don't have a place to celebrate christmas, so his brother invited her to celebrate it on his house. She got happy for…


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A fight with no solution(HOMEWORK 5)

This is a story about a woman who had problems with her ​​husband. They fought all the time and now they wanted to solve their problems because their daughter was…


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couple conflict

This coupple were very happy, but that day Manuel, who is the husband, give his application in job, but it was rejected. He trust he could find a job quickly but It didn´t happen. He felt bad so he went with a bunch of people for talking with the people that had problems too. He ate in his house all afternoons, and it was delicious because his…


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Couple conflict

There were 2 people in the cafeteria. They were husband and wife but they were discussing about divorce.

He doesn´t trust her enough to continue with the marriage. Sometimes, she used tight shirts that he doesn´t like. 

They had a bunc of differences between each other. They asked, and most of the population agree with the divorce. So it sounds weird, but they didn´t continue with the divorce and stayed together.

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Hw 5

They are hearing the sound of a bunch of population, so they are tight because they are in a little space, just because the don't want some coffee homemade but the owner of the cafeteria will reject him.


people say that if you don't like to be hand writer you won't never like your job. Yes, nobody likes to be all day at the office but you can't have revenues if you don't work well, so you need to be mature and go to work everyday even when god plays the bell and say that the…


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Somethig horrible happened (HMK5)

It was near at 9:00 pm o clock, Christine was drinking a coffe talking with her brother ans sister about the kidnap of her little girld, she was so sad that she couldnt resist cyring the they planned to go to the police the next day. The next day Christine talk the police man and she told him everything that happende before de kidnap.

One day ago in the morning Christine and her little girl called Lucy were having a picnik in the camp, they brought a basket full with…


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A delightful night drinking coffee (HW5)

One day, a man, whose name is Luis, went to a cafeteria to hang out with his friends, but before, when he was going to there, he was figuring out how his friends could be after a long time he hasn’t seen them. Few minutes later he got into the cafeteria and was waiting for his friends because they haven´t arrived; during the agreed time he was remembering a lot of experiences he had with each one of them.


Among different stories, which were projecting in his mind, he…


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A weird day (HW 5 Paragraphs)

It's Thursday, my name is John and I'm drinking some coffee with my soulmate, Veronica, she is very beautiful and intelligent; the day is gray and sad.The waiter came to us asking for our meals, I wanna stab him with my knife when he turns back, I want death.

I had a friend named Edmund, he was locked in jail because he stole some gems, I saw him in jail's office, he was scared and nobody was…


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Terrible situation (HW5)

This is a story about a woman named Anna who had a boyfriend named John, John was the doctor of Anna's father.One night John invites Anna to have a very romantic dinner in one of the most expensive restaurants in that town.During the time, they start talking about the John's work, and he decide to tell she a very important notice about Anna's father.He will going to die because, he have cancer and it's to late to control the disease, and he have three months of life.Anna start crying when…


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Dear Christmas Diary... (HW5)

Dear Diary...:

Dear diary:

Every Christmas my dad let me go to a restaurant and see my mom. I´m so excited because a whole

year has passed.

My dad is so angry about this idea because he don´t want to see my mom, but I don´t care.

The meeting is at eight o´clock.


Hi, I´m here again. My dad don´t want to go with me, I´m trying to convince him…


Well right now is 7:56 p.m. and… Continue

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The population within the United States live in very tight conditions , the sound of traffic and the bunch of people on the streets are horrible. The woman in the…


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HW 5 (:

Christina and Joe went to a restaurant where last month there was an accident. She told him about some problems she had had in the house she lives. She had to clean the streets near of her house every day because the population trusted the sound of the love would win and most of them tried to save a bunch of paper hearts. They were so tight and they exploded.

Nobody knows how to active the magic bell which will make the love win. It’s easy. The button is through the sand, at the end…


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A fight with no solution(HOMEWORK 5)

This is a story about a woman who had problems with her ​​husband. They fought all the time and now they wanted to solve their problems because his daughter was…


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Journal October

I expect this to be my best month here at school, because I have to mantain my scholarship and to get better grades. That´s why I´m studying more for the exams and for interpartials, because that always affects me. I want to enjoy more the school too, because this semester went too fast. The Tec has a lot of things to do and to share with your partners, so we can´t let escape any good experience with your friends. But we have to take care about our grades.

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To kill a Mockingbird Homework

A mockingbird, which is a bird that lives in farms, is a singing bird.

Boo Radley, which was the nickname of the neighbor, was a very creepy guy.

Harper lee a woman who make a novel

The history has good pictures which people find fun



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Journal September

In september I did a lot of things but the most important thing is that I've been improving my English fluency and I've done a lot of things like the project in my school that took me a lot of weeks and stress because some of the people that are in my group didn't work, so I did all the work by myself, I didn't sleep two days and I spent my time working on it, but at the end, the project was perfect, and the people, and the people of my group went away and failed in the project. On this partial… Continue

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My "To Kill a Mockingbird" homework

Atticus, who is the father of Scout and Jem, is a lawyer.


A mockingbird, which is a bird that lives in farms, is a singing bird.


 A group of persons, that appeared in "To Kill a Mockingbird", were negro haters.


A negro, who was supposed to be guilty of abuse of a woman, was innocent.


The rage is a very contagious virus that causes anger and aggressive emotions.


Boo Radley, which was the nickname of the neighbor,…


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My homework of journal :)

A defunct NASA science satellite is expected to fall back to Earth on Friday, showering debris somewhere on the planet although scientists cannot predict exactly where, officials said.…


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Journal September

This month was very interesting because I spent my weekends with my cousins. We had a great time, we hadn't been together since we were little, so we updated each other and had fun. We saw movies, ate popcorn, chips and hung out with old friends. I really liked September I hope to enjoy October even more.


I'm glad you read my journal, and I want to ask you if you could help me with having my grade up to 9 pleaseeeee :) I'm a good student pleasee?? You'll make my day. See you…


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My journal

the septemeber month was not a really good one, because  i had so may problems with school and work,my grade came down and everything is getting worse i hace been so stress out for my test and all the homework because i dont really a lot of time to do it because im working too, i hope that this month gets better and just kind of chill out with my family. Even my month wasnt good at all, i like it because my dad gave me a car which a really like, i just have to fixed

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