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Renoir Luncheon

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Renoir Luncheon

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Paint dialogue

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Andrés Zacarias

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The dinner party

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Intercampus in Santa Fe

Here a picture when we went to the Intercampus in Campus Santa Fe in March of the last year, we were very excited in the airport to Mexico City, maybe the results weren’t the best but were better that the expectative. One of the best experiences in my high…


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Horror Story

Once upon a time, in a little town near to Nebraska, was an abandoned house where it is supposed that if you enter to that house, you can’t go back to home because you died, and nobody finds the body. One day a boy thought that all were legends so decided to enter, first all the house was dark inside even doesn’t matter the hour, the sun wasn’t visible there, that’s consequence he can not see well. Walking slowly while couldn’t see well, he try to step safety, he can’t see the floor and in…


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Horror story

One night Jacob was returning home from a party late and found that nobody was in his house, not even the cat. Worried he started looking for answers and suddenly discovered a track of blood from the back yard to the kitchen! Horribly scared he thought in a million possible situations because he was an over thinker. He freaked out that much that somehow convinced himself that all his family had died and  killed himself in the living room. By the time a the family returned home and discovered…


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A man goes to de zoo. He goes to de desert area and asks the person in charge. What do you calle a three humped camel? The man responds. Preagnet. The guy left the zoo and the employed got fired.

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Just obout one hour ago I was in the cafeteria with my friends. One of them, Ana, was “giving us some advice in relationships” but honestly it was pretty dumb. So another friend told her that she wasn’t going to be surprised when in the future Ana ended up lonely and with a bunch of cats. Replying to this, Ana said that it was going to be a bunch of dogs, not cats. 

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the darkest shadow

It was a little kid who wants to discover what happed with him while he is slepping he just saw than suddenly at the middle of the night feel a strange presence, he also say than when this happen he can not move. One day, when he was again on that episode of dreams. he could feel and see one shadow in the darkest. In his despair, he dowload an app which permite take photos every 10 minutes. In those photos the little kid see, a shadow next to his bed. At the nexts days he try it to take a…


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Once with my best friends we traveled to Chiapa de Corzo without permission from our parents. It was pretty exciting and risky, but we had fun! We got on the boat and the sir who gave us the tour was a weirdo. I almost fell to the river and I thanks God just because I hadn’t more panties in my bag.…


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Horror Story

It all began when I was at my room and then I woke up at 3 AM and then when I looked at the door to enter my room I saw a little girl with a white dress and focused on her she ran and then I was so horrified and I couldn´t sleep until an hour later and I woke up in the morning everything was normal. 

Based in true facts.

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Funny story

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