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Whats makes me feel goood

My family
I feel good when I'm with my family be cause I feel confident with them and also I feel calm.

My friends
I like being with my friends be cause we spend beautiful moments and talked of Manu things that entertain us all.

The músic
The músic makes me feel good be cause I relax and sometimes the músic brines me fond and memories.

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this makes me happy...

Stay with my friends: Staying all day with my friends, in the school, in the park or in other places. Because my friends are my soul.

Listen my music: Listening to my music it makes me feel happy, my relaxing music, my metal music, my rock music and my ballads.

Stay in my bed: I like so much sleeping all day and doing nothig. Obviously when I am in vacation.

I sing horrible!

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I feel good...

I feel good when I am playing to the guitar, because the music is my passion.

I feel good when I am watching to  movies, because  the cinema is my favorite place.


I feel good when I am writing poems and stories, because is my favorite activity.

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Questions about me.

Family. Do you have any brother and sister? I have two brothers. A brother and a sister. What do they do? They are studying. My brother is in “preparatoria” and my sister is in “secundaria”. Who do you get along with best in your family? With my brother, because he studies in Tuxtla and he lives with me. Have you ever had a big argument with someone in your family? Yes, With my brother. Describe a person in your family. My sister is…


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The cell phone


It helps people to be in contact, and keep in touch

It may help for calling people that are not close to where you are

It can help when there is problem and you can call the police for help. Time ago police officers were different, they were searching for bad people in town and now with cell phones we can call them and tell them where the bad person is in that exact moment.

This helps not only for people it helps in science, with animals, and… Continue

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