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Scrabble Sprint

It is a game that helps you imagination because you think words with only a few letters. It's fun if you like games that help the brain.

Bubble Shooter Christmas

This game is fun, I like it because it is a game of precision, have aim to shoot the bubbles.

Chinese Checkers

This game reminds me of when I was a child, I liked to play by the colors and because it is a game of strategy. You learn to lose…


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Word Games

I played "The Vision Test", in this game , it showed me difertentes images of words, where I had to identify word was . at the start cost me much to identify them, but the fourth time to start more easily understood.

I also played "candy crush" and that game I love, you have to have ability to see the plays that you can do, you also acquire ability to predict movements , you must be careful with the movements that you do, I played more than five times.


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Book review.

the title for this book is "The Road for God Knows Who". by:  Von Allan.

This story is about a girl and the troubles that she faces. Marie´s mom is sick schizophrenia and she has to take care of her because (i infer) his parents are divorced. she has to face all of thing things alone adding the fact that she get bullied at school. I think that this story is super sad and real , because there is a lot of people that go through situations like this, and we have no idea.…


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I played 4 games:

spiderman 2 that it was to find words with 8 letters and served me a lot and I learned new words

the other was chess and served me a lot to learn to play this game, then I played wonder who helped me sort the letters and put my head to think of more words.

the last I played was crossword, in this game i had to search words that the game wanted.

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A long time ago there was a boy named Crapsum he could read minds but he couldnt reveal his secret to anyone and he must use his superpowers only to help his family. One day when he was reading Maria's slide she told him: can you read minds? No i cant, he said, Why would you think that? In that moment Crapsum gave her a ring and asked her to marry him (he didnt really want to, but it was tp distract her) but she thought he really wanted to get marry .

The next day Crapsum told his friends… Continue

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STARGAZER, Vol. 1, by Von Allan. Introducing a wonderful story about an unknown place, Stargazer talks about friendship, bravery, and mystical adventures. After the death of Marni’s grandmother, a strange object comes to the girl’s hands, and after some examination the group of friends is walking through the stars.

The novel goes through the different situations the three girls experience – from dangerous creatures, to weird remains and amicable robots. The main objective is to…


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Man on Wire

Philippe Petit born 13 August 1949 is a French high-wire artist who gained fame in 1974 for his high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, on the morning of 7 August. For his unauthorized feat 1,350 feet above the ground, he rigged a 450-pound cable and used a custom-made 26-foot long, 55-pound balancing pole. He performed for 45 minutes, making eight passes along the wire.

Since then, Petit has lived in New York, where he has been…


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Semana i

In semana i my team and me were busy producing dolls with pasta francesa for collect money to  "casa hogar" or "scauts".

Monday: We produced the dolls with "pasta francesa" and We created a page in Facebook.

Tuesday: We produced the dolls with "pasta francesa",too. 

wednesday: we went to sell the dolls with differents persons and differents places like "Pichanchas" and "gladis shop"

Thursday: we produced pumpkinds and bats for Hallowe with the same material and we…


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Vidioms :)

Turn a blind eye:  Interestingly, this expression is said to have arisen as a result of the famous English naval hero Admiral Horatio Nelson, who, during the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801, is alleged to have deliberately raised his telescope to his blind eye, thus ensuring that he would not see any signal from his superior giving him discretion to withdraw from the battle.

Once in a blue moon: Confusingly, a blue moon doesn’t refer to the actual colour of the moon;…


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What would happen

1. The policemen would be astonished by the fact that they shared identical lives and would probably team up and create the most awesomest plot for a buddy cop movie. They would also probably make a great crime stopping team.

2. The man woke up and began his new life that had been given to him by some mysterious force. The man would go on to have a fulfilling life and enjoy everything to the max.

3. The worker showed up and was identified and captured and subsequently… Continue

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The cat is out of the bag.

This idiom originated in the U.S. This idiom refers to a secret being let out as in letting the cat out of the bag.

A bird in one hand is better than two in bush.

This idiom also started in the U.S. and was said by rural folks who said that it is better to have little than to possibly having more.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

This idiom also started in the U.S. and was used by mobsters telling… Continue

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videos opinion

In class the teacher showed 2 vídeos but I liked the first one.The video was about a man who was depressed, unhappy and bored with his daily life. He was very desperate about his life. Since he woke up, he didn't have a good face and he wasn't interested in his job. Until one day he was thinking and eating in his office, and he saw a girl in front of his building. Then, they started chatting on paper for several days. One day, he saw that in place of the girl was another…


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I played four games that were so: find words that it was to find words in a word search and served me a lot and I learned new phrases or parts that neither knew how to spell, the other was after played

hanged and then remembered pun that did not know how to spell or existed, then I played wonder who helped me sort the letters and put my head to think of more words, some I could and rofe helped me, not me remember which was the last I played but if you are related to finding words…


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My perfect date


My perfect date began with an afternoon clear, walking next to the beach, telling our stories, listening to the waves and felling the wind in our faces. Looking at her beatiful ayes and looking at the sunset taking her hand. Then to have the dinner under the moon, on sea sand. The only that could to mess up the moment would be that the girl says me that she is not sure of the  relationship and she wants more time for think.  It is why it will be a long time before I go on…


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Film Review

I chose the first video, where the boy is in love with a girl and they communicate through notes in paper. At the beginning of the clip, the boy is sad and I think is a little mad with the life, but one day he meet the girl and he starts being a little happier. At the end of the clip, the boy invites the girl to go out or something like that, so the girl accept and they start meeting them. I think is a cute clip but a little exaggerated because I don´t think that someone can fall in love…


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review film

in class we saw 2 vídeos but i think i liked more the first one. Well,the video was about a Man that was Boring, depress, unhappy, and also i think that he was tired of everything he have to do in the day. Since he wake up, he doesn't have a good face and he wasn't interested in his job. Until one day he was thinking and eating in his office and he saw a girl and that girl was in Love With him. They started to talk but With peaces of paper because they were distanced. After Many days…


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Film Review----- My opinion

I choose  “Lego Story” because even though I do not really like lego games  the story struck me as I was surprised it was not easy to create the company, and took several generations to make it famous. The video shows us that we must fight for our dreams and try until we get what we want. There will always be obstacles to overcome but we must always be optimistic and work hard. After two fires and some times of poverty today LEGO’s company is very successful. I learned that the more you work…


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An Opinion about the videos watched in class.

The first video we saw seemed to me the most interesting of the two, because it was a person who was not happy because their life routine turned and performs the same activity every day so he was unhappy, he worked taking copies and I forgot to enjoy the time and life until it starts to feel love for a person working in the same place that then begins to change and your mood is more happy, therefore, begins to feel again emotion , so I think or believe that love is a feeling that makes us…


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Games in mudjob

Games in english.…


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My semana i (complete)

First day: (AWARENESS) We started with activities about emotion that push us for be more competitive, we discovered what is our circle of emotion and…


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