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My day is going great like most well except is four in the morning and I have to prepare breakfast and Im really tired I rather eat cereal yes thats a better idea, but this morning I got coffe I was a little tired and I need my energy for the day, yesterday I had to work overnight because ther is something wrong with the estadistics so I'll have check it out. I hop in my car because I wont go to work in my motorcycle I rarely use my motorcycle because my family think its dangerous. My…


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A couple arrived in a talent show and the employee asked their names so they can participate :

Man : What's your name ?

Adan: Adan

Man: And whats your wife’s name ?

Adan: Eva

Man:  Awesome ! By pure luck, do you bring…


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The boy

 Once upon a time there was a boy, who was hated by his parents because he had an horrible face only his brother cared for him. The boy spent most of his days in his house until one day from the window he saw a boy his name was Luke . Luke was a normal guy and had a normal life , he loved to play in his neighborhood, luke didn't know he was being watched. One day his older brother came to the house crying because the guys in her school bullied him  and his…


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Picture winner 2018

 The Shape of Water

Get Out

Lady Bird


Darkest Hour

Call Me by Your Name

Phantom Thread

The Post

Honestly I didnt watch any of this movies , i dont know why.

I want to watch  The shape of water because its a  interesting concept  and my sister saw it and said it was a good movie with a great concept. And its not from a…


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Tower of stone

Once upon a time there was a princess named  Elena she was trapped in a stone tower . Elena had an axe a magic one that can destroy wood and dirt. Elena was a small but strong princess and she was so angry and frustrated her emotions were all over the place. Elena made a plan to escape with her axe she was going to destroy the floor till she got to the bottom of the tower. So she started breaking the floor to go down and down, but the guardian dragon woke up.…


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Dear : Alex :)

    How are you Alex ? Im very happy you got good grades and money. Congratulations for your good grades. I know you worked hard and studied a lot.

Now about the money your parents gave you . You told me you aren't really sure what you should do with it. Well problem solved I can have it jk . No but really I think yoy should save it for later but if you really want the game so badly buy it . Also you can save it for clothes and if the game has a discount buy it.

I would…


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Vidiomas review

White diamond : it was kind of funny even so i acted on it i did like it.
Nerve: this was based on a real movie and as a result i loved it i think its my favorite
Paramnesia: despite all the good critics and stuff i think it was okay i mean i was expecting more
21 days: this is my sister vidiomas however i think its boring
Just a bad dream: this was a good vidioma also i liked the trama.

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Small story 55

The little girl whose lost his doll was sad. Nobody knew how she lost it they only knew that she was sad. The bar in Barcelona where I met her mother is still there , when I asked about the doll she said " if I tell you I'll have to kill you " that's all I know.

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Partial 1

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Not all it seems

I thought the duck picture can't be real, I mean is a really big duck. Of course it's was fake but it's a really funny and interesting picture.

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Micro fiction

Once upon a time in a land far away Fatima a wizard. She doesnt have powers without her wand and she is in danger. She is a really smart , kind , beautiful and brace with. They stole her wand and is her goal to get it back. She is prepared to fight without magic she trained to hard for this moment. After looking for it in the maze she found her wand a big troll had it. She started to fight with the troll , the troll was to strong so she has to find another way to defeat it. Si she started to… Continue

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I’ve never seen his face , I’ve never seen his eyes , I’ve never seen him, but they say he does exist it doesn’t really make sense how could a man with fire eyes, sharp teeth and big hands exist. They say we should prepare but who cares I’m happy cause I bought a stock .

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We're only humans

Found it difficult to keep your smile and patience, after a third failed attempt when someone is taking a group photograph? Yes, very often actually most of the times I get annoyed

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