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You won the lottery

Bruno was a poor and unlucky man, but his destiny will give him a very special surprise.

One day, he only had 5 dollars in his pocket, so he decided to buy a lottery ticket. Unbelieveble, he won the big price. His life changed because of this. Then, the woman that gave him the price, she told him not to waste his money in stupid things. Bruno didnt listen to her, and he started to buy a lot of food, videogames, and stuffs to get some fun. He was doing things that the woman told him…


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Music- Drake

On saturday i wanted to listen new music, but i ralize that i havent listen the complete new album of the rapper Drake. And i think that is a great album, i liked thre songs of it, the album was made to dance, that is my opinion, i also listen to a grouo named Party Pulpis, they play electronic music and they are awesome.

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Ive been playing the first game of Uncharted, and i think that is a good game, i like the story and the graphics, but it gets very repetitive, i expected to have a better experiece. I would rate this game with an 7.0.

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Empire State

In the time the Empire State was built, people were amazed by the building because it was the tallest building in the world. I think that nowadays people wouldn’t be as amazed as people were in that period.

Now there are many buildings and they are taller than the Empire State.

For example, in Dubai there are many companies and people that have a lot of money, and they have the opportunity to build expensive and amazing structures of buildings.

Another… Continue

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Personal opinion

I need to decide what career i want to study, and i already select the area i want. My area is engineering. But i want to say that this area is difficult, because there is needed a lot of mathemathics phisics and biology. I like these asigments but i cant decide my career.

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Informal letter.

Hi Luis
Its been a lot since we have seen each other, i think that we should go out with our friends, maybe we can go to play soccer, i need to talk to you because i want to know where are you going to study, because i want to go to study to Monterrey maybe we can go together, i know that you will love that city.
See you soon.

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Personal opinion. "The Flash'

On the weekend i spend some time watching some episodes of the second season of this series. Many prople is talking about the third season so i wanted to start the third season too. But the problem is that i was confused in second season because i forgot the timeline of the story, At the end i had to watch some episodes from the first season but i have to say that this series is one of the best super heroes series tht DC comics has ever made. I love the special effects, the enemies, the story… Continue

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Story board

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Informal letter

For: Diegp Hi Diego, how are you?, I'm living in New York with some friends, I'm studying in NYU, i have met many people, here are more mexicans, and they are amazing people. The last week, I went to watch the baseball game, i was very delighted with the hot dogs, they were delicious. The stadium is incredible. I haven't gone to empire's state, I am very bussy with a social project, maybe i will visit it the next tuesday.

You should visit me, I know that you wold love this city, there…


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Three Short Videos

Gustavo Alberto Pérez Orantes A01173296

Making a video is a way to represent an idea or a story with the help of a director, actors and a script. You should be original if you want an amazing short clip. So we decided to watch some videos and we wrote about them.

Spider by Nash Edgerton

At first the videoo was very boring, so i couldn't find an idea that i can take advange of. But then, at the end of the clip, the ending showed me that i should think of an idea that will… Continue

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