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Do you believe in magic? Let me guess: you don’t know. That’s a very typicall answer to this controversial question. Many people don’t even consider the posibility of magic existance; they’re so busy in their grown-up, boring and sceptic world that don’t have time to experiment the warm and… Continue

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Business is an art because if you need sell o buy some thing you have to know how, where and when does it. A businessman knows how resolve different administration´s problems in a company and for that he guide for him experience and he go for a process. So the businessman think about the problem and search about the focus of the problem then he start to add ideas to this, all that is for increment his level of experience. So the business is very important for a company.

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Blog 7. Skateboarding

Many people say it is a dangerous sport and I actually agree, but you cannot go through life without a bit of excitement. I think skateborders are really brave and I admire them a lot. I would love to practice skateboarding someday. I would like to create new tricks and be recognized. That would be another level… Continue

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Why become a surgeon? A surgeon can have access to another part of life. You create life; you cure. You can have the capability of saving lives. When you do a procedure, you live a unique experience you'll never ever forget. When you're a surgeon, you're on another level.

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In this new era, the main thing that controls everyone's life is money, so if you're not on a high level, you're doomed. The process known as shopping is designed to drive a person crazy; always wanting more and more until there's no money available. People often think that material things are required in order to be happy, but the truth is that these  concepts are nowhere near related. My experience has taught me that I should focus on the people around me and enjoy the present whenever I can.… Continue

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Most people in some part of their lives have forgotten the essential things of this interesting world. Some of this could be love, friendship, happiness, but all of them are possible because of belief.
Belief is not only the ability to have faith in someone or something but also trusting in that thing, idea, moment, feeling or deity. It´s a lifestyle.

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Blog 6. Loveblind

I looked at the clock and it was 3am in Sacramento. I couldn't believe how fast time was going when I was chatting with Adam. He had been one of my closest friends in the last couple of weeks.

I met him on an online chat. His user name was "AdamTDF". it was really similar to mine"JessTDF".…

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A misunderstanding

Julianne Stevens was a 22-year old- girl. She had always lived in Oklahoma, the place that in her opinion was the most boring place in the whole world. She had recently graduated from college; she was an unemployed but talented dramatic actress. She was looking for make reality her… Continue

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Blog 5. Mr. Mean

There are days that you are in a 'not working' mood. Do not deny it, everyone have had a moment like that at least once in their life. There are different factors that can make you being in this mood, like almost failing physics or taking a hard test. Anyway, there are always solutions to this kind of… Continue

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Blog 4. Administration

There are situations in life that are difficult to solve; a lot of temptations that can make you turn weak and lazy. But, lets see. You're about to enter to a really boring class; plus you've already got an absence, no matter you are at the classroom in time (the five minutes of tolerance), because the teacher… Continue

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Children & household chores

Make your bed! , Wash the dishes! , Pick up your clothes! They’re the same words your parents tell you day by day. We cannot deny we don’t like to help around the house, neither can our parents. It is true that our main responsibility is to study, and it should be a full-time job. But it is also… Continue

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Blog 3. A night of 1874

There he was, between those brave waves, which were shaking all his body; he was sure about something: this was the end. Eben could not felt anything at all; then a flashback came to his head: "Martha, his beautiful wife was showing him the dress she was wearing the day before". Eben felt he was… Continue

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Amazing reminds

Some years near to 1900's in a very special place named Gull's cove lived Eben and his faithful wife Martha who was waiting for his husband.

It happened because in a so normal day he left from his house to the sea, but his ship never appens again and in a place near to Gull's cove happend a shipwreck.

Eben was om tjat ship but nobody knew he we was rescued by a mermaid. He was tooked to an island by Alissa who was a mermaid who lives in a cove.

Alissa took care him and few days… Continue

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Blog 2. Tuesday Class with Sir Mike :)

Indepedent writing: PREWRITING

*Start writing as quickly as you can

*Think about everything the question asks.

*Write about the topic you think is more interesting.

*Decide whether you agree or isagee with the given statement.

*Try to guess the opinion of the person who will grade…

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The ending that i never could've hoped

Yesterday at night I saw a movie which was very interesting... whose story tlod me about wines which were produced at le chateu la siroque by an english man... this sir had a little nephew who some years later became a good business man as Ebenezer Scrooge as...but some day Max the business man had a call from France because of his uncle had died and he was the only relative who his uncle had... Then the story was growing in simples but charming situations until the end which I never could've… Continue

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Blog 1. Elephdiary

There she was, laying at the gorgeous mud; almost couldn't believe it, I was so near but so far from her at the same time. Her brothers continued walking and I decided to take that chance; I tried to control myself, but it was so hard, I felt I was about to explote.

"Hello" - she said, looking at me with…

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In six sentences I can say enough to tell a serious, humorous, romantic, or fantastic story, for I’ve learned to make use of coordinating conjunctions. I can start out with an emotionally-charged concept, and I can bring in characters, not exactly based on my loved ones, of course, and make them suffer for art. I hardly ever kill them off, nor do I forget them after I’ve abused them soundly.…


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