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Mystery of the Golden Ax


10.The mystery of the golden ax


Once upon a time there was a village near an enormous forest full of large trees and in that village there was also a lot of woodmen that cut down hundreds of trees and chop them into logs and wood tables and travel to the city and sell them. There was a group of woodcutters that used to divide the work in order for them to work…


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Game online


is a very fun game , makes you think strategies to fit all shapes and think fast on how to do it.

It is a quiz about general culture , it's great fun because you learn 

things and remember things you've already learned.…


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"A penny for your thoughts"

o one is exactly sure who first said “a penny for your thoughts” or when. But we do know in this case who was the first to publish it and then who popularized it.

 In 1522, Sir Thomas More’s book Four Last Things was published posthumously. It was a book of meditations on death, God’s judgement, pain, and how to…


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Film review

We saw two videos but my favorite was the first one, may be because i'm in love or I don't know but it was so cute.

The video shows an unhappy man that works in an office with a terrible squedle, everything on his life was awfull, but one day he looks for the window, he seems a beautiful girl and for thinks of the destiny the begin to interactuate between the buildings writting notes on papers. one day the woman disappear and the man gets really sad but then the girl call him with the…


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The prom

I thing that it is an important topic because is the last time that you and your friends are going to be together in a long of time. probably is one of the things that everybody will remember when we grow up. Here the family pay for the trip and so many times our family comes with too, is a good experience but sometimes we want freedom and be rebel in this last night.

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