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In 40 years

I wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, go down stairs and have breakfast. I live in a huge mansion, with many rooms, I go and I get in my car, I'm on my way to work, I have been working as a researcher in a university for years; I have 5 adopted children, they are about the same age, my wife is working too and my children are getting ready to go to school. I am a renowned scientist, I have done a couple of publications in recent years and I love teaching.…


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Renoir Luncheon

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A bear walks into a bar and says "Gimme a whisky and ... cola". The bartender asks "Why the big pause?", the bear answers "Don't know, I was born with them".

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Horror story

Once upon a time there was a mysterious man, who was following me, I didn’t notice it until I was going to enter to my house, it was very dark, because it was almost midnight. I turned around to see if the man had gone. When I opened the door I found my house made a mess, everything had been thrown away; suddenly the man appeared in my house with a mask and black coat, I couldn’t see his face, the lights go off and the last thing I saw were his red…


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2) 55 words

I don't know, I really don't know what was my mistake, I really try, I've tried since always, but she don't love me. This was the only way, the only way it could be. She will forgive me one day, I know she will understand that all I did was because of this distressing love.

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55 Words (relative clauses)

The girl, whose name i forgot, was smoking something that didn't seem as common cigarrettes; she was pretty but a mess, I had never seen her talking to anyone but his brother, for many the most popular and intelligent guy of the school. Their faces were similar, but that was the only thing in which they were similar.

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55 words

Having ended my homework, I decided to go to the park, I love passing time outside, the fresh air and the warm of the sun in my skin make feel happy as nothing else. I stayed sitted on a bench looking at everyone guessing what were they thinking about and asking myself how would it feel to be them.

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A microfiction

A long time ago in other galaxy there was a planet full of pacific aliens with one of the most advanced computers ever created.

The aliens were very concerned about the meaning of life so they asked the computer about it.

The little green and with an extremely big head aliens were joined in front of the computer, waiting for the answer.

The computer stayed quiet. The aliens waited for the answer for hours and thought for a while that the computer was broken; when was it…


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Class Activity

a man of few words: He just kept looking at it and said nothing he was a man of few words

At the end of the day: At the end of the day i was exhausted

Avoid  like the plague: He smells pretty bad, that's why everyone avoid him like the plague

Be flooded with: I am flooded with cards

Don't breathe a word: I couldn't breathe a word 

By word of mouth: Legends are transmitted buy word of mouth

eat his words: I will make you eat your words

from the word go: I was wrong…


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I've never seen her face

I've never seen her face... she was beautiful, the most beautiful thing God had ever created, I was't prepare for this feeling consuming me as fire. Just saw her and everything stopped, just one blink and the world stopped being soo boring.

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We're only Human

We're only human

9. Have you ever worried that you've been too rude to a cold caller when you've said, "No thank you" and slammed the phone down?

I hate cold callers from Telcel, always trying to convince me to acquire a new "plan" or things like that, so I always do that (slammed the phone down), but I dont know why i always regret

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