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MIDNIGHT: An adaptation - Part 3

The following day Daniel wakes up ready thinking about the message from Cora. He knows he has to keep his secret identity as far as possible. In her message she told him to stay hidden and to be careful, the situation at the Cabaret hasn’t changed much, Ramirez was looking for him after many weeks.

He puts on his clothes, grabs his school books and goes to the classroom. He is teaching spelling of words, and with his own methods he doesn’t have much patience hitting the students with…


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MIDNIGHT: An adaptation - Part 2

Daniel grabs the suitcase and steps out of his cabin. When he gets to the exit and opens it, he spots a crew of naval soldiers, and quickly reaches for his gun, but then he sees a group of children waving a flag, two women smiling, and a man holding a sign.

-- Please start the band! - says the man next to the crowd.

-- Welcome to Esperanza Professor Gonzalez!, the kids call out.

Daniel puts on his glasses and smiles at the reception committee.

The band starts…


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December 2010

well, December for my was a month where I got fun  but also I work. My vacations initiated with a lot of work 

because this month is went more sale of shoes are. then in 24 I pass with my family, it was fun because el my cousins  come and we do allot of funny things. 31 I pass only with my parents and my sisters. We hope that 12 were giving grapevine to drink and to get a little bit of fun. That was my vacations of December

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November 2010 E6G2

I waited all year for Sunday, November 7th because it's my birthday. The day before, I had a party in my house. We enjoyed one of the best days of my life, playing games, eating tacos, talking, laughing. It was a magic night I’ll never forget, and I received lots of presents. I love November!

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November 2010 E6G2

This November was so difficult because we finished classes and because the finals starts, a lot of people including me takes the book and put to study all the semester one subject in one night or with a week ago, I studied calculo so hard, because is the most difficult subject in the 5th semester.

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November 2010 E6G1

November was a very great month because this month we are leaving school, we have finished the course and we are on vacations. This was a great month because I really had some lessons about friends and how important they are, it’s also very good because we’re about to end the 2010 year very fast

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November 2010 E6G2

Today we are going to dress of mimes. I’m exited; I will use a tie, white make up black close and of course my converse. We take a lot of pictures and we like it very much. Everyone in my class was dressed like that. Now I know what a real mime is.…


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November 2010 A3G1

This month was a very enjoyable one. A friend of mine, named Cinthya invited me to her ranch. We had a very good time doing lots of funny and adventurous things, such as swimming, riding horses and enjoying the beautiful weather. Yesterday I got the chance to go to San Juan with all my friends.

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November 2010 E6G2

november 2010 this was a very important month, because it was my birthday. I had lot of fun withy all my family and friends. we hang out together, and eat cake. Actually I had a great time with everyone. :)

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