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Exam Essay

Number: 4

From: Karla Lopez C.

subject: Touring Holiday


Hi David, how are you? I'm very well.

I recently read your message, so cool they are coming to here to visit this wonderful place.

Here the food is delicious, there’s a restaurant called “Casa blanca” they sell very delicious tacos and…


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This is what can happen when have a good career, you could become a billionaire and live life however you want if you know how to spend your money. But one thing that I think is very important is to never forget the people that helped you getting there.

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55 word story


The hospital waiting room was empty except for the little boy sitting on a chair. "What are you doing here?" I asked. He turned to look at me with swallow eyes and whispered "I'm waiting."
What was he waiting for? Was my question as I followed the shadow man to the light at the end.

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2 Partial Essay

Hi David!

If you want I can be your tourist guide, I can take your friends to the Parque de la Marimba and the Marimba Museum that is right in front of the park, those are the best places to visit here in Tuxtla, but we could go to San Cristóbal because the weather there is the best, and there are cooler places to visit, and also if they get hungry in downtown are a lot of restaurants with really good food.

The best way to travel around are the Combis or the ConejoBus because they can… Continue

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55 words Traveled in time part II

the kid tried to scream when he realized about the situation, but the men calm him down, that he will not hurt him, when all was in control both go out of the house and talk under the old tree. The men had forgotten all the imagination that he had when he was a kid, and in the other hand, the kid hear very closely all the advices that his “older me” gave him, after a long chat, both of them start the search of that compass, because mysteriously it had disappeared no one knew where it was.

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Real or not real

Believe it or not, this photo is real! Was captured in the precise moment in the city of Michigan when 6 thunders hit the water.

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Exam essay 2nd partial

I have learned a lot of useful things but 2 of them are very important things to base your life on. One of them is based in this saying “practice what you preach” i learned this from a song and has lots of truth in it,but why is it useful? Well it means to say what you mean and to be what you are, be careful you can be a hypocrite without knowing, fulfill your life with joy, be truth to yourself and to everyone around. The second most important thing that I have learned is to let things flow, I… Continue

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Essay from second partial

What I have learnt from my whole life is to always forgive others. I think life is too short for having any regrets or resentment. 

When people don´t forgive it´s because they have been hurt by someone, maybe from the people we care about, because you think they will do it again, but if you don´t forgive, maybe that`s the last time you`ll see them and your last memory will be the big fight you got into.

We`ll never know when is going to be the last time you see the person you…


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Essay 2nd Partial

From: Mariana

Subject: Visit Mexico

Hi David, when are your friends coming? They will love Mexico. First of all, they have to arrive in Mexico City in plane, and then take another flight to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. Once they are here, we will travel to San Cristobal by car. It is a beautiful city full of people from all around the world. Then, we can visit the church of San Juan Chamula, and buy some beautiful things in its market. At night, we can take a bus that will take…


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Answer for David

Hi David!

First of all, how are you doing? Here in Tuxtla it’s still very hot although winter is coming soon.

After reading your email, I thought of a few places your friends could visit in the state of Chiapas.

Unfortunately, Tuxtla Gutiérrez isn’t what you would call a beautiful city so your friends can visit:

San Cristobal de las Casas: 40 minutes to arrive so traveling in car could be the best option. An artistic place with a lot of background history.… Continue

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From: Hernán

Subject: Touring stuff.

Hey David, is your boy, i am texting back your e-mail to tell you about the stuff you can do here in this campus and of the state. There is a place called San Cristóbal, were it´s cold and you can have a nice time, you can either go to ride a horse or stay at your cabin, drinking hot chocolate, or cold whatever you want. You can also go an a trip to Comitán and enter the Lagunas de Montebello, its a big road, but like very large…


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The most useful thing I have ever learned

Since we were babies we have learned plenty of things, from learning how to walk to learning the formula for the most difficult math problem. But is everything we have learned useful?

I can't decide what is the most useful thing I have ever learned. But I can say that learning how to drive has been very helpful. I just learned how to drive last summer. I went to a course for two weeks and then I started driving around the city , from north to south and east to west. Now I can go… Continue

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The best book i have ever read was the psychoanalyst by john katsenbach. The book is about a doctor who is a psychiatrist and get over it, not even a little. He was living his life, but one day everything was as boring as usual but he felt something weir about that day. That day he recieved an anonymous letter it was really weird because only his patients knew that when they arrived the doctor always said, "You have to know twice so that i will know you are a patient and i'll let you in". So…


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Exam essay

Dear David, I consider you want to visit Tuxtla beacuse of the cultural elements it has, the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez isn't very cultural, I would recommend to stay there only to shop and sleep. San Cristobal de las casas is one of the best options to travel in Chiapas, especially because it is very close to Tuxtla, a great variety of cultural aspects can be found in there, architecture, art and vestiments are some examples. The best way to travel is by bus, should you rent one or buy a ticket… Continue

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Exam essay

Dear David, I am glad that you can come and visit this wonderful, I know you won't regret it, this is a magical place full of nature and wonders, such as the ruins of ancient cultures like "Mayas", "Olmecas", etc., and of course the ruins are full of knowledge and landscapes so beautiful, that you wouldn't want to leave once you're there. Of course we don't want to leave behind the cities full of color, life, joy and party, which will leave you grinning all the way through your stay…


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Answer for David

Hi David! It’s nice hearing from you again, it’s been a while since the last time she spoke and I have a lot of things to tell you, but I’d rather tell you in person, so you’ll have to wait a little longer.

About your friends visiting Chiapas, I think it is. Really nice idea and I'm sure they will not regret it. Chiapas has a lot of things to offer, like “El Cristo de Copoya”, “Las Cascadas de Agua Azul”, “Palenque” (remember when you and I went there? It was really funny to see you so… Continue

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Carry on by Rainbow Rowell

This book tells the story of two magicians who fell in love of each other. One of them is a vampire and his name is Baz. The other one is the most powerful o who has ever been known, although is hard for him to control all hips power. At the end of the story, what happens is that Simon(the most powerful magician, called as well “The chosen one”), somehow loses his power, completely, he ends up with no power at all. And obviously he feels ashamed and depressed. The good thing, the one that I… Continue

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Essay second partial

Hi David, my name is Juan Pablo and i will like to inform you about some of the places you can visit héroe in Chiapaa. The first thing is how you travel. If you know somebody that lives hete you should ask him ir he can take you to the places I'm going to mention, because traveling by bus is very difficult and dangerous. You could take a cap, but it will cost you twice more money. The first place you have to go is el cañón del sumidero, because it is the most representative place of chiapas. It… Continue

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Review for: Percy Jackson The Last Olympian

Being the last book of "Percy Jackson and the Gods of Olympus" people who have read the series know who Percy as a character is. During his adventures in the previous books we get to know Percy as a selfless and incredibly loyal boy whose main goal is to protect his friends and family, even if it means sacrificing his life for it.

During this book we follow Percy during the event called "the battle of Manhattan" which is the final battle after four years of dealing with the evil Titan of… Continue

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Exam essay

From: Federico

Subject: Holiday touring response

Hello David, its nice to hear from you since that last time we met in the coference center at Bali in 2009.

Answering your questions about the places you could visit with your high-school friends, there are very magical intersting points here in Chiapas that are close enough from the capital of the state Tuxtla Gutierrez, like la Cima de las Cotorras or las Cascadas de Agua Azul, these two places are very fun, interesting and… Continue

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